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structured cabling imac services provided by beacon enterprise solutions group n.
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Structured Cabling IMAC Services provided by Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Structured Cabling IMAC Services provided by Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group

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Structured Cabling IMAC Services provided by Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group
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Structured Cabling IMAC Services provided by Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group

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  1. Structured Cabling IMAC Servicesprovided byBeacon Enterprise Solutions Group

  2. Project Scope; Goal • Project Scope • To develop a cohesive, overall strategy for effectively and efficiently delivering Structured Cable Plant IMAC services while reducing costs and supplier management efforts • Delivery these IMAC services across Europe, Middle East And Africa • Contract with a few Siemon and R&M Certified Cable Installer Companies for purpose of providing IMAC services and for patching work areas into the network infrastructure. • Out of Scope • Design services for structured cable plant • Project work

  3. Current State • Insufficient pool of Siemon or R&M certified, diverse, preferred suppliers (under contract) across EMEA • Poorly understood Sourcing processes in the field (e.g., preferred suppliers, MSA, Work Order) • Non-preferred suppliers currently performing and being requested to perform additional services • No Master Services Agreement (MSA) • No Work Order • CAR approvals denied or delayed  implementation delays • Inability to comply with corporate internal audit (CIA) assessments due to lack of cable records • Insufficient J&J resources to provide or manage IMAC and structured cabling services • No consistent process for delivering IMAC and structured cabling services to sites • Difficulty in managing large number of suppliers providing services and associated spend

  4. Business benefits An important step in our journey towards world class excellence • Reduce complexity of the existing Structured Cable Plant by consolidating vendors and standardization • Will allow us to streamline operational processes and define clear accountabilities • Provides our business partners with improved service while lowering costs • Ensure the J&J Cable Plant Standard is applied so we can support future technologies • Verify the 25 year Siemon or R&M Certification is extended to J&J • Maintain Building Code and Building Safety as it relates to cable infrastructure

  5. Who is Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group • Beacon Solutions AG is located in Altendorf Switzerland and is a subsidiary of Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. HQ is located in Louisville, KY and has offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; and Mangalore, India • Beacon (formerly Cetcon) has been business partner with J&J since 2001 • Beacon Solutions currently employs 86 full time employees • Beacon provides engineering and consulting services, including the design and implementation of voice, data, video, and security infrastructure systems

  6. Beacon (cont.) • When necessary, Beacon relies on their best-of-breed partners that are certified in the Beacon Service Alliance (Verify insurance, Safety records and certifications) • When partnering with other service providers, a Beacon Team Manager oversees and has full responsibility for the work flow • Beacon always manages the service, at all levels, and at all times. Beacon obtains client approval for sub-contractor relationships

  7. Beacon (cont.) • Under this agreement, Beacon will be responsible for JJSI and J&J operating company sites cabling infrastructure. IMAC (install, move, add, change) and patching client work areas into the network infrastructure • Beacon will be accepting and processing requests from Verizon business, performing the work, reporting and recording the work completed

  8. Dependencies • Dependencies • Site Data Collection to include: • AutoCAD, PDF floor or hardcopy plans of the facility • Contacts information for the site to include Facilities/Engineer, Security, Global Network Operations and Global Site Services • Determine the Site Training Requirements (Safety Training) • Execution of Verizon agreement which includes the following: • IMAC ticket management • 3rd party cable supplier management • All physical connections between and among fully managed equipment, and the cable between the fully managed equipment and installing Cable Plant Infrastructure.

  9. Next Steps • Field Work • Beacon Engineer prepares J&J Sites • Meetings, discussions and interviews to gather and confirm knowledge base information. • Collaboration with key facility contact, identifying requirements and roles and responsibilities for a successful IMAC program at the site • Clarification, Q&A regarding the JJSI IMAC program • Beacon Engineer prepares Field Resources • Introductions, meetings and interviews • IMAC Program and Scope of Work Review • JNJ Cable Infrastructure Standards review • Confirms Field Resource satisfies site access and service req.

  10. Next Steps • Site Initiation • Upon field work completion, Beacon’s central service desk is prepared to accept and process SRM requests • J&J personnel submits requests via the JJSI SRM ticket system • Verizon reviews, clarifies and routes requests to Beacon • Beacon receives the SRM requests via e-Mail stating the work to be performed, location and contact information

  11. Beacon SRM Ticket Request Intake • Beacon Central Service Desk • The SRM ticket request email is received through a email address specifically set up for J&J ( • A Beacon Customer Service Representative receives the ticket and processes it through Beacon’s Service Management System • Beacon’s Service Management System dispatches the request to the appropriate field resource

  12. Beacon SRM Ticket Request Closure • Beacon Central Service Desk • Receives documentation from Field Resource • Updates Beacon’s Service Management System • Notifies Verizon Business to close the SRM ticket when the work is completed • Provides J&J documentation • Stores documentation on local servers • Applies for J&J Siemon Warranty

  13. Beacon SRM Ticket Request Work Completion • Beacon’s Field Resource (Beacon Employee or Sub Contractor) • Receives the Beacon request for service via e-mail • Responds to Beacon Central Service Desk with a confirmation of ability to deliver • Coordinates work requirements with site contact • Performs work according to scope and requirements • Submits documentation to the Beacon Central Service Desk

  14. How will the Demand be Funded • All Cabling Work will be paid via PO by the person requesting the Service (Install Cat6, Coax or fiber Cabling) • Installing Patch Cords to activate a work area will be funded by ITS.

  15. How Beacon Will Support the Facilities • Dedicated J&J Customer Service Desk • Dedicated J&J 877 Number - 877-4JJ-DESK (877-455-3375) • Dedicated J&J Customer Service Representatives • Dedicated J&J RCDD Field Engineers • Dedicated J&J Operations Manager • Team Approach: Engineer paired with CSR and assigned to the same facilities-creating continuity • Use of current contractors already working in the facilities • Beacon field technicians

  16. Why It’s Important • Business Benefits • Reduced costs • Reduced number of cabling suppliers from 45 to 3 • Streamlined processes and more efficient delivery of services • Increased SLA performance • Reduced risks associated with use of non-contracted suppliers • Improved ability to meet audit compliance objectives • Fewer managed Siemon-certified suppliers • Improved tracking of spend for new cable drops and patching • Standardization and consistent quality of services • Single point of contact for IMAC request fulfillment • Maintain Building Code and Building Safety as it relates to cable infrastructure

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