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Presentation about Genocide

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Presentation about Genocide. Made by. Disha Katyal. Genocide. What does it mean???????.

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Presentation about Genocide

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    1. Presentation about Genocide Made by Disha Katyal

    2. Genocide What does it mean??????? Genocide is a crime of killing many people who are all part of religious group or some sort of similar group. Genocide is usually done by a group, such as a Government, military group, not by a few number of people. Usually Genocide is based on political reasons. The term “Genocide” was made by the Raphael Lemkin, a polish Jew, in 1944, from the word “Genos” and “-cide” This was first applied to the Nazi Holocaust, including Jews and others were killed .

    3. One of the Biggest Genocides was done by Adolf Hitler Who was Adolf Hitler?????? On April 20th, 1889 Adolf Hitler was born in a small town in Upper Austria, on the border with Germany.He was the third son and the fourth of six children of Alois Hitler, and Klara Polzle his second cousin, and third wife. Why did Hitler and the Nazis hated Jews so much? What did he do? Well there are many answers for that question. For ex- some people say that Jews had better jobs than Nazis. The big question for Hitler was how to get rid of Jews? In 1938 there was night when Nazi smashed down Jew’s businesses and burned down their houses……. That terrible night was called “Kristallnacht” or “crystal night”, in other words this became the beginning of the end for Jews. Jews were taken to work camps which converted to death camps. That’s where they were used as slaved labour. Jews were shot in thousands and then burned in crematoriums. Horrifying experiments like freezing a person then sinking it hot water was also applied to Jews. Later, it was estimated that around 6 million Jews were killed

    4. Adolf Hitler in his various stages of his life.

    5. Genocide was/is still occurring almost all over the world!!!!! Iraq Kashmir Rwanda Nuba Cambodia Ukraine Norfolk Islanders Mongol Darfur

    6. A Genocide that’s happening…. In Darfur

    7. Darfur Since February 2002, Sudan’s western province of Darfur has been a sight of an extremely violent conflict Between the province’s nomadic Arab tribes, supported by the government in Khartoum, and native African settled.

    8. Darfur conflict Darfur conflict is an ongoing armed conflict between the Janjaweed militia group and the mostly land-tilling tribes of the region. The conflict began in July 2003, when rebel groups began attacking government targets. The government retaliated by launching a military and police campaign. The Government supported a group of Arab nomads called the Janjaweed to rape, murder and loot the African Farmers. Because of this, more than two million people have fled their homes. Unlike the second Sudanese Civil War, which was fought between the primarily Muslim north and Christian and Animist south, in Darfur most of the residents are Muslim, as are the Janjaweed. Attempts at meditation by the African Union led to a peace accord between the Sudanese government and the largest rebel group in the Darfur region, signed may 5, 2006[1], but the United Nations says that there has actually been a dramatic increase in violence and displacement since the deal was signed. Reference- Click here

    9. Darfur is very large (almost 400,000 square kilometers) and is very populated in other compared regions of Sudan (about 8 million people). This province is centered on the Jebel Mara volcanic massif. The word “Darfur” was given by the black African Fur tribes making over half of the population, hence the name of the province Dar (home) of the fur. The rest of it is divided between over fifteen different ethnicorlinguistic groups. *Ethnic - a group sharing a common and distinctive culture, region, language, or the like. *Linguistic – belonging to language Reference -

    10. The purpose of this presentation wasto know who/why the Genocides are/were applied, for e.g. What was the main thinking of Hitler? I noticed that he killed 6 million people just because he hated them! Is that a big excuse for killing so many people? No its not! I say we can stop. Germany isn’t the only place where Genocide is/was applied there are still places like Darfur where Genocide has kept on going for a long time, but all of us have been ignoring it! Now this is not the past it is the present! If this is the present imagine the future. Thank you for watching Backgrounds are made using Photoshop By- Disha Katyal