Bahrain petroleum company bapco and career advice and opportunities
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Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and Career Advice and Opportunities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and Career Advice and Opportunities. About Bapco. Bapco is 100% owned by the Government of Bahrain, and is an integrated oil and gas company:. Crude oil and natural gas production Active oil and gas exploration and development

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Bahrain petroleum company bapco and career advice and opportunities
Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)andCareer Advice and Opportunities

About bapco
About Bapco

Bapco is 100% owned by the Government of Bahrain, and is an integrated oil and gas company:

  • Crude oil and natural gas production

  • Active oil and gas exploration and development

  • Refining of the crude to produce valuable petroleum products

  • Storage and export of the refined products

  • Marketing of the products locally and internationally

About bapco cont d
About Bapco(cont’d)

  • Bapco was formed in 1929 and has been the cornerstone of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s economic development

  • Oil was first discovered in Bahrain in 1932

About bapco cont d1
About Bapco(cont’d.)

  • Bapco operates the Bahrain Refinery - a world-class, world-scale refinery, exporting products to the world

  • First day of operation of the Refinery was 12 July 1936 - we are over 70 years old

About bapco cont d2
About Bapco(cont’d.)

  • Annual sales of refined products is > $6.0 billion

  • Contributes about 70% of Bahrain’s economy

  • Currently employs over 3200 people and is one of the largest employers in the Kingdom

  • Spends > $2.0 million a year on training its employees, and spends as much, if not more, on training than any other company in the Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Scholarships programme has been in existence since the 1950s

Recent bapco achievements
Recent Bapco Achievements

  • Celebrated 75 years of oil in Bahrain

  • Celebrated the inauguration of the Low Sulphur Diesel Production (LSDP) Complex on 5 December 2007

    • Now able to produce Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel meeting the tightest specifications anywhere in the world

    • Investment cost $680 million

Offshore oil exploration
Offshore Oil Exploration

  • Exploration Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) with International Oil Companies (IOC’s) for offshore blocks progressed

  • All Blocks awarded

On shore major developments
On-Shore Major Developments

  • Incremental Development Production Sharing Agreement (IDPSA) with IOC (JV Bahrain Field Operations)

  • Utilize Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques

  • Increase oil production and recovery

  • The deep gas initiative was launched on 27th October 2008: searching for gas at a depth of 18,000 feet

On shore major developments cont d
On-Shore Major Developments (cont’d.)

An aggressive development drilling program over 2009-2011 is planned that includes 104 wells of many complex types including Directional, Horizontal, and Re-entry wells.

On shore major developments cont d1
On-Shore Major Developments (cont’d.)

  • To meet local gas demand and new urban projects, additional natural gas (Khuff Gas) is required

  • Eight (8) new Khuff Gas wells are planned under the 2008-2010 Khuff Development Drilling Program

  • Discussing with Iran and Qatar regarding import of natural gas

Recent bapco achievements cont d
Recent Bapco Achievements(cont’d.)

  • Bapco takes the health and safety of its employees and the community very seriously:

    • Many world standard records have been set over the years, with 13 million manhours worked without a lost time accident achieved in 2004

    • Received the Robert Campbell Award from the National Safety Council of the US in October 2007 - first ever company outside of North America to receive the award

    • Obtained the British Safety Council 5-star award in 2008

  • Spending US$300 million on environmental projects

Bapco future challenges
Bapco Future Challenges

  • Refinery Master Plan 2015 and beyond

  • Upstream initiatives and innovations – more oil and gas

  • Environmental

  • Bapco is a progressive organization, looking at the real long term challenges and striving for excellence

Bapco work environment
Bapco Work Environment

Characterized by:

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Innovation

  • Teamwork

  • Problem solving

The starting point
The Starting Point

  • More scientists and engineers are needed to help solve the problems facing the world

What is the difference between science and engineering
What is the Difference Between Science and Engineering?

In general:

  • Science is concerned with discovery and knowledge and involves observations, experiments, theoretical explanations

  • Engineering is the application of science and mathematics in safe, practical, economic, sustainable and innovative ways to design, build, operate structures, machines, processes and systems to maintain and improve our daily lives

  • Engineers solve problems, create wealth, maintain and improve the quality of life

Job opportunities at bapco
Job Opportunities at Bapco

  • Bapco continues to expand its business and always needs new graduates

  • We hire graduates in the following areas:

    • Engineering - all disciplines

    • Geosciences - geology, geophysics

    • Business, finance, IT

Our scholarships for 2009
Our Scholarships for 2009

  • Very active scholarships programme

  • In 2009, we are offering international scholarships in:

    • Geology (1)

    • Geophysics (1)

    • Petroleum Engineering (2)

    • Chemical Engineering (4)

What do you need to study these disciplines
What Do You Need to Study These Disciplines?

