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Deans, Directors, Chairs Meeting Friday, September 14, 2012 Pan-hellenic 115 PowerPoint Presentation
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Deans, Directors, Chairs Meeting Friday, September 14, 2012 Pan-hellenic 115

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Deans, Directors, Chairs Meeting Friday, September 14, 2012 Pan-hellenic 115 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Deans, Directors, Chairs Meeting Friday, September 14, 2012 Pan-hellenic 115. The bad news is………. Data Captured Last Day Late Registration Fall. The good news is…. Where do we go from here?. Review of non-enrolling students New admission notification packet

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Deans, Directors, Chairs Meeting Friday, September 14, 2012 Pan-hellenic 115

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Deans, Directors, Chairs Meeting

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pan-hellenic 115

where do we go from here
Where do we go from here?
  • Review of non-enrolling students
  • New admission notification packet
  • Follow-up on students who chose other institutions
  • Review and strategize with Enrollment Management & Retention Council

Graduate Degree Trends

Degrees Granted by Academic Year

Degrees Granted

Academic Year


Graduate Enrollment Trends

  • Master’s Degrees (2005-2011) Increase of 20.2%
  • Doctoral Degrees (2005-2011) Increase of 20%

Strategies to Grow Graduate Programs

  • Developed new degrees, graduate certificates and concentrations meeting market demands and attracting “tuition-paying” students
  • Developed/marketed Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s programs (aka 3+2 programs) 
  • Sponsored Bi-Annual Graduate Recruitment Fairs attracting primarily Honor’s students and other scholars from the larger community 
  • Purchased the Hobsons’ Online Recruitment Software

Strategies to Grow Graduate Programs

  • Increased the numbers of students holding Graduate Assistantships, Scholarships, and Fellowships
  • Increased graduation rates at all graduate levels
  • Scheduled individual meetings with each Dean/Associate Dean to ascertain perspectives in their respective college and school of “best-practices” to increase enrollment
  • Reconstitute the Growing Graduate Enrollment Strategic Planning Committee
degree completion team
Degree completion team


  • Identify how UofM could leverage existing technologies to improve graduation rates
    • best practices from other institutions
    • ideas on campus
  • Prioritize these possible improvements by cost (including time) and impact
  • Select 4 to 5 for implementation
degree completion team1
Degree completion team


  • Dr. Robert Blanton, International Studies

Advisors / student support staff:

  • Courtney Brafford, Academic Counseling Center
  • Desmond Robinson, Student Success Programs
  • Lori Hutson, Undergraduate Programs
  • Shelley Bennett, College of Business
  • Tracy Robinson, University College
  • Karen Thurmond, Undergraduate Programs

Marketing expertise:

  • Bobby King, Communications, PR, Marketing
degree completion team2
Degree completion team

Phase II projects:

  • Evaluate current ‘Early Intervention System’
  • Student input on advising experience
  • UMDegree Phase II
  • Identify & communicate GPA & course benchmarks
  • Rewards & recognition for Good Academic Standing
degree completion team3
Degree completion team

Phase I projects:

  • Market MyDegree & UMDegree
  • Review Hobson’s Retain messages
  • Evaluate advisor load & effectiveness
  • Use of 6-year cohort reports
  • Review published 4-year degree plans
southern association of colleges and schools
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

3.3.1 The institution identifies expected outcomes for its educational programs and its administrative and education support services; assesses whether it achieves these outcomes; and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results.

“When viewed from the perspective of having a mature, fully integrated outcomes assessment program for its education programs, it appears that the institution is at the very beginning stagesof integrating outcomes assessment fully into the culture of the institution.” SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation 2004 Offsite Report
“…documentation of the use of results to improve programs is systematically limited throughout the supporting documentation…few strategies for improvement based on direct measures of student learning are documented. Document how programs use assessment results from direct measures of student learning for the improvement of educational programs.” SACS July 2011
“Although evidence is provided for changes in academic programs, the institution does not demonstrate across its academic programs that these changes are based on assessment results from direct measures of student learning” SACS July 2012
academic affairs update
Academic Affairs Update
  • Over 100 full-time faculty hires for AY12/13
  • 58 Tenure Track appointments
  • 8 Clinical or Research appointments
  • 11 Lecturers/Senior Lecturers
  • 15 Visitors
  • 60 faculty positions moved to base funds (2.6 million)
  • Additional allocation for AY13/14
academic affairs update1
Academic Affairs Update
  • Current # of Tenure Track Searches
fy 12 carry forward budgets
FY 12 Carry Forward Budgets
  • FY 12 Carry forward budgets being reviewed
  • Academic Affairs Total Carry forward

FY12 (Estimated) - $11,294,461

FY11 - $9,645,927

deadlines and graduate assistantships
Deadlines and Graduate Assistantships
  • GA Contract Deadlines (contracts must be complete by this date):
    • August 1 for Fall Semester
    • December 1 for Spring Semester
    • May 1 for Summer Semester
  • Tuition Waiver Deadlines
    • 4th Day of Class - Last day to cover tuition from central pool OR to waive out of state fees for graduate assistants
  • GA EPAF deadlines
    • The 10th of each month
departmental goals metrics
Departmental Goals (Metrics)
  • # of Degrees (per year or 3 yr. avg.)
    • Doctoral
    • Masters
    • Certificates
    • Bachelor
  • Some measure or documentation of scholarly productivity and/or reputation
  • (if applicable) Student success/learning in key service courses
  • (if applicable) Sponsored Research Success Measure
  • (optional) -- Key Learning Outcome, Student Participation in a Memphis Extra, student or alumni satisfaction on key issues such as advising, alumni or outside giving (for colleges or schools), etc.
departmental goals
Departmental Goals

Should be

  • Goals that the department faculty find meaningful
  • Relatively easy to measure and document
  • Related to the strategic goals of the department, college, and university
  • Understood as key indicators, not sufficient proof by themselves of overall departmental strengths and/or weaknesses
departmental goals timetable
Departmental Goals Timetable
  • Fall 12 -- Agreement on types of goals and benchmarks numbers
  • Spring 13 – Agreement on proposed aspirational goals to be achieved by fall 2015
  • Fall 13 – Submission of action plans to reach those goals
  • Subsequent Fall semesters – submission of progress reports, proposed revisions, and additional or revised action plans where appropriate