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Alternative Revenue Sources

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Alternative Revenue Sources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alternative Revenue Sources. Agenda. Ideas for Generating Additional Revenue That Work for both Non-Profit and For-Profit Groups of All Sizes How to Make Current Revenue Streams Produce Better Results The Secret!. Ideas We Will Cover. Education Program (In-House)

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Presentation Transcript
  • Ideas for Generating Additional Revenue That Work for both Non-Profit and For-Profit Groups of All Sizes
  • How to Make Current Revenue Streams Produce Better Results
  • The Secret!
ideas we will cover
Ideas We Will Cover
  • Education Program (In-House)
  • DVD’s of In-House Education Classes
  • Business Associate Program
  • Vendor Tables at Monthly Meeting
  • Seminars by National Speakers for Gate and Product Sales
  • National Speaker Product Sales
  • Guest Fees at Monthly Meetings
  • Property Posting Service
  • Investment Opportunity Listings
  • Member Information & Benefits Guide Advertising
  • Newsletter Advertising
  • Annual Conference & Expo
  • Other Types of Product Sales
  • Your Ideas
in house education program why
In-House Education Program – Why?
  • Offering classes will make your members better investors.
  • Increases the value of your group’s services
  • Attract new members
  • Retain a higher percentage of current members
  • Source of non-dues revenue for your treasury
  • Offer high quality education and information to the members.
  • Supplement training from national speakers
reason to offer in house education
Reason to Offer In-House Education
  • Student class cost is much less than a home study course.
  • Classes are taught by local experts knowledgeable in the topic.
  • Local instructors are familiar with local laws and issues making the content specific to your area.
  • Student may ask questions and receive specific, immediate answers.
  • Students learn from other student’s questions.
  • Students are able to network with each other during and after the class and build community.
  • Local instructors are available after the class to help students.
  • Classes may qualify for renewal credit hours for licensees.
  • There are NO back of the room book and tape sales.
offer what your members want
Offer What Your Members Want
  • How to Buy Property in Foreclosure
  • Investing in Tax Liens
  • Short Sales
  • Landlording
  • Wholesaling
  • Creative Financing
  • Fix & Flip
  • Lease Options
  • Finding & Researching Deals
  • LLC – Create Your Own
  • Beginner’s Series

