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Risk MAP Program Management The Role of Accenture 12th Annual NFDA Retreat & Conference Bill Fry, Senior Manager, A PowerPoint Presentation
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Risk MAP Program Management The Role of Accenture 12th Annual NFDA Retreat & Conference Bill Fry, Senior Manager, A

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Risk MAP Program Management The Role of Accenture 12th Annual NFDA Retreat & Conference Bill Fry, Senior Manager, A - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Risk MAP Program Management The Role of Accenture 12th Annual NFDA Retreat & Conference Bill Fry, Senior Manager, Accenture. Agenda. Background on Accenture and our Team Program Management Scope

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Risk MAP Program Management The Role of Accenture 12th Annual NFDA Retreat & Conference Bill Fry, Senior Manager, A

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Presentation Transcript
Risk MAP Program Management

The Role of Accenture

12th Annual NFDA Retreat & Conference

Bill Fry, Senior Manager, Accenture

  • Background on Accenture and our Team
  • Program Management Scope
  • Transition from National Service Provider (NSP) to Program Manager (PM) and Production and Technical Services Contractors (PTS).
  • Review of PM Tasks

Investments and Recognition

Accenture: Committed to innovation & collaboration

  • Internal Investments
    • $770 million in training
    • $300 million on R&D
  • Recognition
    • Recognized by IDC as the worldwide leader in Systems Integration Services
    • Ranked No. 1 in Information Technology Services on Fortune’s list of most admired companies for 4th straight year
    • Named No. 1 on the “Global Outsourcing 100” by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals
  • 186,000 professionals 49 countries
  • A network of more than 40 delivery centers globally
  • Serve all 15 Federal cabinet-level agencies
  • Serve 94 of the Fortune Global 100, two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500
accenture public service at a glance
Accenture Public Service – At a glance


Seven hundred business processes reengineered into modern, integrated supply chain at Defense Logistics Agency


Fifty percent of the world's mail is processed by Accenture systems


Ninety-eight percent of all Irish imports and exports processed through online customs system

8 million

Eight million New York City residents can connectmore easily withlocal government

24 million

Twenty-four million US students served through grants and loans supported by Accenture systems

116One hundred and sixteen US airports to install 10-print fingerprint solutions to increase homeland security measures


Eighty-seven legacy US Army systems replaced with single financial system

4 out of 5

Four out of five taxpayers in Singapore file their tax returns electronically using award-winning system


One citizen ID card to replace five different forms of identification for Portuguese citizens


Program Management: Accenture

Doug Howenstein, PMP

Program Manager

Abe Sachs, PMP

Project Director

Bill Fry, P.E.


Working Group Lead

Sarah Armstrong

Outreach Team Lead

Doug Sargent, PMP

Business Architect

Erin Campbell

Integration Team Lead

  • Extensive experience with Map Mod production
  • Innovative research and services in the field of water science and engineering
  • Global engineering services provider for UNESCO, the World Bank, and the World Meteorological Organization for flood management programs
  • National leader in strategic communications
  • FEMA Individual Assistance Program
  • Louisiana Road Home Program
  • HAZUS-MH Workshops
  • Provider of technical expertise to state and federal agencies
  • Support for FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance Unified Rule and GAP Analysis Programs

The McCurry







Program ManagementWhat we do

5 Basic Task Areas

Risk MAP general program management services

Establish Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Provide Regional Program Management Support

Establish National Risk MAP Outreach Strategy

Implement Business Architecture for Risk MAP

transition of nsp to pm pts
Transition of NSP to PM, PTS



National Service Provider


Supplies metrics to MIP and other routes, and “owns the data”.


Performs most outreach to communities and regional stakeholders.


Full map and other products production responsibility. Maintains and delivers metrics

Technical issues:

Resolves technical issues through standard chain of command.

Policy issues:

Supplies necessary information to liaisons for broader communication and coordination

Community issues:

Deals with virtually all community technical issues.

CTPs and IDIQs:

Responsible for resolution of technical issues. Reports to RL on results.


