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Dollars & Sense. FERPA, what is it? Tuition & Expenses The Ins & Outs of Financial Aid Student Account Holds Billing Payment Things to consider Contact Us. FERPA, what is it?. Also known as The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

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Dollars sense
Dollars & Sense

  • FERPA, what is it?

  • Tuition & Expenses

  • The Ins & Outs of Financial Aid

  • Student Account Holds

  • Billing

  • Payment

  • Things to consider

  • Contact Us

Ferpa what is it
FERPA, what is it?

  • Also known as The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

  • FERPA is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student’s education records. Educational records include student account and financial aid records which are considered confidential and will not be released without written consent from the student.

  • All communication and correspondence takes place directly with the student.

2011 2012 projected tuition fees
2011-2012 Projected Tuition & Fees

Instruction Tuition: (Full-Time Per Term)

  • Resident $2,076.00

  • Non-Resident $6,648.00

    Mandatory Fees:

  • Building Fee $ 45.00

  • Incidental Fee $324.71

  • Health Service Fee $135.76

    Total Mandatory Fees: $505.47

    Total Tuition and Fees per Term:

  • Resident $2,581.47

  • Non-Resident $7,153.47

*The listed amounts above are subject to change.

Tuition fees cont
Tuition & Fees cont…

  • Residents pay $173.00 per credit for each credit above 16.

  • Non-Residents pay $554.00 per credit for each credit above 16.

  • Differential Tuition

    • Graduate and Professional schools have unique tuition rates.

  • Ecampus

    • OSU Ecampus offers online courses which have a separate tuition rate schedule. The credit hours are charged separately from on-campus courses.

*The amounts listed above are subject to change.

Other Expenses Billed to Student Account

  • University Housing & Dining Charges

  • Matriculation Fees

  • Student Health Charges

  • Dixon Recreation Charges

  • ID Card

  • Course Fees

  • Library Fines

  • Emergency Loans

  • Beaver Yearbook

  • Printing Charges

Student account billing
Student Account Billing

  • Tuition and fee amounts are due the first of the month.

  • Balances remaining on the 1st day of the following month accrue interest at a rate of 1% per month, or 12% APR.

  • Billing reminder is sent the 5th of each month electronically to the student’s ONID email account.

Student online services
Student Online Services

  • A great tool for student to find information

  • Has section for both Student Accounts and Financial Aid

  • Under Account Information:

    • View Balance Due and list of Charges

    • Sign Revolving Charge Account agreement

    • Enter Banking Information for refunds

    • Link to other resources


  • The OSU Bookstore is a non-profit cooperative organization.

    • The Bookstore offers discounts to students on textbooks, but is independent from OSU.

  • Books CANNOT be billed to the University student account or ID


  • Students pay for their books at the time of purchase.

The ins outs of financial aid
The Ins & Outs of Financial Aid

  • By now you have:

    • Completed your FAFSA application (if not there is still time!)

    • Completed any outstanding requirements.

    • Received your Financial Aid Award Letter.

    • Responded by Accepting or Declining your award.

    • Reported any Outside Scholarships to Financial Aid.

Manage your financial aid
Manage your Financial Aid

  • Through Student Online Services you can:

    • Review outstanding requirements

    • Report outside scholarships/resources

    • Accept/Decline your Financial Aid

    • Review your Award & Track Changes

    • Read Messages from Financial Aid, and more!

  • Check your ONID email account daily.

  • Notify us if you are less than full time.

    • Awards are based on full time enrollment

    • Awards will not disburse if enrollment does not match

    • Less than full time status may reduce your award.

Additional loan requirements
Additional Loan Requirements

  • is the place for you to complete:

    • Student Entrance Counseling for Direct Student Loans

    • Master Promissory Notes For Direct Student Loans

      • Sign it with your Federal Pin (the same as you used on the FAFSA)

    • Parent PLUS Loan Request/Application

    • PLUS Loan Master Promissory Notes

      • Remember: The Parent that fills out the application needs to complete the MPN.

      • Sign it with your Federal Pin (the same as you used on the FAFSA)

      • Parents select if any refund is sent to them or given to the student.

Additional loan requirements cont
Additional Loan Requirements cont…

  • Perkins Loans require a separate Master Promissory Note.

    • Students receive information regarding the MPN by ONID e-mail after accepting their award.

    • Sign it with your Federal Pin (the same as you used on the FAFSA)

    • Contact the OSU Student Loan Office, Window #16, (on the first floor of the Kerr Administration Building) with any questions.

