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Pan-Canadian RDA Training

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Pan-Canadian RDA Training. Module 9 Copy Cataloguing in an RDA Environment. Prepared by Linda Woodcock Technical Services Librarian Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, B.C. Acknowledgments.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Pan-Canadian RDA Training

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module 9 copy cataloguing in an rda environment

Module 9 Copy Cataloguing in an RDA Environment

Prepared by Linda Woodcock

Technical Services Librarian

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, B.C.



This module was created with reference to the Report of the PCC Post-Implementation Hybrid Bibliographic Records Guidelines Task Group

submitted October 15, 2012 (Minor revisions February 25, 2013)

and the

OCLC RDA Policy Statement

Effective March 31, 2013

RDA Module 3

copy cataloguing after rda day 1
Copy Cataloguing After RDA Day 1
  • How do I edit an AACR2 record if we have adopted RDA?
  • How do I edit an RDA record if we are still using AACR2?
  • Which edits are critical?
  • Which edits are needed for access?
  • What should NOT be changed?


copy cataloguing after rda day 11
Copy Cataloguing After RDA Day 1
  • What policies will be in place in shared databases?
    • OCLC policy
    • Regional union catalogues
  • What policies will be in place at the local level?
    • Will your library adopt RDA on Day 1?
    • Will your library accept AACR2 copy as is or edit to add RDA elements?
    • Will your library convert authorized access points to RDA form? Or wait for batch processing?


oclc policy statement on rda cataloguing in worldcat
OCLC Policy Statement on RDA Cataloguing in Worldcat
  • New policy statement in effect March31st 2013

  • The new policy was based on this discussion paper:

“Incorporating RDA practices into WorldCat” (Apr. 2012):

  • OCLC will NOT REQUIRE members to catalogue according to RDA


oclc policy statement on rda cataloguing in worldcat1
OCLC Policy Statement on RDA Cataloguing in Worldcat
  • If a record already exists in either RDA or AACR2 do not create another record using the other code
  • Do NOT edit a full-level master record from one set of rules to another
  • If the record is minimal-level you may change the record from AACR2 to RDA when upgrading


what are the issues
What are the issues?
  • Why not create a new record if the one found is not using the same standard as your own library?
    • Prevent the addition of duplicates to a shared database
    • Avoid duplication of effort going from one code to another
    • Save time and money


what are the issues1
What are the issues?
  • Why not edit an AACR2 record to conform to RDA?
    • Important to be able to identify the rules under which the record was created
    • Important to be able to compare records created with AACR2 to those created using RDA
    • Save time and money


and yet
And yet?
  • PCC Task Group on Hybrid records concludes
    • There are already many hybrid records in our databases
      • AACR1
      • Major Revisions to AACR2 over 30 years created many variants in description
      • PCC Standard records were a departure
    • Hybrid records create no harm


general principles
General principles
  • Enhancing access should be the focus
  • Ensure description is accurate, regardless of which content standard was used
  • Add but do not take away
  • Correct errors but do not change the form of transcription to another convention
  • Authorized access points must be RDA compatible


enhancing pre rda records
Enhancing pre-RDA records

When adapting pre-RDA copy you have three basic choices:

1) Leave the copy as it is, in its pre-RDA state.

2) Add some RDA elements without changing the whole record, thus creating a hybrid.

3) Re-describe the resource to result in a record that is fully RDA.


what is a hybrid record
What is a hybrid record?
  • Describes the result of adding RDA elements to existing AACR2 records
  • The description as a whole has not been altered to conform with RDA guidelines
  • The record is still coded as descriptive form ‘a’ AACR2
  • Authorized access points are compatible with RDA


hybrid records
Hybrid records

Consider creating a hybrid when:

  • There are elements that need to be added, but you don’t want to do a complete re-description
  • You want to enrich the record with RDA elements such as content/media/carrier, relationship designators, etc.


re describing vs creating a hybrid
Re-describing vs. creating a hybrid

Consider re-describing a record when:

  • The existing record is minimal or substandard and you want to create a more complete or higher level record.
  • You need to make extensive changes to an existing record because of changes in a new iteration of the resource.
  • Doing so will enhance discoverability and identification of the resource.
  • You are sufficiently trained in RDA to re-describe


criteria for editing copy
Criteria for Editing Copy
  • Local decision
  • Report the desired change to your utility?
  • Added value for end users
  • Other fields may need editing:
    • Input standards for local system and utility
    • Consistent limiting by content type


keep in mind
Keep in Mind …
  • Do not edit records solely to conform to new standard
  • Do not delete data unless it is incorrect
  • Make changes that affect access to the record
  • Records may contain a mix of old and new practices


what not to touch when creating a hybrid
What not to touch when creating a hybrid
  • Leader position 18 descriptive cataloging form
  • Do not add $e RDA to 040
  • Do not change choice of entry if it is valid under AACR2
  • Do not remove valid AACR2 elements or valid RDA elements when enhancing records


possible changes when creating a hybrid from an aacr2 record
Possible changes when creating a Hybrid from an AACR2 record
  • Add available detail to fixed fields
  • Add additional names in statement of responsibility
  • Add additional 264 to account for changes in integrating resource and serial publications
  • Add 336/337/337
  • Add relationship designators


hybrids access points
Hybrids : Access points
  • Ensure forms in 1XX 7XX conform to RDA
  • Do not add Family name as creator as this was not an option in AACR2
  • OK to add additional access points


hybrids title and sor
Hybrids : Title and SOR
  • Generally leave the title as is
    • Do not alter use of [sic] or [ie]
    • Do not alter capitalization
  • OK to add additional names to the statement of responsibility for keyword access


hybrids edition statement
Hybrids : Edition Statement
  • Do not spell out abbreviated words
  • Do nottranscribe numerals that have prescribed abbreviations in AACR2


hybrids publication statement
Hybrids : Publication statement
  • Latin abbreviations "S.l." or "s.n."
    • May change to "Place of publication not identified" and "publisher not identified".
    • It is ok to leave them in the record. These are prescribed Latin abbreviations in AACR2.
  • May convert 260 to 264 if desired or add additional 264 as applicable
    • Several caveats around retention of AACR2 conventions in this field. Refer to guidelines for 264


hybrids publication statement1
Hybrids : Publication statement
  • Do not add places that are not required in AACR2
  • Do not remove larger jurisdictions not on the source of information, or ‘corrections’ to the place
  • Do not remove abbreviations to places or publisher names found on the source of information, however, you may spell out abbreviations if you are confident the word was spelled out on the source
  • Do not replace a supplied date of publication. Some dates are used interchangeably in AACR2 and are different elements in RDA


hybrids physical description
Hybrids : Physical description
  • Correct any errors
  • OK to spell out abbreviations
  • Do not remove brackets which indicate unnumbered pages


full level aacr1 record
Full level AACR1 record

010 41001629

040 RIU $c RIU $d OCLCQ $d OCLCG $d CLU $d UKMGB

016 7 007546288 $2 Uk

043 e-uk-en

050 04 NA5463 $b .B33 1940a

082 726.0942

049 K6UA

100 1 Batsford, Harry.

245 14 The greater English church of the middle ages, $c by Harry Batsford and Charles Fry; illustrated from photographs, plans, diagrams & early sources.

260 New York, $b Scribner; $a London, Malvern Wells, $b B.T. Batsford, $c [1940]

300 viii, 136 p. $b col. front., illus., plates (part col.) $c 22 cm.

490 0 [The English countryside series]

650 0 Church architecture $z England.

650 0 Cathedrals $z England.

700 1 Fry, Charles, $d 1903- $e joint author.


full level aacr2 record
Full level AACR2 record

010 2012008656

040 DLC $b eng $c DLC $d YDX $d BTCTA $d YDXCP $d BDX $d BWX

020 9781610911924 (pbk.)

042 pcc

043 n-us---

050 00 GE195 $b .C74 2012

082 00 363.7/0525 $2 23

084 NAT011000 $a SEL031000 $2 bisacsh

245 00 Cooler smarter : $b practical steps for low-carbon living : expert advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists / $c Seth Shulman ... [et al.].

260 Washington, DC : $b Island Press, $c c2012.

300 xii, 321 p. : $b ill., map ; $c 23 cm.

504 Includes bibliographical references and index.

650 0 Sustainable living $z United States.

650 0 Environmental protection $z United States $x Citizen participation.

700 1 Shulman, Seth.

710 2 Union of Concerned Scientists.


full level rda record
Full level RDA Record

040 MZB $b eng $c MZB $e rda$d MZB

043 n-us-mt

082 04 577.68 $2 23

100 1 Vance, Linda K. $q (Katherine), $e author.

245 10 Assessing the natural range of variability in minimally disturbed wetlands across the Rocky Mountains : $b the Rocky Mountain ReMAP project / $c prepared for the U.S Environment Protection Agency ; prepared by Linda Vance, Karen Newlon, Joanna Lemly and George Jones.

260 Helena, MT : $b Montana Natural Heritage Program, $c 2012

300 1 online resource : $b maps, photos (chiefly colored), PDF

336 text $2 rdacontent

337 computer $2 rdamedia

338 online resource $2 rdacarrier

700 1 Newlon, Karen Rachel, $e author.

700 1 Lemly, Joanna, $e author.

700 1 Jones, George, $e author.

710 1 United States. $b Environmental Protection Agency, $e author.

710 2 Montana Natural Heritage Program.

856 40 $u /


cataloguing in publication
Cataloguing in Publication

Did the CIP start as RDA or AACR2?

Upgrade according to the rules that were used to create the CIP


Upgrade AACR2 CIP to RDA

DO NOT upgrade RDA CIP to AACR2


an aacr2 cip record
An AACR2 CIP record

010 2012005419

020 9780073532240 (hard copy : alk. paper)

020 007353224X (hard copy : alk. paper)

040 DLC $b eng $c DLC

042 pcc

050 00 QH308.2 $b .B564445 2014

082 00 570 $2 23

245 00 Biology / $c Robert J. Brooker ... [et al.].

250 3rd ed.

260 New York, NY : $b McGraw-Hill, $c c2014.

263 1301

300 p. cm.

500 Includes index.

650 0 Biology $v Textbooks.

700 1 Brooker, Robert J.


an rda cip record
An RDA CIP record

000 ******am*******8a*****

008 111202s2012 mdu b 001*0 eng d

010 2011049673

040 DLC $e rda $b eng $c DLC

020 9781611475197 (cloth : alk. paper)

100 1 Cernuschi, Claude, $d 1961-

245 10 Barnett Newman and Heideggerian philosophy / $c Claude Cernuschi.

260 Lanham, Md. : $b Rowman & Littlefield Pub., $c 2012.

263 1203

300 pages cm

336 text|2rdacontent

337 unmediated|2rdamedia

338 volume|2rdacarrier

504 Includes bibliographical references and index.

600 10 Newman, Barnett, $d 1905-1970 $x Aesthetics.

600 10 Newman, Barnett, $d 1905-1970 $x Criticism and interpretation.

600 10 Heidegger, Martin, $d 1889-1976 $x Influence.

what about the gmd
What about the gmd?
  • Do not add gmd to an RDA record
  • Do not remove the gmd from an AACR2 record
  • OCLC will delay the removal the gmd from all Worldcat records until 2016
  • Locally, libraries may opt to continue to use the gmd if their ILS systems cannot provide other cues to the format


  • PCC Hybrid Record Guidelines Task Group final report

  • OCLC Policy Statement on RDA Cataloging