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Mystery Babylon

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Mystery Babylon
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Mystery Babylon

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  1. Mystery Babylon ALL pagan religions come from Babylon Babylon is BABEL Genesis 10:10, Genesis 11 Satan uses the same symbols in each culture

  2. From the ancient ruins of Ur • (2212-2095 BC) The male god Shamash is seen as a solar blaze within the crescent moon - the goddess, Nanna. “The Lord said unto Abram, ‘ Get you out of your country (Ur) and from your kindred and from your father’s house, until a land that I will show you.”

  3. Pagan carving of the solar god of Edom, Baal-Hadad, depicted as a disk in a crescent.

  4. Assyrian style carving of King Bar Raqqah (8th century BC) worshipping the sun-god depicted as a crescent moon cradling a solar disk shape.

  5. The crescent moon is also in Egypt! • Ornament from King Tut’s tomb. Notice the disk cradled within the crescent moon. Also notice the image of the young king himself upon the disk. • Don’t miss the evil eye!

  6. This is an engraving on an Egyptian temple of Hathor, the eye of Osiris.

  7. All Roman Catholic monstrances have a crescent to hold the wafer-god of Babylon within it, thereby depicting an exact duplicate of Babylonian worship of the sun-god BAAL.

  8. The monstrance of the Roman catholic church is used to display the “disk” shaped communion wafer within a crescent moon cradle.

  9. The face of Apollo, the Greek sun-god illustrates the straight (phallic) and wavy (yonic) symbols of pagan dualism all around it. Found on temple of Apollo in the Pergamum Museum now in East Berlin. “Pergamum …where Satan’s throne is” Rev. 2:13

  10. A Roman Catholic church in Scandavia proudly displays the Face of the Babylonian sun-god upon their pulpit.

  11. The face of Baal! Can you see the sun god at the very top of the serpentine pillars at St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, the heart of Catholicism?

  12. Notice the face of the Roman Sun god. All around it are horns and rays emanating from it to depict the Sun in the sky. This relief is from the excavated Roman baths in Bath, England.

  13. pagan • Here the face is that of a child within the fertility symbol of the sun’s rays on a Roman Catholic altar (Notice the pagan male (straight) and female (wavy) dualism of Sun-god)

  14. The trident of Babylon was places in the hands of all Pagan gods. Adad, Enlil, Neptune, Poseidon, and other gods were depicted carrying the tridents.

  15. Poseidon or Neptune also carried the trident as ruler of the sea or underworld. This same trident is also depicted in many artifacts and carvings of the horned, hoofed sun god of Babylon. The devil is also depicted with the very same trident/ pitchfork.

  16. Here we see the trident of Babylon coming out of the head of Jesus Christ. It also depicts the Pagan symbol of dualism within it. Not only does it portray the trident, three finger salute, as well as the golden skin of Baal, it also has baby Jesus holding the pagan globe.

  17. Here we see Pope Pius XII (Hitler’s Pope) with his three finger salute of Babylon.

  18. Notice this trident depicts the wavy lines of the female and the straight line of the male. Thereby creating the Pagan symbolism of male/female unity/dualism.

  19. Finally we see a pre-Christian votive hand taken directly from a Pagan temple.

  20. Here we see a Hindu diety displaying the trident sign with the thumb and two fingers extended.

  21. Satanic hand gestures.

  22. Notice the same pagan salute of the “votive hand” on a salute of Apollo in the London Museum.

  23. Hindu diety holding prayer beads. Hindus today use prayer beads. “But when you pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do….” Mathew 6:7

  24. Prayer beads were commonly buried with the pharoahs of Egypt. Most eastern cults still use prayer beads. Repetition is a form of brainwashing: it indoctrinates you into the occult and produces spiritual blindness… is witchcraft!Gal. 5:19-21

  25. To this day Moslems still use beaded prayer chains with 99 beads. Allah has 99 names!

  26. Notice the prayer beads in the pagan priest’s hand found in ancient ruins of Mesopotamia, Bablyon!

  27. The Catholic Rosary- Saying the rosary is witchcraft and produces spiritual blindness!

  28. Here the Catholic “child” Jesus is depicted holding the Pagan globe.

  29. Dagon is the Philistine god,also know as Nimrod come back to life as half fish, half man. Read what happened when the Philistines took the Ark of the ‘Covenant into the Temple of Dagon !1 Samuel 5God used Sampson to destroyDagon’s temple!Judges 16:23

  30. Neptune/Poseidon was considered ruler of the underworld/sea. He was yet another representation of the sun god of Babylon. Notice the same fish godheaddress.

  31. Fish head mitre.

  32. Art etching of Dagon with clear view of papal mitre

  33. Every Pope wear’s the fish head mitre of the god Dagon. Notice serpent crosier .

  34. Another view of the fish head mitre of Babylon. • Notice the sun-god emblem on the mitre.

  35. Free mason’s insignia: the evil eye • the sungod • inside a triangle • the serpent’s • circle the cross over the globe The masons were a secret Catholic cult in Europe. Egyptian Shriners are high-level Masons)…… Islam repackaged as Christian!

  36. This • This large evil eye is engraved on a Roman sarcophagus at the National Archaeological Museum in Rome, Italy.

  37. The eye of Osiris is often used as a pendant against magic.

  38. The very same eye on the United States one dollar bill.

  39. Very same eye of Osiris is found on this Roman Catholic pulpit in Paris, France.

  40. The Pagan eye of Osiris is found on this pendant that is used by a Roman Catholic youth group in the Phillippines.

  41. The evil eye watching worshippers perched high above from the apex of the dome in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

  42. Here • Here the Roman Catholic church is placing the Pagan globe in the hand of Jesus Christ.

  43. Greek goddess of wisdom and war, Athena, is depicted here holding the serpent croiser in her right hand, a symbol of power.

  44. Notice the Pagan halo behind one of the Japanese gods of happiness.

  45. Here we see Krishna with a golden halo blaze behind the head.

  46. This Hindu deity in the Gamet Museum in Paris has a large halo disc behind the head.

  47. Notice the exact same large halo disc of the Hindu religion is also found behind the head of this Roman Catholic statue in Westminster Cathedral, London.

  48. You can literally see thousands of statues, paintings, carvings, and photos of Roman Catholic popes, bishops, priests, and saints with ‘halos’ in every Roman Catholic church the world over.

  49. Quetzalcoatl, the lord of life and death displays the “sacred heart of Babylon”

  50. The Roman Catholic Sacred heart