Changes are coming. You’re making sure your organization is prepared
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Changes are coming. You’re making sure your organization is prepared for the future. And so is Lenovo. They’re ready to help you and your organization navigate the upcoming Windows® XP migration. And their flexible product offerings are designed to showcase the best that Windows® 8 and touch computing have to offer.

Lenovo is also the first computer company to defy the industry trend of offshore manufacturing. In 2008, they brought production back to the USA, opening an assembly center in Whitsett, NC.

Lenovo has earned a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability by providing the best solutions for enterprise companies and small businesses alike. Take a look at how their technology can help your organization evolve.


After Windows® XP reaches its end of support on April 8, 2014, no software, security, hotfixes or free assisted-support options will be available.

You know what this means: Your organization may be vulnerable to malware and security breaches if you don’t migrate to a new OS.

The xp migration is here
The XP Migration Is Here is prepared

Choosing to stay with XP will only drive up your costs.

Cost to budget

  • Increased IT labor costs can average up to $300/year/device

  • Mobile device management (MDM) can average up to $250/year/device

    Cost to productivity

  • Additional resources needed to monitor security

  • Employee productivity slowed by older technologies

  • XP not compatible with Microsoft® Office 2013 productivity suite

    Cost to business security

  • If your security is compromised, your entire company is at risk

    Cost to end-client security

  • If your end-client’s information security is compromised, you lose their trust—and put your reputation in jeopardy

    That’s all money you could be investing in a new, future-ready OS.


To sustain and grow your business, you need to look toward the future—to a new OS and the devices that will best support it.

Choose the future
Choose the Future is prepared

Installing Windows® 8 gives you purchase protection—invest now, and you’re ready for the touch-enabled future, saving yourself the trouble of a second OS installation a couple years down the line.

Windows® 8 is built on Windows® 7, with added technology.

  • Use traditional Windows® 7-styled interface for document typing and data creation

  • Switch to the new Windows® 8 touch-enhanced tile interface for presentationsand information sharing

  • Dual management lets IT support Windows® 7 alongside Windows®8

    Windows® 8 innovation is ready for tomorrow.

  • Windows® 8 upgrade reshapes the traditional Windows®OS for a new level of flexibility and productivity

  • Designed to run on tablets and PCs, Windows® 8 balances traditional Windows®productivity with features that speed and empower performance

  • Security upgrades include integrated antivirus, early launch anti-malware (ELAM), SmartScreen Filter, Secure Boot and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)

CHOOSE is prepared LENOVO

Lenovo may seem like a growing presence in the U.S., but they’ve been the #1 PC manufacturer in the world for a year already.

They built a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation with their desktop and laptop solutions and are now investing in the next generation of PC+ devices.

They raise the standards on productivity without compromise and offer innovative products in all price bands.

They’ve become an incredibly strong presence in the enterprise market, making this a perfect time for smallto medium businesses to get on board.

Choose lenovo
Choose Lenovo is prepared

Lenovo won 60+ awards at CES 2014.

Lenovo has the lowest industry failure rates and best end-user experience.

Lenovo is committed to owning and executing world-class support with itsbusiness partners and to providing individualized customer service.

Lenovo has the most comprehensive touch-enabled product portfolio of any PC maker.


By 2015, 75% of devices will be touch-enabled. Anticipating this, Lenovo devices were uniquely designed to optimize the Windows® 8 touch-based OS.

With them, you can take advantage of the innovative, timesaving features that make touch computing so compelling—plus, you can utilize the old-school Windows® 7 command prompts to ease the transition.

Lenovo is ready for touch
Lenovo Is Ready for Touch is prepared

Invest in touch now, and your organization will be ready.

