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Windows ® Hosting Services

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Windows ® Hosting Services. Anne Greenwald, Business Development Manager Microsoft EMEA Communications Sector. Agenda. Market Opportunity Microsoft Windows Web Hosting Platform Readiness Partnering with Microsoft. Key Hoster Questions. Can Microsoft Windows scale to meet hosting needs?

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Presentation Transcript
windows hosting services

Windows® Hosting Services

Anne Greenwald, Business Development Manager

Microsoft EMEA Communications Sector

  • Market Opportunity
  • Microsoft Windows Web Hosting
  • Platform Readiness
  • Partnering with Microsoft
key hoster questions
Key Hoster Questions
  • Can Microsoft Windows scale to meet hosting needs?
  • Is Windows secure and datacenter ready?
  • What about Windows licensing costs?
  • What if I don’t have any Windows administration expertise?
  • Is there good Windows support in the control panels?
market growth projections
Market: Growth Projections
  • 13 percent (CAGR) growth in United States hosting revenue through 2009‡
  • 12-month growth in active sites 28 percent (Netcraft)
  • 12-month Web facing server growth 19 percent (Netcraft)
  • Robust customer growth but slow revenue growth (3 percent CAGR) ‡

‡: IDC, U.S. Web Hosting Services 2005-2009 Forecast, Doc #3338, May 2005

market hoster needs
Market: Hoster Needs
  • Today’s Differentiators
      • Price
      • Disk space
      • Data transfer
      • Number of mailboxes
  • Web Hosters Are Looking To:
      • Reduce operational costs to meet price points
      • Quickly launch new services to increase average revenue per user (ARPU)
      • Create loyalty and reduce churn

Source: IDC, U.S. Web Hosting Services 2005-2009 Forecast, Doc #3338, May 2005

why microsoft
Why Microsoft?
  • Microsoft’s commitment to shared hosting
    • “We want to be the best platform for shared hosting” – Steve Ballmer, eWeek, Nov 16, 2005
  • Windows provides an end-to-end hosting platform
  • Windows hosting will help increase your ARPU
  • End-customers have shown preference for Windows

“Microsoft has been extremely proactive in addressing key service provider issues …. Microsoft’s proven commitment to … has greatly contributed to the growing demand for Windows-based hosting.”

Melanie Posey, Research Director at IDC

brand recognition
Customer choices driven by brand recognition

Enables selling to technical and business decision makers





Value (millions of $)

















Mercedes Benz

Brand Recognition

Source: Businessweek, August 2005. (Interbrand study)

preference for windows

Have No Strong Operating System Preference

Preference for Windows

Do you have a preference for which server operating system your Web site runs on?

  • Over half indifferent to operating system
  • Those with operating system preference chose Windows 11 to 1

Source: Based on study conducted by EdgeStrategies with SMBs in a large European market.

windows helps increase your arpu
Windows Helps Increase Your ARPU
  • Only Company with Products for Your End-Customer Segments
    • Consumers, developers, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), resellers
  • Renewed Focus on Service Strategy
    • More products supported for hosting scenarios
  • Differentiation Beyond Infrastructure to Value-Added Service
  • We Have a Roadmap
“If there could only be one recommendation to every provider in the hosting marketplace, it would be to sell your service capabilities and stop selling the technicals of your hosting service.”

Tier 1 Research, 2005 Year-End Market Size/Share Review, March 2006

offering roadmap 1 2
Offering Roadmap (1/2)



* Future offering

offering roadmap 2 2
Offering Roadmap (2/2)



* Future offering

microsoft windows security
Microsoft Windows Security
  • Yankee Group study results
    • Overall security of Linux and Windows servers nearly equal
    • Windows servers recover 30 percent faster from security attacks than Linux servers
    • Patch management woes lessen for Windows but are on the rise for Linux
  • Focused on creating secure products via Secure by Design, Secure by Default and Secure in Deployment (SD3) principle

“It seems that Microsoft has learned this lesson. …Microsoft has spent a fortune in time and money to improve the security of its software and has made incredible headway.”

Michael Gavin, Senior Analyst, Forrester (ZDnet)

iis scalability
IIS Scalability
  • IIS Scalability Test Conducted by VeriTest
  • Test Results
    • IIS 6.0 will host over 30,000 unique static HTML Web sites
    • IIS 6.0 will host over 11,000 FrontPage sites
    • IIS 6.0 will host over 2,000 ASP.NET Web sites
integrated solutions for hosting scenarios
A collection of best practices, scripts, and tools that enable hosting providers to deploy a centralized and automated management infrastructure.Integrated Solutions for Hosting Scenarios
microsoft as your partner
Microsoft As Your Partner

Increasing Margin



Cost reduction

Sharing Risk/Reward

Reducing TCO



Sharing Knowledge

Building Markets







Help partners sell

services provider licensing program spla

Pay monthly

No up-front costs

No commitments

Always latest versions

Allows shared usage

Business Benefits

Cost control (OPEX)

Low risk (pay-as-you-go)

Competitive pricing

Free demos, tests and evaluations

Services Provider Licensing Program (SPLA)

Learn more at:

microsoft spla features
Microsoft SPLA Features
  • Customer demonstrations
    • Allows service provider to dedicate 50 active user IDs in order to demonstrate software services to prospective customers without need to report use
  • Customer evaluations
    • Allows free use of product by end customer on a trial basis for up to 30 days
  • Evaluation and testing
    • Default allows service provider to test and evaluate software product without need to report use for up to 90 days
microsoft partner program
Microsoft Partner Program
  • What Is It?
    • Leverages Microsoft Partner Program
    • Rewards partners for impact of their solutions
  • Benefits
    • Associate Microsoft brand with your company
    • Increase customers reach through marketing resources
    • Reduce your operating costs using valuable software, training, and support resources
marketing and training support
Marketing and Training Support
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Playbook with sample Web site offer description
    • Lead generation
      • Hoster directory on Microsoft Web site
      • Product launch promotions
  • Training
    • Regular webcasts by subject matter experts
    • Certification
    • Online technical forums staffed by Microsoft hosting team
  • Microsoft is committed to shared hosting for the long haul
  • Windows offers a complete end-to-end hosting platform
  • Windows shared hosting will help increase your ARPU
  • Hosting customers have shown preference for Windows
  • Get started by signing up for Microsoft Hosting program

© 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

microsoft windows server fundamentals

ASP.NET Performance (Source: NILE Ecomm Benchmark)













Windows Server 2000

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Server Fundamentals
  • Improved Performance
    • 310 percent improved throughput vs. Windows 2000 with 10K sites
    • 21x faster IIS startup time
  • Improved Reliability and Availability
    • 8x downtime improvement over Microsoft Windows NT® 4
    • 4x downtime improvement over Windows 2000
solution roadmap
Solution Roadmap

Technical perspective guidance to meet the needs of

different hoster profiles

  • Basic Profile
    • Single server solution
    • Minimal investment
  • Standard Profile
    • A scalable architecture based on Active Directory
    • Can grow as your business ramps up
  • Dynamic Profile
    • A scalable architecture with high degree of automation
    • Enables easy addition of new services