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Wired Netwo rks

Wired Netwo rks

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Wired Netwo rks

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  1. Wired Networks By : Ali AlrabaeyDesigned U.NO : 120100078 Instructor's Name : Rasha Atalla

  2. Contents : .Overview . Telecommunications . Types of wire . Advantages and disadvantages

  3. Overview A wired network named by this name because it uses cables to connect network devices, and the wired network Characterized fast, secure, and simple to configure, but Devices that tethered to cables have limited mobility, and for example of wired networks there is telecommunications.

  4. Telecommunications Telecommunications is the communication that depend on the center of a significant material like cables, to connect many devices with each other. The first device was wired telegraph had been invented in 1844 by Morse and the principle of work convert characters to electrical signals long or short and the receiver receives signals through, an electromagnet converts this signals again into characters.

  5. Telecommunications After the invention of the telegraph Alexander Bell Invented the first telephone in 1876 and it Consists of a Microphone Converts sound waves into electrical signals Transmitted by copper cables to the other speaker on the other side, and electrical signals Convert into sound Waves, so the other side can listen it.

  6. Types of wire There is many types of wire Including : :1.Wire Scheduled Is a pair of copper wire the one cable include four pairs of wire, and there is two type of it : The first type is (STP) this type of wire Scheduled is protected, and the second type is (UTP) and this is not protected.

  7. Types of wire : 2. Coaxial cables A copper wire in the center Surrounded by insulating material, and there is two type of it : The first type is 50 aum uses to The transfer digital information, and the second type is 75 aum uses to transfer Analogue signal like TV Waves.

  8. Types of wire : 3. Optical Fiber It Slim Yarns and it thick No more than 0.1 m, and it made from glass, and the principle of work by use Beam of light to transfer information and convert electrical signals into light signals, after this the Probe Convert light signals into electrical signals until it arrive to the receiver on other side.

  9. Advantages and disadvantages :The Advantages of Wired Networks 1. Cost of some types of wire low, like Wire Scheduled. 2. Maintenance easy. 3. more security than wireless. 4. Transfer the information with a high speed and to Long distance Without strengthening, like Optical Fiber.

  10. Advantages and disadvantages :The disadvantages of Wired Networks 1. Devices that tethered to cables have limited mobility. 2. Wire can be exposed to damage. 3. Coaxial cables not secure. 4. some types of wire like Optical Fiber very expensive And Maintenance very difficult.