Serves as a good partner under RL directions

Relations with Region:

PTS shares responsibility of “keeping the regional happy” through sound execution of their responsibilities and good partnering efforts


Responsible for ensuring regional PTS applies and supplies metrics. Participates in review of metrics.


Delivers outreach processes, messages and tools to region for use by staff and PTS. Production:

Tracks production, cost, and schedule metrics

Technical issues:

Oversees and escalates issues of significance to ensure PTS solution is timely and respects policy. Attends key meetings on issues.

Policy issues:

Directs resolution of policy issues arising within the region..

Community issues:

Guides contractors on issues of program significance.

CTPs and IDIQs:

Oversees applications of metrics and outreach. Assists in resolution of non-technical issues.


Directs actions and efforts to create effective partnerships. Develops coordination and communication tools.

Relations with Region:

PM responsibility of “keeping the regional happy” through sound execution of their responsibilities and good partnering efforts

  • Metrics
  • Outreach
  • Production
  • Technical issues
  • Policy issues
  • Community issues
  • CTPs and IDIQs
  • Partnering
  • Relations with Regions

Transition Overview

Accenture Rapid Transition Suite


  • Collaboration tools
  • Logical knowledge storage
  • Automated progress tracking

Accenture’s holistic transition approach enables rapid mobilization and an efficient transfer of knowledge and infrastructure from the NSP to Accenture

  • Define Transition Plan
  • Governance, quality/metrics approach, and acceptance criteria

Plan Transition

Knowledge Transfer

Gather Inputs

  • Collect documents


  • Assess skills, processes, procedures
  • Collaborate (documentation, discussions, demonstrations)



  • On-the-job training
  • Program Management
  • Enterprise Business Architecture
  • Outreach and Communications
  • Partnership Initiatives
  • Regional PM Liaisons


  • Knowledge Transfer Assessment
  • Independent service delivery

Steady State

  • Integrate best practices gradually

Manage Transition Program

  • Establish facility, hardware, tools, network, and security

Implement Technology and Work Environment

  • Staff Key Personnel day 1
  • Integrate employees and contractors

Enable People

Manage Communications

  • Manage stakeholders and communications channels


risk map program management
Risk MAP Program Management

#1: Accenture will provide services, oversight and reporting for activities across the Risk MAP Program

1 general pm services
#1: General PM Services
  • Operations Services
  • Reporting
  • Earned Value Management Systems
  • KPIs and Other Metrics
  • Quality Assurance Measures and Oversight
  • Issue and Risk Management
  • General Business Consulting
risk map program management11
Risk MAP Program Management

#2: Accenture will facilitate high levels of cooperation across the Risk MAP program contractors, FEMA, and with other Federal, State, and Local agencies and other partners

2 partnerships
#2: Partnerships

Universal Objective 1:

“Provide a high level of cooperation across the Risk MAP program contractors, ensuring that the Risk MAP program mission overrides the individual contractors preferences.”

2 partnerships13
#2: Partnerships

Program Management OBJECTIVE 4

FOSTER MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL PARTNERSHIPS: Strengthen beneficial partnerships in order to … further the goals of Risk MAP.

  • Design, implement, and maintain a framework that collects information on the effectiveness of partnerships.
  • Ensure that the Risk MAP products resulting from partnerships are complementary, not duplicative.
  • Collaborate with partners to improve the understanding and use of risk information at all levels and encourage action.
  • Verify requirements for enhancements to proven methods or development of new methods that provide support to partners to include policies, procedures, guidelines, and training for Risk MAP.
risk map program management14
Risk MAP Program Management

#3: Accenture will improve efficiencies and assist the regional mitigation leadership operate the Risk MAP program and resolve issues across PTS, CTP, and IDIQ contractors

3 regional assistance
#3: Regional Assistance

Regional Liaison: To support Regional Mitigation Directorate program management in delivering real products and achieving goals of the Risk MAP program

Currently one PM Regional Liaison is authorized for each region.