Touch is becoming increasingly important

  • End clients will expect to see this within the next 1-2 years

    Touch enables dynamic sales, presentations and retail transactions

  • Touch enables a split screen for a dual-monitor effect

  • “Snapping” lets users run dual programs at one time

    Touch lets you take notes

  • Digitizer layer supports handwriting recognition, freehand note taking and digital signature collection—even when you hold your pen above the screen without touching

    Lenovo allows touch and non-touch options on the same device

  • Type CMD for a command prompt

  • Use an on-screen numeric keypad

  • Use the unified search to simply type the name of what you’re looking for


Lenovo gives your users a wider selection of powerful and adaptable options, from desktop solutions to cutting-edge, touch-enabled Windows® 8 devices.

Enable the most productive work environment for your organization by providing the computers and devices that best fit each member’s function and needs.

Lenovo has the most flexible forms
Lenovo Has the Most Flexible Forms is prepared

Ultrabooks™, Convertibles and Hybrids

  • The ThinkPad®X1 Carbon Touch pioneers touch on the best ThinkPad ever built

  • The ThinkPad®Yoga features 360° flexibility, multitouch displays and powerful performance

  • The ThinkPad® Helix completely eliminates the need to carry a separate laptop and a tablet

Lenovo has the most flexible forms1
Lenovo Has the Most Flexible Forms is prepared


  • The Windows® 8-based ThinkPad® Tablet 2is built for business—and it’s the thinnest and lightest tablet running Windows® 8

  • The Android-based 10" Yoga Tablet is the world’s first multimode tablet, with three usage modes: tilt, hold and stand

  • The Android-based 7" S5000 Tablet is feather-light, ultra-slim and affordable and includes USB On-the-Go Support

Lenovo has the most flexible forms2
Lenovo Has the Most Flexible Forms is prepared

All-in-One and Tiny Desktops

  • The ThinkCentre® M93z All-in-One (AIO) is space-saving and sleek with high-performing technological brilliance

  • The ThinkCentre® M93p Tiny packs a high level of flexibility, connectivity and power into a compact, energy-saving footprint


All new Lenovo PCs are pre-loaded with SweetLabs’ Pokki software, including Pokki’s modern Start menu, app store and game arcade.

You can launch and access your favorite apps directly from the desktop just like you do on your smartphone.

The software also makes dynamic recommendations in real time to match the right apps with the right users.

Lenovo has a world of apps
Lenovo Has a World of Apps is prepared

Browse, discover and access free, downloadable apps.

  • Traditional PC desktop apps

  • Pokki desktop versions of web apps, with the same Start menu that XP and Windows® 7 users are familiar with

  • Unique Pokki apps

  • More than 100,000 Windows Store apps

    Apps include Microsoft Office, Basecamp, Google, LinkedIn, Dropbox, OneNote, SAP, Mobile HMI, Skype, 3D Viewer for JT, ArcGIS, GoToMeeting, OmniGraffle, Pulse and the Lenovo Settings app


Did you know that Lenovo offers servers that deliver the same enterprise-grade quality and reliability as our computers? Maybe it's time to find out more about scalable ThinkServer rack and tower solutions.

Lenovo delivers everything you need in a durable, highly manageable server—and nothing you don’t.

Lenovo has servers
Lenovo Has Servers is prepared

Lenovo servers feature:

Legendary “Think” quality

  • Components are designed for higher temperatures and longer life

  • Intelligent diagnostics maximize uptime

    Award-winning customer-focused design

  • Design simplifies use, improves reliability and increases efficiency

  • Advanced thermal design reduces fan power usage and noise

    Truly open platform

  • Uses true industry-standard protocols

  • Seamlessly integrates into your management environment

    Leading workload performance

  • Sets an exceptional, industry-standard benchmark


  • Shared parts across platforms simplify service and upgrades

  • 4-hour service response in most countries


Cost-effective Lenovo ServicesSM are recognized globally for excellence. Consider which can best help you support your company, clients and growth.

Lenovo supports with services
Lenovo Supports with Services is prepared

Lenovo ServicesSM include:

  • Drive encryption

  • Asset tagging services to reduce the risk of loss or theft

  • Keep Your Drive Service lets you hold onto your old drive (and its data) after it’s replaced

  • Custom BIOS

  • Warranty upgrades and accidental damage protection