Using federal work study
Using Federal Work Study

  • Students who accepted Federal Work-Study (CWS) as part of their financial aid package earn these funds through employment, they are not posted to the student account.

    • Information about Federal Work-Study jobs will be e-mailed to your ONID email address in early September.

    • Students apply to jobs by choosing from the on-line listing of openings, once hired they work agreed upon hours.

    • They receive a paycheck at the end of each month for the hours worked during the prior pay period. They can earn up to the amount of the yearly work-study award.

Regular student employment
Regular Student Employment

  • Jobs on campus that don’t require a work-study award.

    • Opportunities are posted online through Beaver JobNet.

  • In addition to assisting students with locating regular student employment, Career Services also offers:

    • Career counseling

    • Mock interviews

    • Resume help

    • Internship searches and many more services

      Visit them at 008 Kerr Administration Building (basement), or online at:


Using aid to pay your bill
Using Aid to Pay Your Bill

  • Students are required to accept their offer of aid in order for funds to be processed and available.

  • Students need to register and have their tuition and fees assessed.

  • If requirements are met & aid is accepted, funds are disbursed directly to the student billing account.

  • Some off-campus scholarships may require the student’s signature prior to disbursement, contact Student Accounts for questions.

  • Student and Parent loans have additional requirements that must be completed prior to disbursement.

  • Funds are disbursed the first day of each term as a credit to the student billing account.

How your aid applies
How Your Aid Applies

  • Federal financial aid funds can only be applied to eligible charges for the current aid year such as tuition & fees or room & board.

  • Federal financial aid cannot pay off charges such as parking permits, parking tickets, health service charges, emergency loans, printing, or interest.

  • It is actually possible to receive a refund and still have a bill! Be diligent in checking your account for any unpaid balances.

Refund schedule
Refund Schedule

If student’s aid is processed and posted before the term starts…

  • Funds direct deposited to their bank account on the 1st day of classes.

    After the term starts…

  • Financial aid is processed automatically at least weekly.

  • Refunds are direct deposited

    * Timing is everything, make sure all awards and promissory notes are completed!

  • Ebilling

    • Current students will be notified via their ONID email account when their billing statement is ready to view.

    • Students need to make sure that their ONID address is active in order to access the billing website and to set up authorized users.

    • Student can set up their ONID account to be forwarded to an alternate email address.

    • The current billing statement as well as past statements can be viewed anytime through the MyBill website for up to 9 months.

    • Being an authorized user in MyBill does not entitle you to records protected by FERPA.

    Authorized users
    Authorized Users

    • Students can set up an authorized user by accessing MyBill at

    • Authorized users

      • Receive email notification when statements are available.

      • Can log on to MyBill to view and print statements.

      • Make payments online via eCheck.

    Payment options
    Payment Options


    • Available through MyBill and no fee.

    • Student and authorized users can input and store multiple accounts on our secure website.

      Credit card

    • Payments can be made through student online services.

    • OSU accepts Visa and MasterCard.

    • Subject to a $35 convenience fee.

      Paper check payments (include student ID)

    • By mail.

    • In person at the Cashier’s Office.

    • Campus drop boxes located in Kerr and at the Bookstore.

    • Cash payments at the Cashier’s Office

    Student account holds billing
    Student Account Holds & Billing

    • Students will be able to register if their OSU student account balance is $2,200 or less, AND outstanding charges are from only the two most recent terms.

    • Transcript holds are placed on accounts with unpaid prior term balances.

    Things to consider
    Things to consider

    • The student is financially obligated at the time of registration.

    • If the student drops and remains below 12 credits within the first two weeks financial aid may be adjusted accordingly.

    • Tuition and fee refund schedule for decreases in course loads:

      • Before classes begin 100%

      • Week one and two 100%

      • Week three 50%

      • Week four 25%

      • After week four 0%

    Office of business affairs
    Office of Business Affairs

    Student Accounts can be reached

    • By telephone at (541) 737-3775

    • By email at [email protected]

    • In person at our office on the first floor of Kerr Admin, windows 13 through 16

      Student Accounts also has a website at:


      See our handout for additional information regarding Student Accounts

    This presentation is also available online, the link is provided in Student Accounts handout!

    Office of financial aid scholarships
    Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

    Contact Us:

    • Phone (541) 737-2241

    • Email : [email protected]

    • In Person at our office: 218 Kerr Administration Building

      • Office hours 8:00 – 5:00 Monday –Friday

      • Advisors are available by appointment from 11:30 – 4:20 Monday-Friday

        Home Page: