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Presented by:. What is SST PURE?. SST PURE Shaft Alignment is the golf industry’s leading method of using computer analysis to examine the structure of any golf shaft and align it in its most stable position.

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what is sst pure
What is SST PURE?
  • SST PURE Shaft Alignment is the golf industry’s leading method of using computer analysis to examine the structure of any golf shaft and align it in its most stable position.
  • Irregularities exist in every shaft, and these irregularities induce off-line bending and twisting that negatively affect the way a club performs.
  • Assembling a club in the SST PURE alignment results in longer, straighter shots and a lower spin rate.
  • Each PUREd shaft is accompanied by a printout that details this improvement in performance.

What does SST PURE mean?

SST PURE is an acronym for:

Strategic Shaft Technologies, Plane of Uniform REpeatability.

SST PURE is a registered trademark and may only be used by Strategic Shaft Technologies, LC, its licensees and their customers.


Why is SST PURE important?

When a shaft “kicks” forward immediately prior to impact it is important that the shaft does not oscillate up and down. Aligning SST PURE’s Principal Planar Oscillation Plane (PPOP) in the hit direction minimizes out-of-plane movement of the shaft. Shaft oscillation tests have shown that out-of-plane movements of more than a half-inch can occur in shafts intentionally oriented with the PPOP not in the hit direction. This untoward movement is caused by the shaft, not the player!


What causes the PPOP?

The PPOP occurs because of variations of stiffness around the circumference of a shaft as well as variations in a shaft’s straightness. Most shafts have two or more POPs. A perfectly symmetrical shaft does not exist, but theoretically it would have an infinite number of POPs. A shaft has only one PPOP or SST PURE.


Why does SST PURE work?

The United States Golf Association has acknowledged that shaft manufacturers do not have the ability to produce shafts that are uniformly round or straight. Every shaft is as unique as a fingerprint, and every shaft is randomly installed into its clubhead.

As an example, the shaft cross-section represented to the right is slightly oval instead of being perfectly round.

When flexed down the target line in this orientation, the shaft will flex toward its most stable plane. Even during a perfect golf swing, this will prevent the clubface from closingand will cause the ball to go to the right.


Why does SST PURE work?

Simply rotating this shaft in the clubhead to its most stable position will radically affect the way the shaft performs. In the SST PURE position represented below, shaft bending and twisting through impact is minimized and the shaft flexes straight down the target line.

The patented and computerized SST PURE Shaft Alignment System can analyze any golf shaft – steel or graphite – and locate its most stable orientation. Impact repeatability on the center of the clubface is improved up to 51 percent.


The Proof is in

the Printout

The printout that accompanies each SST PUREd shaft is your proof that the shaft’s most stable plane has been located.


Why does SST PURE work?

The patented and USGA-approved SST PURE Shaft Alignment System uses proprietary software and sensitive data-acquisition sensors to perform a structural and performance analysis on any shaft – steel or graphite.


How lucky would you have to be to get a full set of PUREd clubs through random assembly?

Howard Butler, a former vice president of research and development for True Temper and a former NASA engineer, puts it this way:

“The odds of hitting a hole-in-one are one in 13,600, and the odds buying a set of clubs off the rack that happened to be assembled with every club in the PURE position is one in 200,000,000,000,000,000,000 … therefore, you are more likely to make six holes-in-one in a single round than you are to get a randomly PURE set of clubs.”


Locating the PPOP

Since Strategic Shaft Technologies convinced the USGA to overturn its ruling against shaft alignment in 1999, the industry has become flooded with devices which claim to locate a shaft’s most stable orientation. Terms like spining, splining, seaming, orbiting, FLOing, chucking, or pounding are used, but they cannot offer the accuracy of SST PURE. Though some of these devices may locate one of the multiple POPs in a shaft, only the SST PURE Shaft Alignment System can reliably locate the PPOP and is not subject to the judgment of the operator.


Building the beSST

If your goal is to build the best and most consistent-performing golf clubs for your customers, SST PURE should be as standard a practice in your shop as checking swingweight or loft and lie.



In 2010, players who had their clubs SST PURE aligned won 43 times on the PGA Tour and combined to take home more than $159 million. The results demonstrate the level of commitment Tour players maintain to use the best-performing equipment available.


SST PURE Performance


Improvement = 39%


Improvement = 44%


Improvement = 51%


SST PURE Performance

"When the awards were given out after the tournament, and my name was called for both the straightest drive and the longest drive, I was accused of using an illegal driver. It wasn't until I explained the PUREing process that they understood why my driver outperformed all the others that day."

John J. Stegemoller, Spring, Texas

“You have done more for the average golfer then anyone I have ever known and I speak from my own personal experience and as the Instruction editor for PGA TOUR Partners Magazine.”

Steve Hosid


SST PURE Performance

"I don't play anything that's not PUREd, and nobody on my staff does either. We're in the relationship business, and it's about making the golfer happy."

Brian Morrison

Director of Golf

Olympia Fields Country Club

2003 U.S. Open Site