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HANA Admin online training

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HANA ADMIN Online Training at YEKTEK is result oriented training. sap hana admin online training, hana admin certification, hana administration training, sap hana admin training

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what is sap hana
What is SAP HANA?

HANA - High-Performance Analytic Appliance


  • An another database …. ?
  • A modern column store database ….?
  • An In-memory database….?
  • A real-time platform …. ?
  • A development environment … ?
  • An appliance ….?
  • An another reporting tool or something else … ?
what is sap hana1
What is SAP HANA?

SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA)

HANA is a hardware and software combination that integrates a number of SAP components including the SAP In- Memory Database. SAP HANA is a flexible, data-source agnostic appliance that allows customers to analyze large volumes of Enterprise data in real-time. In-memory computing or HANA, has built in calculation engine for more complex business calculations. With SAP HANA, SAP can deliver hardware or software (in the cloud) appliance to the customers. These appliances could be pre-configured to work for certain business scenarios and the partners (ISVs) could then setup the landscape to provision the entire solution. It’s based on Linux operation system.

Promise of HANA

 SAP HANA will bring in-memory, real time analytics to enterprises. Real time analytics would imply there is no BW (business warehouse) staging required for generating reports. In fact the way to think about information would be not to think in terms of reports, but in terms of data analysis, using tools like Business Objects Explorer or ever pivot tables in excel. Imagine bypassing the need to ask data analysts to prepare specific reports, which can take hours, if not days to prepare. Imagine if this data (or rather information) is instead available instantly. And imagine you could do data analysis on the most current data in real time, even if the data size was millions of transactional records.

This should be possible with HANA. OLTP (online transaction processing) and OLAP (online analytical processing) will finally come together in real time, which can give significant advantages to most businesses, especially the ones that have to react very quickly (retail, energy, emergency response, etc...)

 SAP HANA will change the way SAP currently delivers its products

sap hana scenarios

There are four kinds of SAP HANA scenarios:

  • Custom built scenarios
  • SAP HANA Accelerators
  • SAP HANA Applications
  • SAP HANA for existing SAP solutions
sap in memory technology
SAP In Memory Technology
  • All data are stored in memory
  • Maximization of ratio cores: data
  • High degree of parallelism of operations
  • High scalability with growing data amounts
  • High compression rate in memory
  • Data are stored in columns
  • Role of disk/storage is reduced to persistency and recovery
rdbms v s sap hana

Today’s database and business software was designed and optimized for hardware of the 70’s and 80’s

  • Single or dual CPU systems
  • Limited memory space (16-bit and 32-bit)
  • Data is resident on large capacity slow disk technology
  • The database is optimized for OLTP applications
sap hana architecture1
SAP HANA Architecture

HANA has appliance as the hardware and the database is software.

Data can be brought into HANA with any of the three options

  • Replication services
  • Data services
  • DXC direct extractor connection(leverages the BW extractor)

Once data is into HANA it goes to In-Memory Database

  • Row & column Storage: how the data should be stored in HANA.

These 2 relational engines act as in-memory databases, that is, there primary data persistence is RAM.

2) Calculation and planning Engine: Calculation engine decides how data gets out of HANA. It’s the heart of HANA.

SAP In-Memory Computing Studio:

  • Administration of HANA database.
  • Modeling (business rules applied here in information modeler)

Reporting tools: How data gets out of HANA:

1) SAP business object BI suite(will discuss later)

2) Excel

systems management and monitoring
Systems Management and Monitoring

To ensure the smooth running of your SAP HANA systems, it is important to monitor system availability and key performance indicators regularly.TheSAP HANA studio includes several tools for monitoring your systems:

  • System Monitor :

This editor provides you with an overview of all your SAP HANA systems at a glance, including system availability and current resource usage information. From the System Monitor you can drill down into each individual system in the Administration editor.

  • Monitoring Dashboard:

This Web-browser based view visualizes key aspects of system health and configuration on a single screen with the option to drill down to more detailed views.

  • Administration :

This editor provides detailed information about resource usage, current alerts, system performance, system configuration, as well as tools for analyzing and troubleshooting issues in your system.

sap hana lifecycle management
SAP HANA Lifecycle Management
  • SAP HANA software includes lifecycle management procedures for customizing and updating your SAP HANA platform and for managing SAP HANA content products and transports. It is provided with each SAP HANA system.
  • The services offered by SAP HANA lifecycle management roughly cover two aspects:

1)Platform lifecycle management to install and customize the SAP HANA platform

2)Application lifecycle management to manage SAP HANA content products and content transports

sap hana versions
SAP HANA Versions
  • HANA 1.0 SP2 - Revision 12 - 1.00.12.xxxxx

SP3 - Revision 20 - 1.00.20.xxxxx

SP4 - Revision 28 - 1.00.28.xxxxx

SP5 - Revision 46 - 1.00.46.xxxxx

SP6 - Revision 56 - 1.00.56.xxxxx

SP7 - Revision 70 - 1.00.70.xxxxx

SP8 - Revision 80 - 1.00.80.xxxxx

faqs about sap hana administration online training
FAQs about SAP HANA Administration Online Training

1) What is HANA ADMIN?SAP HANA is a powerful database from SAP built on In-memory technology. SAP is suggesting their customers to migrate from other traditional databases to HANA Database which is 3500 times faster Analytics and 4500 faster reporting speed. So the future would be the HANA database with most of the customers.

2) What are the advantages of HANA ADMIN?

SAP HANA Admin is a course for administrators who work on HANA Database. They are primarily responsible for Migrations, Installations and Support.

3) Who can learn HANA ADMIN?

Any one can learn SAP HANA ADMIN with minimum knowledge on the databases.

4) What are the prerequisites for HANA ADMIN?

There is no Pre-requisite for SAP HANA ADMIN course, but SAP Basis and Linux background is a value add.

5) How is the job market in both Indian and USA for HANA ADMIN consultants?

There are lot of Migrations projects coming up for the clients who wants to do the Migration from traditional database to HANA Database. And so many implementation projects on SAP HANA.


Please refer to our website for course content:

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Please contact:
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