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Topics of Discussion

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Topics of Discussion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Topics of Discussion
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  1. Nevada Department of EducationDepartment of Educator EffectivenessOffice of Teacher LicensureLicensing 101: An introductory Course By: Jim Kenyon

  2. Topics of Discussion General inquiries Qualifications NAC391: Education Personnel (Know your regulations!) NV Teachers Website (A tour) Background Investigations ETS/Praxis Website (A tour) NCLB: Highly Qualified UNR Website (In-state testing) NAC391.025 (Why so important?) License Renewal: The A, B, and Cs Approved providers of CEUs/PD Courses Approved teacher education programs National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Additional Questions

  3. General inquiries Feel free to ask questions as we go through presentation.

  4. Qualifications for applying! • Be a US citizen (permanent resident also) • Have a degree (Bachelors, Masters, etc.) • Have completed student teaching • Signed and notarized completed Application • Signed and dated child support form • 1 fingerprint cards • Official transcripts

  5. NAC 391: EDUCATIONAL PERSONNELGeneral Provisions Governing Licensure Take a tour of NAC391 Licenses are issued by these regulations Many teachers will never go there but there is so much to learn.

  6. NV: Department of Education: Teacher Licensure Lets take a tour Forms License areas Major/Minors (Single Subject and Comprehensive) Adding endorsements Find a teacher Correlation Directory (What can I teach?)

  7. Background Checks: Fingerprints

  8. Relationship to NCLB How it all fits

  9. NCLB: Highly QualifiedHow does this affect you? History: 2001 Elementary Licenses (K-8) Middle School Secondary (7-12) HOUSSE Applying for licensure after September of 2011.

  10. In-state Testing Nevada School Law Nevada Constitution U.S. Constitution Register to take tests: Go to…

  11. Very Important regulation!! • NAC391.025 • Each teacher or other educational employee who is required to hold a license is responsible for securing, maintaining and renewing his license. • Extension requests… • 11 o’clock hour

  12. NAC 391.060  Expiration of licenses and endorsements. 1.  Upon application, the Department will issue a license for the specified number of years to a person with:      (a) A bachelor’s degree or less, for 5 years.      (b) A master’s degree and 3 years of verified teaching experience, for 6 years.      (c) A specialist’s degree and 3 years of verified teaching experience, for 8 years.      (d) A doctoral degree and 3 years of verified teaching experience, for 10 years.      (e) National Board Certification issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, for 10 years. A license specified in this subsection is renewable. 2.  Except as otherwise provided in this section and NAC 391.057 and 391.475, a license expires on the holder’s date of birth in the year of expiration. 3.  A provisional license that is renewable becomes invalid on the date of expiration of the provision. If the holder of such a license provides evidence to the Department of his or her completion of the course work required to satisfy the provision, the Department will remove the provision and the license remains valid until the date of expiration of the license. 4.  An endorsement becomes invalid on the date that the license to which it is attached expires.

  13. License Renewal: NAC391.070 1.  To renew a license, the holder must submit before it expires:      (a) A request for renewal in the form prescribed by the Department;      (b) Current official transcripts or verification of credits for in-service or continuing education courses; and      (c) A renewal fee of $131, which includes the fees for processing the fingerprints of the licensee by the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2.  Renewal may not be requested earlier than 9 months before the expiration date of a license.

  14. License Renewal: NAC391.065      1.  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, the educational prerequisites for renewal of a license are as follows:      (a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (b), a license that is renewable may be renewed if its holder earns 6 semester hours of credit or the equivalent during the term of the license.

  15. License Renewal: NAC391.075      1.  Credits for renewal may be earned by: Attending a course at, or taking a correspondence course given by, an accredited college or university Attending any state or national conference which has been approved by the Department to offer credit for continuing education Taking an in-service course offered by the Department or a continuing education course offered by a provider who is approved by the Commission if the course or conference: Is directly related to the person’s current license or will enhance the effectiveness of the person’s teaching;

  16. Approved CEU Providers A list of approved providers on website

  17. Approved Teacher Education Programs Why an approved program?

  18. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Advantages of being NB Certified

  19. Any additional questions: please do not hesitate to contact me directly. James Kenyon 702-486-6489