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Money Handling. Chapter 12 Highlights. Guest Check has 3 Roles. Order food and drink from the kitchen/bar Obtain payment from the guest Accounting- cost control department - an account of items sold. Manual Checks. Information Box may contain:

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Money handling

Money Handling

Chapter 12 Highlights

Guest check has 3 roles
Guest Check has 3 Roles

  • Order food and drink from the kitchen/bar

  • Obtain payment from the guest

  • Accounting- cost control department - an account of items sold

Manual checks
Manual Checks

  • Information Box may contain:

    • Date, table #, server, # of guests, time order taken, sequential # of guest check

  • Body of Guest Check:

    • Place to write what is ordered, how it is prepared, special/specific requests

    • Total charged for all items, taxes, and service charges where applicable

  • Customer Receipt Stub:

    • Name of operation, logo, date of transaction, total amount of bill

    • Sequential number of guest check

Guest checks from pos
Guest Checks from POS

  • Same information as manual checks

  • Advantages:

    • Usually easier for the guest to read

    • “Modifiers” usually do not print

    • A “dupe” is stored in the system

    • Technically, less chance for errors

      • In communicating w/ kitchen or bar

      • In calculating the total due

Manager can use check information to derive
Manager can use check information to derive:

  • Number of guests served that day

  • Number of tables served that day

  • Number of meals served that day

  • Number of tables or meals per server

Then manager can determine
Then manager can determine:

  • Sales per server or per guest

    • Average Check for the operation

    • Average Check per server

  • Sales per hour (labor forecasting)

  • Items sold per server (contests)

  • Check that the guest check sequence is being followed

Check sequence
Check Sequence

  • In a manual check system, guest checks should be "issued”

    • Used/unused signed in & out at each shift

  • In a POS system

    • Servers should turn in copies

    • Checked against a printed server report

  • Guest checks should be treated like $$$$

Order writing
Order Writing

  • People who need to understand guest check include:

    • Any and all servers

    • Kitchen staff and bartenders

    • Guest

    • Cashier, Manager, Bookkeeper

Order writing1
Order Writing

  • All Abbreviations should be standardized by management

    • In a manual system, this is required

    • In a POS system, this can be optional, but...

      • No standards = opportunities for miscommunication

      • What if the POS system crashes?

Check presentation
Check Presentation

  • Review check for amount of each item, subtotal, tax and service charge

  • Need to review check to be sure that:

    • All items sold are recorded (beverages!)

    • Restaurant collects what is owed

    • Guest is not overcharged

  • Do not be defensive with guests about billing


  • Circle - do not erase!

  • Write a brief explanation on check

  • Record voided amount

  • Require manager’s initials

  • Voids are important to track!

  • GM or bookkeeper should check void times periodically

Forms of payment
Forms of Payment

  • Server needs to know about:

    • House accounts

    • Promotional discounts

    • Coupons

    • Gift certificates

    • Prepaid or promotional complimentary meals

Forms of payment1
Forms of Payment

  • Personal Checks

    • Ask for I.D.

    • Check numerical figure to written number

  • Traveler's Checks

    • Must sign 2nd signature in front of you

    • Check against counterfeit info sheets

Forms of payment2
Forms of Payment

  • Credit Cards

    • Credit Card slips are like money!

    • Some systems accept credit or debit cards

  • Gift Certificates

    • Proper details are included when issuing

    • Check redeemed for information

      • Cash back?

      • Merchandise only? (donations)

Problems with payment
Problems with Payment

  • If credit card is declined then :

    • Try again

    • Ask for another form of payment and blame machine

    • Consider pulling host away from guest to handle the situation

Problems with payment1
Problems with Payment

  • Cash Transactions

    • Count cash before leaving the table

    • Write total amount of money received on check

    • Count change then perform other requests for money

    • Do not “break” change w/out permission

    • Count from what is owed to amount paid

Problems with payment2
Problems with Payment

  • "Walk-out" or "Dine ‘n Dash"

    • Assume guest has forgotten to pay and be tactful

    • Tell manager ASAP if guest leaves the area

    • You should not leave the building!

  • Robbery

    • Stay Calm

    • Do not be a hero unnecessarily


  • Tip originally about innkeeper keeping a secret!

  • TIP - “To Insure Promptness”

  • TIPS - “to insure proper service”


  • "Service Compris”

    • All gratuity charges are included in total

    • Common in some countries

    • Some travelers assume it’s done here

  • Service Charge

    • Usually between 15 and 20 %

    • Must be announced to guest somewhere


  • Charlie Trotter in Chicago pays servers full salary and prices reflect total labor costs

  • Tips are taxable by the IRS

    • Servers are responsible for their own record keeping

    • Record on 4070 A (Daily Record of Tips)


  • Accurate information is important

  • Consistent language is needed

  • Systems for money handling should be implemented and monitored

  • Gratuity is not free money

  • Restaurateurs have investors, creditors and payroll - money must be handled correctly!