If you:

  • Like and are good at mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology

  • Like challenges, solving problems and being innovative

  • Want to be creative, build things and apply the principles

  • Want to make a difference and contribute to a sustainable future

  • Enjoy working in teams

  • Want to have fun along the way

    Then geology, petroleum engineering or chemical engineering might be for you


  • Bapco needs good graduates in many fields

  • There is a significant shortage of good geologists, petroleum engineering and chemical engineering graduates

  • Main aim is to fill vacant positions in Bapco

  • Bapco is offering scholarships to study at overseas universities

  • We offer a working environment characterized by cutting edge technology, innovation, teamwork and problem solving

Why study geology
Why Study Geology ?

  • Why study geology?

  • Why become a geologist?

  • Short answer, why not?

What is geology
What Is Geology?

  • Geology is the study of the earth.

  • We live on the earth.

  • Look at recent stories in the  news.

  • Rising oil prices, tsunamis, earthquakes, global warming, flooding, groundwater pollution, etc.

The challenges for geology
The Challenges for Geology

  • Clean energy for 10 billion in the 21 century

  • Study of plate tectonics and prediction of earthquake

  • Forecasting and securing fresh water resources

  • Deep sea exploration

  • Energy and minerals for country’s future

  • Ecosystem and environmental future

  • Explore and develop new ocean basins

  • Management of waste and green house gases

Geology the attractions and rewards
Geology - The Attractions and Rewards

  • It is a profession that rates highly in job satisfaction

  • Good packages and benefits

  • Geologists have the opportunity to work all over the world

  • Work with leading edge technology

  • Field work – all environments, land and sea

Where do geologists work
Where Do Geologists Work?

  • Natural resource companies

  • Environmental consulting companies

  • Government agencies

  • Universities and Colleges

What is petroleum engineering
What is Petroleum Engineering?

  • A specialised engineering discipline - concerned with recovering oil and gas from the earth to satisfy the world's energy needs.

  • Involves activities such as:

    • Exploration

    • Drilling

    • Production

    • Processing

    • Transport

Where do pes work in bapco
Where Do PEs Work in Bapco?

  • Petroleum Engineering Department

  • Geology Department

  • Production Operations Department (oil and gas)

  • Drilling Department (engineering / operations)

Challenges facing the pe
Challenges Facing the PE

  • Social responsibility towards the Nation by providing the energy required for power generation and industry

  • How to locate and produce hydrocarbon

  • How you maximize, maintain production level from declining

  • How you find new hydrocarbon resources

  • Harsh environments: desert, sea , arctic, jungle?? It depends…

  • Environmental issues (nature, pollution, …)


  • Self satisfaction – supplying very crucial materials - energy

  • Different areas of interest ( reservoir, production, drilling, etc)

  • Innovation – cutting edge technology

  • Highly challenging work – imagination required

  • Meeting with lots of people – technical forums, workshops, conferences

  • Wide range of job opportunities

  • Working in multidisciplinary teams alongside other engineers, scientists, drilling teams and contractors

Rewards cont d
Rewards (cont’d.)

  • Opportunities for professional development e.g. membership of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), worldwide organization

  • Networking with professionals from all over the world

  • Diversity of workplace, environment, culture

  • International travel

What is chemical engineering
What is Chemical Engineering?

  • Combines knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology with engineering principles

  • Mainly concerned with changing raw materials into useful products that we need, by changing their chemical or physical composition, structure or energy content

  • Involves design, construction, managing and operation of industrial scale processes

  • Also involved in environmental engineering, including sustainable development, air pollution control and waste treatment

An example
An Example

  • Chemists discovered that hydrogen (H2) can be produced using the steam-methane reforming reaction:

    CH4 + H2O → CO + 3H2

  • This reaction also needs high temperatures (700 to 800°C) and catalyst

  • Chemical engineers design and operate the large reformer furnaces needed to manufacture H2 on a large scale

  • At Bapco we have two reformers:

Where do chemical engineers work traditional areas
Where Do Chemical Engineers Work?Traditional Areas

  • Oil Refining (Bapco downstream)

  • Oil and Gas production (Bapco Upstream)

  • Chemicals (GPIC)

  • Aluminium (ALBA)

  • Plastics, synthetic fibres

  • Mining and metallurgy

  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

  • Energy e.g. coal, natural gas, hydro, solar, nuclear

  • Environmental engineering

Where do chemical engineers work cont d traditional areas
Where Do Chemical Engineers Work? (cont’d.)Traditional Areas

  • Materials Science

  • Water – all aspects

  • Food and Drink industry

  • Process Plant and Equipment Design and Manufacture

  • Business and Management

  • Consultancy

  • Biochemical engineering

  • Biomedical engineering

Where do chemical engineers work cont d traditional areas1
Where Do Chemical Engineers Work? (cont’d.) Traditional Areas

