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  1. Languedoc-Roussillon Ashley Woodruff

  2. Languedoc-Roussillon • Ma région était Languedoc-Roussillon. Il est localisé dans la France du sud près de la Mer Méditerranée et près d'Espagne. La capitale de ma région est Montpellier. Languedoc-Roussillon est rempli avec les plages et est aussi entouré d'une gammes de mountian de couple. Il a aussi des collines et des lagunes. Beaucoup de personnes sont attirés aux plages et la vieille structure. Cette région s'intéresse très parce qu'a pensé même c'est français, il est extrêmement influencé avec la culture espagnole.

  3. History of Languedoc-Roussillon • Got its name from their ancient language Occitan, which was spoken from the 9th to 13th century. • During the Middle Ages, Languedoc was known as the "county of Toulouse". • It was supposed to be an independent country until the crown of France had taken it in 1271, due to a religious movement. • The parliament of Languedoc was established in Toulouse, until the French Revolution abolished the parliament and the province. Castle destroyed by the crusades.

  4. Geography of Languedoc-Roussillon • Bordered along its south coast by the Mediterranean Sea. • Beaches of different types: popular sea resorts, nudist beaches, harbors, ‘wild’ beaches. • Freshwater ponds and lakes. • In lower Languedoc there are plains. • In upper Languedoc there are the mountains of the Cevennes Massif. • Lagoons are spread out near the sea and the beaches. • Away from the coast, the land becomes hilly.

  5. Geography of Languedoc-Roussillon • Bordered by the Pyrénées in the south west . • Bordered by the Cévennes in the west . • Bordered by Spain. • Near the Pyrenees Mountains.

  6. Culture of Languedoc-Roussillon • Has a Spanish influence due to the border. • The Catalan language is used more so than French. • Sardanne Dances • Bull Fights • Rugby • Water Jousting

  7. Sports in Languedoc-Roussillon • Rugby • Cycling • Horse riding • Speleology, off-road motorcycling • Swimming, sailing , SCUBA diving, water jousting • Hang gliding, paragliding, and hot-air ballooning • Walking, climbing and caving • Dog sledding, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, and ice skating • Hunting, Hawking and Shooting, Angling and Fishing.

  8. Cuisine of Languedoc-Roussillon • Best known pan-regional dish is cassoulet – a filling casserole of haricot beans, mutton, pork or sausages and preserved goose. • Wild Boar • Various goats cheeses. • Honey which comes in several varieties • A favorite is the hearty soup known as ollada, popular on both sides of the Pyrenees, which is justifiably known for its lumps of pork.

  9. Cuisine of Languedoc-Roussillon • This region in particular counts for 40% of all French wine production. • The border between south France and Spain, both olive oil and tapas, but there’s also a preponderance of grilled pork sausages. • Languedoc Roussillon's upland areas, there’s greater emphasis on dishes with figs. • Shell fish and other sea food is also popular in this region. • olive oil and garlic

  10. Languedoc-Roussillon’s Industry • The manufacturing is underdeveloped outside the lower Rhône. • Trying to increase tourism as their industry. • Have several mines for minerals and metal. • Also have textile manufacturing in areas. • Irrigation projects have increases fertility in the land.

  11. Tourism in Languedoc-Roussillon • Many popular places to tour in this region is the beaches. • Old castles from back in the middle ages. • The large green hills. • Beautiful Housing. • Other ancient structure.

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