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Ikebana Vase. Brief Ikebana History. Ikebana means “Living flower, or “bringing flowers to life ”. . Brief Ikebana History. This style originated in sixth century Japan. It was part of a ritual offering in Buddhist Temples. . Brief Ikebana History.

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brief ikebana history
Brief Ikebana History
  • Ikebana means “Living flower, or “bringing flowers to life”.
brief ikebana history1
Brief Ikebana History
  • This style originated in sixth century Japan. It was part of a ritual offering in Buddhist Temples.
brief ikebana history2
Brief Ikebana History
  • In the floral art of Western Countries, the vase serves simply as a receptacle for the flowers.
  • In Ikebana, the Vase positions the grouping and its color and shape enhances the beauty of the arrangement.
  • Your will be challenged to create a vase design for an Ikebana arrangement. Your vase may be wheel-thrown or hand-built or a combination of both techniques.
  • We will use a 1 Inch Pin Frog for your vase, which must sit flat on the bottom of your vase.
  • You need at least 2 sketches and a Final Drawing in your Sketchbook.
things to consider
Things to consider
  • The symmetry or asymmetry of your vase and how it might affect the potential flower arrangement
  • Extra consideration should be given to creative and unique approaches to the art of the Ikebana
  • Ikebana vases are short and simple in design. (Maximum Height 3inches)
  • How the glaze will enhance your vase.
  • Is the form appropriate to the art of Ikebana.
    • Symmetry is precise, or asymmetry is artistically correct.
    • Is there a space allotted for the Pin Frog and does the vase hold water without leaking?
    • Are the walls of a consistent thickness and does the vase sit firmly on a flat surface?
  • Are the seams hidden and surface smooth?
  • Does the Vase stand without tipping when flowers are placed in the pin frog?
  • Is the glaze application smooth and consistent with the character of your vase.
due date
Due Date
  • Ikebana Vase are due No later then

April 2