  • Technical sales

  • Health and Safety

  • Economics

  • Nanotechnology

  • Teaching at all levels

  • Research

  • Waste treatment

  • Pulp and paper

Where do chemical engineers work cont d less common areas
Where Do Chemical Engineers Work? (cont’d.)Less Common Areas

  • Drilling, exploration and geology

  • Law e.g. expert witness, patents, arbitration

  • Financial Investment and Banking

  • Industrial Insurance

  • Politics

  • Forensics

  • Quality Assurance

  • Journalism

  • Publishing

  • Librarianship

The outlook for chemical engineers
The Outlook for Chemical Engineers

The future is very bright:

  • Chemical engineers have a unique and very broad range of skills that are easily transferable

  • Chemical engineers are highly valued by a wide range of employers

  • Chemical engineers can work anywhere

  • There is a huge worldwide demand for chemical engineers which cannot be met

  • Situation unlikely to change for several years

Where do chemical engineers work at bapco
Where Do Chemical Engineers Work at Bapco?

  • Mainly in the Technical Services Department

    • 30 chemical engineers

    • 3 women in supervisory levels

  • Several in Operations Department at different levels

  • Some also in Planning, Project Engineering, Plant Engineering, Quality Assurance

  • Some in Oil Production

  • Some in Marketing

Bapco technical services department tsd
Bapco Technical Services Department (TSD)

  • TSD is the process engineering centre for Bapco

  • Technically very strong

  • Work is challenging and satisfying

  • Use of latest tools, equipment and technology

  • Committed to training and continuing professional development

Technical services department cont d
Technical Services Department (cont’d.)

TSD engineers are involved in:

  • Optimization of the existing process units

  • Identification of opportunities to improve performance

  • Creation and development of ideas

  • Identification and initiation of major projects

  • Providing technical support to many other departments, especially operation

Technical services department cont d1
Technical Services Department (cont’d.)

TSD engineers are intimately involved in all the major projects:

  • Low Sulphur Diesel Production Project ($680 million)

  • Refinery Gas Desulphurisation Project ($140 million)

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Project ($130 million)

  • Lube Base Oil project ($380 million)

  • TSD engineers are also part of the team looking at the Bapco Refinery Master Plan ($ 2.0+ billion)

Potential scholars what we re looking for
Potential Scholars – What We’re Looking For…

  • A strong interest in chemical engineering, petroleum engineering or geology - a passion

  • Excellent English language skills - minimum IELTS score of 6.0 or TOEFL 550

  • High performing Towjehiya students (Maths / Sciences) – minimum cumulative GPA 97%

  • A minimum of 34 points at I.B. Diploma with Physics / Chemistry / Maths scores of 5+ at the Higher level

  • GCE ‘A’ level ABB including Maths/Chemistry. Physics preferred.

  • Self starters – young people with enquiring minds – evidence of team playing abilities

Scholarships what we offer
Scholarships – What We Offer

  • Foundation year (if needed)

  • 3 or 4 year degree programmes

  • Gulf countries, UK, Australia, USA at a top university

  • Internship / Industrial experience during summer periods

  • A job in a challenging working environment - sound career prospects

Scholarships more details
Scholarships – More Details

  • All university fees paid for by Bapco

  • Generous living and utility allowances covering food, electricity, gas, phone, internet, books, clothing

  • Accommodation costs

  • One travel ticket to/from Bahrain each year

Scholarships your commitment
Scholarships – Your Commitment

  • Work hard to achieve top grades – we expect the best!

  • Regularly communicate your activities and results to Bapco

  • Positively embrace the challenges of overseas living and adapt to university life

  • Participate in the wider aspects of university life – learn new things about yourself

  • Work for Bapco on completion of your degree – this is a contractual commitment

During your academic journey we offer
During Your Academic Journey We Offer……

  • Support and encouragement

  • Regular contact via phone, email and visits

  • Work experience opportunities at Bapco

And beyond after you graduate
And Beyond – After You Graduate………

  • Excellent graduate training and development opportunities at Bapco

  • Coaching from line specialists and from a dedicated Career Development Specialist

  • Excellent career opportunities

  • A challenging and stimulating working environment

The bapco employment package brief details
The Bapco Employment Package – Brief Details

  • A competitive salary, annual review and bonus

  • Excellent savings and pension schemes

  • Subsidised housing loan facilities

  • Healthcare (medical and dental)

  • Recreation facilities

  • A challenging work environment with no chance to get bored – career development opportunities

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Follow the application guidelines explained on this website

  • Take time to prepare your application fully, and submit it by the closing date – note that applications received after the closing date cannot be considered

  • For more careers advice and for details on the content of typical university degree programmes, please refer to the web links which are also included on this website