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  1. Dzhankoy Dzhankoy/ Yany – koy – New village/, a district center, 91 km from Simferopol came into being in the second half of the 19th century. The population of the Dzhankoy is about 50,000. Due to the construction of the Northern – Crimean canal Dzhankoy grew greatly, some new plants were built during the last years, among them are the machine – building plant, the dairy produce and tinned food factories, meat processing and packing factory and others. The town which is THE BEST FOR US.

  2. My school

  3. Welcome to one of the best school in Ukraine! Date of birth: 1982 Our school is the place, which we can honestly call “our second home”. We have computer lab with the internet access. The majority of our pupils try to work hard on all the subjects. A lot of our pupils go in for sports and we have wonderful sports facilities. What makes our school really special and beloved by all the pupils is friendly atmosphere. Everyone tries to be polite, tactful, and tolerant with each other. Our teachers are very helpful and they can give you some useful advice whenever you need it.

  4. Student’s Rights • All students are equal in their rights without distinction of any kind: parents' nationality, religion, financial position and social status. • Every student has the right to express freely his own opinions and views and the right to be listened. • Every student has the right to acquire, through active participation, knowledge and practical skills. • Each student has the right to participate in different activities, attend school clubs and extra courses. • Every student has the right to present school in different events and occasions according to students' abilities and skills. • Each student has the right for the business surrounding in class: LU business-like co-operation with teachers • HI teachers' attention, individual studies, if it is necessary • Each student has the right to have a comfortable working place. • Each student has the right to refuse the work, which is harmful for his/her health. • Each student has the right to request the amendment of the student's educational records that the parent or student believes are inaccurate or misleading. Parents can address the Principal, clearly identifying the part of the record they want to change and specifying why it is inaccurate.

  5. Student’s Responsibilities Each student should: • fulfill the requirements of the School Code and decisions of Teachers' Council • study hard in order to acquire knowledge and skills of self-education; • take part in social activities; • take care of best school traditions and develop them; • behave properly in and out of school; • know and observe strictly traffic rules, fire security and other safety measurements. • The school policies relating to discipline are reasonable and intended to benefit the safety of our school. The student handbook explains discipline guidelines. Please take the time to read the handbook and discuss the policies with your family.

  6. English teacher The greatest teacher we’ve ever had is our teacher of English and form-master. She influenced our life. She has become not only our teacher, but a good friend as well. LyubovNikolaevna gave us a good knowledge of English. She is patient and kind, understanding and loving. She is a good professional. Her lessons are always interesting and instructive. She knows the learner’s goals, and the difficulties with learning and communicating in foreign language. She has been teaching us for nine years. LyubovNikolaevna taught us to learn English, to understand it and use the knowledge in real life. We love her because she gives us inspiration in our studies.

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