Old regime in france
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OLD REGIME in France. The TRADITIONAL Society Changed in 1789. OLD REGIME= The Traditional Social and Political System in France. Society divided into 3 “estates” Ruled by King Louis XVI and wife Marie Antoinette (MONARCHY)

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Old regime in france

OLD REGIME in France


Changed in 1789

Old regime the traditional social and political system in france
OLD REGIME=The Traditional Social and Political System in France

  • Society divided into 3 “estates”

  • Ruled by King Louis XVI and wife Marie Antoinette (MONARCHY)

  • When King Louis spent all his money, he had to ask for more $ in taxes

The estates the social classes of france
THE ESTATES=The Social Classes of France

  • First Estate: THE CLERGY (all Church officials)

    1% of population, owned 10% of land

    Paid no taxes (could donate salary…2%)

  • Second Estate: THE NOBLES (Aristocracy)

    2% of population, owned 20% of land

    Paid no taxes, held government and military positions

  • Third Estate: THE PEOPLE

    97% of population, paid over half of salary in taxes (to Clergy, to Nobles, to King)

     3 types of people: BOURGEOISIE (Middle Class), SANS-CULOTTES (City Workers), Peasant Farmers

Third estate 97 of france only group that paid taxes
THIRD ESTATE: 97% of France, only group that paid taxes.

  • Bourgeoisie (Borj-wa-ZEE): Well-educated; doctors, lawyers, teachers, merchants. Believed in Enlightenment ideas.

  • Sans-Culottes (San-coo-LOT): Poor, uneducated, city workers. Laborers or servants. Lived on bread (cheapest food).

  • Peasant Farmers: Poorest group, 80% of France’s total population. Legally tied to a noble’s land.

Sans culottes see their pants
Sans-culottes (see their pants?)

Peasant Farmers (see their rags?)

The estates general the meeting of all 3 estates
THE ESTATES-GENERAL=The Meeting of All 3 Estates

  • King Louis XVI had to call the Estates-General meeting because he needed money (raise tax)

  • Each Estate met in a separate room

  • Each Estate got one vote

  • Question: Who should pay more taxes to the King???

1789 estates general meeting third estate breaks away
1789 ESTATES-GENERAL MEETING=Third Estate Breaks Away!

  • First Estate (1% of pop.): voted that Third Estate should pay more taxes

  • Second Estate (2% of pop.): voted that Third Estate should pay the taxes

  • Third Estate(97% of pop.): voted that the system should be changed vote by head (population), not by order (Estate)

  • RESULT: Third Estate loses, votes to establish a National Assembly