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Explore atlas honours University college

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Explore atlas honours University college. Table of content:. Education concept: Liberal Arts & Sciences Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) Project-led education Focus on personal development Opportunities after ATLAS Financial matters Application and selection procedure

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Table of content:
  • Education concept: Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS)
  • Project-led education
  • Focus on personal development
  • Opportunities after ATLAS
  • Financial matters
  • Application and selection procedure
  • Explore ATLAS
Impression: What is ATLAS?

Students tell about ATLAS University College

Education concept: Liberal Arts & Sciences

The needfor a different education

Need of society

  • responsible citizens – reaching out beyond the community
  • complex problems have no simple – mono-disciplinary– solution
  • innovation emerges at crossings of disciplines
  • majority of decisions have technical component
  • policy making requires knowledge of technology

Need of students

Talented students choose…

… not to choose to limit him/herself to one discipline

… to be stimulated by other ambitious students, top teachers and peers of different backgrounds

… to develop themselves beyond the traditional education systems

Education concept: Liberal Arts & Sciences

A different education

Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • wide range of subjects in social science, scienceand humanities
  • provide solid foundation for many different career paths

Liberal Arts & Sciences in the Netherlands

  • Liberal Arts & Sciences degrees are provided by University Colleges, which are connected to prominent local research universities
  • There are three main features that all University Colleges have in common:
    • Excellence: selective & prestigious honors programme
    • Small scope learning: less people in a class and more teacher-to-student contact hours
    • Residential campus: living and studying together creates a binding culture amongst the students
Technologyandliberal arts & sciences

A different University college


  • ATLAS University College is the only University College to combine technologywith Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Our objective is to train new engineers: having a thorough understanding of new technologies and be able to fully grasp on their implications on society
    • Within ATLAS we concentrate on three domains: Physics, Math and Social Science
Project-led education
  • Every semester has a real-world issue as a central theme for a project assignment:
  • problem-based theory classes; cases and tutorials
  • interactive classroom (intensive supervision and coaching)
  • 50% international & 50% Dutch students
Focus on Personal development
  • One of the aims of ATLAS is to empower students as self-regulated learners: with the regular guidance of tutors and mentors, ATLAS students are responsible for what, how and when they learn, and the evidence they want to provide of this learning
  • There are no grades and typical tests, but instead - self assessment, peer assessmentandexpertassessment. Nevertheless, after completing the programme, everyone is expected to finish ATLAS with Honours Bachelor of Science degree
  • Personal Pursuit(10% of all ECs):In the Personal Pursuit, you master a certain topic that you find interesting and that you consider important for your personal development.
Opportunities after ATLAS University College?
  • During studies ATLAS mentors provide intensive guidance in order to form your schedule in a way to prepare you for the master’s programme of your choice
  • Depending on the choices you make along the way you will be eligible for both technicaland socialmaster’s programmes
  • ATLAS students are directly admissible to all master’s programmes of the University of Twente (from Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science to Nanotechnology, Business Administration and Psychology)
Financial matters
  • Tuition fee per academic year:
  • Financial aid:
Application & selection procedure

Application deadline: 1 April

Application documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Motivation letter
  • Diploma and grade list 
  • English language test scores*
  • Copy of your passport or ID

Eligibility criteria:

Application procedure:

Step 1: Create your account on Studielink.

Step 2: Fill in the online application form on Studielink.

Step 3: Send in your application documents via email.

Selection procedure:

1st selection round: Eligibility check

2nd selection round: a group selection day on campus/ Skype interviews

Explore ATLAS University College

Are you ready for ATLAS?

  • Preliminary eligibility check (online CV-check)

Experience ATLAS:

  • Student for a Day (invited students) – choose your own date
  • International BSc. Open Day(all students) – in November & March

Contact ATLAS:atlas@utwente.nl

Connect to ATLAS:www.facebook.com/AtlasUniversityCollege