Welcome class of 2013
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Welcome Class of 2013!. Future Seniors!. Schedule . 5 period days! 5--- 75 minute periods. Core classes are year long English IV Math (Alg. I, Geometry, Inter. Alg. II) All AP Courses Electives are semester courses (except Band, Choir and Orchestra). Commonly Asked Questions.

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Welcome class of 2013

Welcome Class of 2013!

Future Seniors!


  • 5 period days!

  • 5--- 75 minute periods.

  • Core classes are year long English IV Math (Alg. I, Geometry, Inter. Alg. II) All AP Courses

  • Electives are semester courses(except Band, Choir and Orchestra)

Commonly asked questions
Commonly Asked Questions

  • You must be enrolled in 5 classes each semester.

  • College Admissions Officers look for rigor on a senior’s schedule. Choose your classes wisely.

  • You MUST take a math class your senior year per JCBE graduation requirements.

  • Colleges prefer you take at least one high level math and a science course your senior year.

Welcome class of 2013

  • 2 Credits of a Foreign Language is REQUIRED for graduation per JCBE policy.

  • You may take college block as part of your 5 day period. Jessamine County Schools partners with BCTC and Asbury University to offer our students a dual credit opportunity. That means you can take a college class as a senior and receive both high school and college credit. You must have a 3.0 GPA and a minimum score on the ACT depending on which school you chose. WJHS will host reps from both schools to review the application and registration process.

Welcome class of 2013

  • In order to take per JCBE policy.work periods, you must enroll in College and Career Readiness and WORK BASED LEARNING.

  • CO-OP: Paid or non-paid--You must have 3 classes in your concentrated area before your senior year in order to co-op in that area. Please see your instructors in those areas, before you schedule to get approval.

Scheduling courses at jctc
Scheduling Courses at JCTC per JCBE policy.

  • 2 Block Course at JCTC

    • Students will enroll in a pathway, not individual courses.

    • JCTC will assign students to courses.

    • If you took a singleton course and want to continue that pathway, meet with your counselor during the actual registration to discuss options.

Different diploma s
Different Diploma’s per JCBE policy.


    In addition to Jess. Co graduation requirements, you must take

    Physics2 credits of the same foreign language

    A Social Studies Elective

    Please let Mrs. Heady know if you are pursing this distinction.

Welcome class of 2013

Kentucky educational excellence scholarship
Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship per JCBE policy.

KEES Base Award Amounts

For each year you earn a 2.5 or better GPA, you can earn the base amount listed below. For instance, a high school freshman who earns a 3.5 GPA would have a $375 scholarship for each year of college. Amounts may change based on available funds.

Welcome class of 2013

ACT Bonus Award Amounts per JCBE policy.

You can earn a bonus award for an ACT score of 15 or above. For example, a KEES-eligible student who has a score of 25 would earn an additional $393 for each year of college.

Registration timeline
Registration Timeline per JCBE policy.

  • All English III classes will have the opportunity to schedule on Thursday March 9, 2012.

  • You will use Infinite Campus to request courses this year! Teachers will have entered core recommendations prior to scheduling.

  • You will complete the scheduling worksheet, meet with your individual counselor Last names A-F: Mrs. Heady (Science Lab)Last Names G-O: Mrs. McMillen (Math Lab)Last Names P-Z: Ms. Daugherty (Eng Lab)

  • You will log into IC, follow directions on tips sheet and request courses. Do you know your login information?

Be ready
Be Ready! per JCBE policy.

  • Choose your top elective choices.

  • Have at least 4 alternates chosen.

  • Have you completed your career pathway?

  • Does your schedule reflect rigor?

  • How will colleges view your senior schedule?

  • Bring your IC login information.