Cobalt in Soil
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Cobalt in Soil. Naturally less than 50ppm concentration Must be Supplemented. (Abstract). Vitamin B12 in Plants. Rhizobia. Cobalt Sulphate. Thicker stems Taller plants More pods.

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Cobalt in soil

Cobalt in Soil

Naturally less than 50ppm concentration

Must be Supplemented


Vitamin B12 in Plants


Cobalt Sulphate

Thicker stems

Taller plants

More pods

Bacteria live in a mutual relationship with plants

Reacts with bacteria in pea plant roots and stimulates growth.

Necessary Chemicals

Nitrogen Cycle




Known as NPK

NPK levels can determine plant overall health

Literature Review

Miller and Tarrant (1983)

Gad (2006)

(Kandil, 2007)



Alternate Hypothesis-H(a)- Both Cobalt and the Vitamin B12 fertilization have significant effects on the growth of the pea plants with the presence of Rhizobium Leguminosarum, and supports the work of Gad and Kandil

Null Hypothesis-H(o)- Neither the cobalt or the Vitamin B12 have an effect on the growth of the peas with or without the presence of Rhizobium Leguminosarum

Effects of Cobalt and Vitamin B12 fertilization on the growth of Pisumsativum L.