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  1. A GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS BY: O’ HENRY Subject:English Class:X

  2. SUMMARY Jim and Della were husband and wife. Jim earned 20 dollars a week. Out of it 8 dollars went for the house rent.

  3. A day before Christmas, Della thought of giving her husband some beautiful present. The total amount of her savings was 1.87 Dollars. It was too small to buy some really good present. Della felt very sad and began to cry.

  4. Della pulled down her hair. It looked like a cascade of brown waters. It was rippling and Shinning. An idea came to Della’s mind. It brought tears in her eyes. She did her hair up again and left for the market.

  5. Della went to a shop of a hair dealer. She sold her hair for 20 dollars. Then she went from shop to shop to buy some nice present for Jim. At last she bought a “Platinum chain” for Jim’s gold watch. She bought it for 21 dollars and came home happily.

  6. Jim was never late. He arrived home at 7 o’ clock. He was taken aback when he looked at his wife. Della requested him not to get angry with her. She told him that she had to sell off her hair to buy a present for Jim. Jim kissed Della and told her that he too had brought a Christmas present for her.

  7. Della quickly opened a packet that Jim had brought. It contained a beautiful set ofCombs. Della wept with joy when she saw those combs. Alas, she had now no hair to wear them! Tears of joy came in her eyes. She smiled and said “ My hair grows so fast, Jim.”

  8. Jim had not yet seen the present that Della had brought for him. Della held the Platinum chain on her open palm. When Jim saw it, he threw himself down on the couch. He smiled and said “ Della our presents are too nice to use just at present. I sold the watch to get the money to buy your combs.”

  9. Thus Jim and Della made great sacrifice for each other. The story of their presents shows the depth of their love for each other.

  10. Word Meanings Couch - soPw Furnished - sijAw hoieAw Dully - nIrsqw Backyard - Gr dy ipCy dwAWgn Rapidly - jldI nwl

  11. Word Meanings Possessions – kImqI cIjW Cascade - Jrnw Faltered - ihcikcweI Fluttered - qyjI nwl bwhr nMU geI Eagerly - auqsukqw

  12. Word Meanings Remained - bc gey Reflection - pRqIibMb Terrified - fr nwl Br idqw Stared - tktkI lgwey dyKd irhw Curling iron - vwl GuMGrwly krn vwlIlohy dI kMGI

  13. Word Meanings Just as well - auMnI hI cMgIqrHw Scream - cIk Feminine change - AOrqW vwlwbdlwv Palm - hQylI

  14. Supply suitable Gerunds in theblanks. • I am not interested in ______ a celebrity. (became) • I am used to ______ by the phone. ( sleep) • I feel like ______ the mountains. (climb) • Your plants need ______. (prune) • I feel like ______ across the river.( swim)

  15. Fill in the blanks with the suitable word: • Happiness is to sorrow as strength is to_____. (lion/weakness) • Touch is to strike as whisper is to _____. • (shout/ kill) • 3. Snow is to white as honey is to______. (sweet/bee) • 4. Deep is to shallow as bold is to______. • (timid/dull) • 5. Bear is to cub as horse is to_____. • (lamb/foal)

  16. Supply suitable gerunds in the blanks. • Solution • Becoming. • Sleeping. • Climbing. • Pruning. • Swimming.

  17. Fill in the blanks with the suitable word: • Solution • Weakness • Shout • Sweet • Timid • Foal

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