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802.15 Liaison Report. Authors:. Date: 2012-07-20. Abstract. Liaison report on 802.15 as presented to 802.11. 802.15.4. Slide 3. Slide 3. Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics. 802.15.4j MBAN. Resolved all remaining comments received in response to Letter Ballot

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802 15 liaison report
802.15 Liaison Report


Date: 2012-07-20

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics


Liaison report on 802.15 as presented to 802.11

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

802 15 4

Slide 3

Slide 3

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

802 15 4j mban

Resolved all remaining comments received in response to Letter Ballot

Discussion with IEEE 11073

Participation by TG4n and 802.15.6 members

TG vote to ask WG to start Recirculation

And form BRC

Slide 4

Slide 4

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

802 15 4k low energy critical infrastructure monitoring lecim
802.15.4kLow Energy Critical Infrastructure Monitoring (LECIM)

Slide 5

Slide 5

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

802 15 4m tv white space
802.15.4mTV White Space

Heard 8 Final Proposals

4 PHY, 4 MAC

Heard 2 Technical presentations

Discussed Merging Process


Merge proposals before Sep. meeting

Present & discuss merged proposals, and agree baseline during Sep. meeting

Slide 6

Slide 6

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

802 15 4n chinese medical band
802.15.4nChinese Medical Band

Heard 6 Presentations, some of them Applications

Had discussions about the Chinese medical bands

Reviewed IEEE 11073

Will issue second call for proposals

Slide 7

Slide 7

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

802 15 4p positive train control
802.15.4pPositive Train Control

Discuss technical proposal process and the Technical Guidance Document (802.15-12-0267-01)

Preliminary technical presentations

Informative presentations

Joint Meeting with 802.18 to discuss DSRC band regulatory considerations

Continue to flesh out schedule moving toward completed standard

Slide 8

Slide 8

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

802 15 6 wireless body area networks
802.15.6 Wireless Body Area Networks

Appeal was withdrawn

Slide 9

Slide 9

802 15 8 peer aware communications
802.15.8 Peer Aware Communications

10 Presentations on Application Matrix & Technical Guidance Document (TGD)

Jong Taek Oh (Hansung U): Doc. 15-12-0313r0

Eldad Zeira (InterDigital): Doc. 15-12-0346r0

Marco Hernandez (NICT): Doc. 15-12-0379r0

Robert Moskowitz (Verizon): Doc. 15-12-0388r0

Marco Hernandez (NICT): Doc. 15-12-0365r0

Eldad Zeira (InterDigital): Doc. 15-12-0345r0 (TGD)

Igor Dotlic (NICT) : Doc. 15-12-0408

Seunggeun Jin (ETRI): Doc. 350r2 (Application matrix)

Byung-Jae Kwak (ETRI): Doc. 411r0

Seunghoon Park (Samsung): Doc. 385r1 (TGD)

Drafted First versions of Application Matrix (AM) and Technical Guidance Document (TGD)

Expect to go out for initial WG ballot March 2014

Slide 10

Slide 10

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

802 15 9 key management protocol
802.15.9 Key Management Protocol

Refine KMP Transport mechanism

Work on Trigger events

Work on draft document

Inform LED ID Interest Group of work for 802.15.7

Joint session with 802.1 Security workgroup

In depth discussions on use cases

Expect to go out for initial WG ballot March 2013

Slide 11

Slide 11

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

Ultra low power sg
Ultra Low Power SG

Five presentations

Document #15-12-381-01

Document #15-12-389-00

Document #15-12-393-00

Document #15-12-383-00

Document #15-12-384-00

Prepared PAR and 5C

Planning on finalizing PAR and 5C in September

Slide 12

Slide 12

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

Better use of spectrum resources in wpans ig
Better Use of Spectrum Resources in WPANs IG


IG SRU technical document (15-12-0184r1)


Scope of IG SRUand next step

Call for contributions

Next meeting

Slide 13

Slide 13

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

Thz ig


Contribution #1 : Jeffrey Hesler, VDI (USA), “IEEE P1785 Workgroup - Progress on the Standardization of THz Waveguides and Interfaces”; (Document 15-12-0351-01-0thz)

Contribution #2 : Ingmar Kallfass, Fraunhofer IAF (Germany), “MMIC Chip Sets for Wireless Communication up to 480 GHz”; (Document 15-12-0323-00-0thz)

Contribution #3 : Iwao Hosako, NICT (Japan), “Exposure Guideline and biological effects of THz radiation”; (Document 15-12-0376-00-0thz)

Contribution #4 : David Britz, AT&T Shannon Labs (USA), “Status of the IWPC MoGIG (Mobile Multi Gigabit (MoGIG) Wireless Networks and Terminals) Working Group and industries move to Nanocells”; (Document 15-12-0321-00-0thz)

Contribution #5 : Sebastian Priebe, TU Braunschweig (Gernany), “ Interference between THz Communications and Spaceborne Earth Exploration Services”; (Document 15-12-0324-00-0thz)

Contribution #6 : David Britz, AT&T Shannon Labs (USA), “Status report of meeting with passive sciences CORF committee”; (Document 15-12-0322-00-0thz).

Contribution #7 : Hiroyo Ogawa, ARIB(Japan), “THz standardisation activities on ITU-R”; (Document 15-12-0416-00-0thz)

Worked on the Technical Expectation Document (TED). The content of the TED has been discussed and updated (Document 15-11-0745-06-0thz)


Wrap-Up of the Tutorial on July 16

Collaboration with IWPC-MoGIG WG to increase industry participation

Interference issue with passive services:

Collaboration with CORF

Setting up an offical link to ITU-R on spectrum sharing via IEEE 802.18.

Preparation of a presentation to WNG at the November Plenary on a possible spin-off of a Study Group

Slide 14

Slide 14

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics


One presentation

Dependable Wireless M2M Network for Controlling - Applications for Cars, Energy, Medicine, Cities (15-12-0370-00) by Dr. Ryuji Kohno (Yokohama National University)

Straw poll indicated that an IG would be more applicable than a SG at this time.

Slide 15

Slide 15

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics


This document

All Documents


Current draft is in the members-only area

http://www.ieee802.org/15  Members_Only_Area

802.11 members log in using 802.11 username and password

Slide 16

Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics