shakespeare and the king james bible n.
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Shakespeare and the King James Bible

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Shakespeare and the King James Bible - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shakespeare and the King James Bible. From Richard II – Richard’s uncle, John of Gaunt lies dying

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From Richard II – Richard’s uncle, John of Gaunt lies dying

This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle,This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,This other Eden, demi-ParadiseThis fortress built by nature for herselfAgainst infection and the hand of war,This happy breed of men, this little world,This precious stone set in the silver sea,Which serves it in the office of a wallOr as a moat defensive to a houseAgainst the envy of less happier lands –This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England


From Troilus and Cressida

The heavens themselves, the planets, and this centreObserve degree, priority, and place,Insisture, course, proportion, season, form;Office, and custom, in all line of order. . .But when the planetsIn evil mixture to disorder wander,What plagues and what portents, what mutiny!What raging of the sea, shaking of earth!. . .take but degree away, untune that string, And hark what discord follows. . .

shakespearean phrases you may use
Shakespearean phrases you may use
  • Catch a cold
  • Level playing field
  • Vanished into thin air
  • Green-eyed jealousy
  • Tongue-tied
  • Hoodwinked
  • Own flesh and blood
  • It is all the same to me
  • Tower of strength
  • Knitted your brows

Turned the world upside down Acts 17:6

  • God forbid Romans 3:4
  • Take root 2 Kings 19:30
  • The powers that be Romans 13:1
  • No peace for the wicked Isaiah 57: 21
  • A fly in the ointment Ecclesiastes 10:1
  • The blind leading the blind Matthew 15:13
  • Feet of clay Daniel 2:33