Regional Liaisons hold a variety of skills to form a unique group to support each region yet provide synergy and improvement nationwide

Programmed to be co-located with region.

3 regional assistance16
#3: Regional Assistance
  • Enhance coordination and communication between the FEMA Regions, FEMA Headquarters, and the contractor Regional Support Center (RSCs)
  • Leverage and share Risk MAP product, process, and policy best practices across Regions, while tailoring to each Region’s unique requirements
  • Assist in the identification and resolution of technical & programmatic conflicts utilizing knowledge and experience based on national exposure to similar issues
  • Implement metrics systems and results, including risk analysis at regional level
3 regional assistance17
#3: Regional Assistance
  • Support outreach teams to deliver outreach tools, training, and analysis
  • Support the utilization of MIP, MHIP, and other Production and Planning tools
  • Enhance the partnership of all Risk MAP stakeholders
  • Support of CTPs, IDIQ contractors, and other Risk MAP service providers and their products with non-technical needs
  • Assist with identification, inclusion, and integration of multi-hazards into Risk MAP
  • Support RMC to RSC transition

Risk MAP Program Management

#4:Risk Communications/Outreach for the Risk MAP Program


#4: Outreach and Communications

  • Reviews
    • Existing Qualitative and Quantitative Research
    • Literature
    • Media
  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Baker/Map Mod Background
  • New Research
    • Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Internal Communication
    • Planning

#4: Outreach and Communications

  • Regional Dialogues
    • Interviews
  • Planning
    • Using all


    • National &



4 outreach and communications22
#4: Outreach and Communications

State and local representatives

General Public


Insurance Agents

Realtors, Homebuilders

Environmental Groups




Flood Insurance Policy Holders

Other Federal Agencies



4 outreach and communications23
#4: Outreach and Communications

Reaching Stakeholders

  • Conferences
  • Media Relations
  • Community Meetings
  • Partnerships
  • Web 2.0
  • Other
risk map program management24
Risk MAP Program Management

#5: Implement Business Architecture

  • Keep the Risk MAP program focused on achieving the end goal
  • Guide the development of IT systems and products, manage needs, and assist in prioritizing, planning, and sequencing program activities
5 business architecture
#5: Business Architecture
  • Risk MAP requires a well structured, clearly understood framework that:
    • Ensures appropriate levels of accountability and responsibility
    • Helps people know where they ‘fit in’ within the program
    • Provides processes, systems and tools to allow for escalation of risks, issues, and decisions to appropriate levels of accountability within the organization
  • In order for FEMA HQ, FEMA regions, and Risk MAP contractors to be successful, we are clearly defining the following:
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Decision making processes
    • Interactions/communications mechanisms to clarify who interacts with who, when, why, and how
5 business architecture26
#5: Business Architecture

Governance Structures




Regional Division


Directorate & Division


Senior Leadership

  • Executive Steering Group*
  • Risk MAP Executive Board
  • JPR*
  • Contractor Coordination*


Branch Chiefs†

Risk Analysis


Project Executives

  • Program Council
  • Contract Council
  • IPTs*

Regional Staff

Program Managers

Program Support

  • Stakeholder Working Group*
  • Partnership Framework*

Communities, Partners & Stakeholders

* Includes Regional participation

† A subset of this group


: Contract Award Date

: Transition Complete

Mar 2009

Apr 2009

May 2009

Jun 2009

Jul 2009

Aug 2009

Sep 2009

Dec 2008

Jan 2009

Feb 2009

Core Services Transition

Transition Complete

09 Production Ordering

Transition Complete

Risk MAP PM Operations

PM Transition

Regional PM Deployment

Transition Complete

CDS Transition

Risk MAP CDS Operations

Transition Complete

Risk MAP PTS Operations

RMC Transition

PTS Mobilization

PTS Transition


Risk MAP Multi-Hazard Identification Plan Released

Solution Definition

Baking the Risk MAP Solution Complete

Initial Enterprise Architecture Complete


Capability Development and Deployment

Multi-Year Planning


Submit MIP Sequencing Tool Business Rules