You can fill in with less popular classes after your program is successful

  • Creative Financing
  • Bankruptcy
  • Probate
  • Notes & Mortgages
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Commercial Property
  • Land
education revenue
Education Revenue
  • Classes Priced at Market
    • Non-Member Prices 20% Higher
  • Offer 4 to 10 Classes a Month
  • Average Attendance 10 to 30
  • Price Non-member Significantly Higher to Drive Membership
    • Not Too High to Lose Student
education dvd s
Education DVD’s
  • Professionally Videoed Education Classes
  • Students that Can’t Attend Classes or
  • Students that Want Access To Material/Instructor 24/7
  • Price to Student $250 - $400
business vendor program
Business/Vendor Program
  • The Most Important Benefit to Your Members Except for Education and Meetings
    • Services Members Need
    • Qualified to Work with Investors
    • Discounts or Special Rates for Members
  • Take Care of Your Vendors
    • Provide High Value Return
business vendor program10
Business/Vendor Program
  • Two Types of Programs
    • Everyone Welcome
    • Semi-Exclusive
  • Annual Dues – Charge for Value to Business!
  • Additional Dues for Employees (Discounted)
  • Table at Monthly Meetings – Charge for Value!
  • Sponsorship at Meetings – Charge for Value!
  • Speaking Fees at Meetings
    • Flat Rate or Per Attendee Fee
national speaker product sales
National Speaker Product Sales
  • Yes, You Can Negotiate the Contract
    • Most Standard Terms are Fair
    • Product Portion of Boot Camps at Product Split Rate
  • Most Speakers will Listen to Group Leader on Price of Product
  • Promote Speaker’s Topic & Speaker – Aggressively!
seminars by national speakers for gate and product sales
Seminars by National Speakers for Gate and Product Sales
  • Variety – Plan Schedule One Year Out
    • Market No More than 60 Days Out
  • Marketing is Critical!
    • Email, Newsletter, Email, Meetings, Email
  • Early Registration Discounts – at Least $20
    • Member & Nonmember Prices – at Least $20 Difference
  • Easy to Register
    • Online, Phone, Online, Fax, Online, Meetings, Online
  • Create Sell-outs
    • Drives Perceived Value & Early Registration
  • Group Keeps 100% of Gate & Covers All Expenses
guest fees at monthly meetings
Guest Fees at Monthly Meetings
  • The Debate….
    • One Meeting Free or Not?
  • Always Charge a Guest Fee (There is an Exception)
    • Member Guest Night (Once or Twice a Year)
  • Easy Registration – Online Payments
    • If No Ecommerce, Phone or Fax, but Get Payment
  • Higher Guest Fee at Door
  • Guest Fee Should Be Based on Your Membership Dues
    • Create Reason to Join
  • Apply Guest Fee to Membership
    • Must be Time Sensitive (Night of Meeting)
property posting service
Property Posting Service
  • Leverages What You Have Built
    • Membership Base People Want Access To
  • Include:
    • Picture
    • Description
    • Terms & Price
    • Contact Information
  • Post to Website – Access for Anyone – Active 30 Days
  • Email Blast to Members
  • Only Members Receive Email (Benefit for Being a Member)
  • Classified in Newsletter
  • Member & Non-Member Pricing
    • Annual Fee or Per Property Fee
    • Charge Higher for Realtors?
investment opportunity listings
Investment Opportunity Listings
  • Leverages What You Have Built
    • Membership Base People Want Access To
  • Include:
    • Picture
    • Description
    • Terms & Price
    • Contact Information
  • Post to Website – Access for Anyone – Active One Year
  • Email Blast to Members Once a Month
  • Only Members Receive Email (Benefit for Being a Member)
  • Classified in Newsletter
  • Annual Fee or Setup Charge and Monthly Fee
newsletter advertising
Newsletter Advertising
  • Of Course You Sell Ads, But…..
  • Do You Sell the Right to Publish Articles?
  • Consider Selling the Page
    • Includes an Article and an Ad
    • Article Must be at least ½ Page
    • Annual Contract
    • Exclusive Right to Category
  • Gives You Content for Your Newsletter Every Month
member information benefits guide advertising
Member Information & Benefits Guide Advertising
  • Member Guide is a Huge Benefit for Members
    • Portable Website
  • Increases Perception of Professionalism for Group
    • Communicates Mission and Ethics
    • Reinforces Members Buying Decision
  • Make it Attractive
  • Advertising Dollars
annual conference expo
Annual Conference & Expo
  • Sponsorships
  • Exhibit Booths
  • Advertising
  • Ticket Sales
  • Presentation Slot Sales
  • Product Sales
  • Fundraiser for Charity
other product sales
Other Product Sales
  • Look for Products that Serve Your Members and Negotiate Rights to Offer
    • Pre-Paid Legal
    • LaserShield Security Systems
    • Software Programs
  • Gift Cards
  • Investment Opportunities
    • Be Very Careful
    • Suggest Only Collecting an Advertising Fee Rather than Participating in the Sell of Investment Property
the secret
The Secret

Tie it all together!

business vendor program22

Dues for Employees

Table at Monthly Meeting

Article in Newsletter

Ad in Newsletter

Ad in Member Guide

Sponsorship/Booth/Advertising at Annual Conference









Business/Vendor Program
national speakers
National Speakers
  • Guest Fees at Monthly Meeting
  • Memberships at Monthly Meeting
  • Product Sales at Monthly Meeting
  • Full Day Seminar Gate
  • Product Sales at Full Day
    • Additional Products Not Sold at Monthly Meeting
link it together
Link it Together
  • Guest Fee Priced to Encourage Membership
  • Member Discounts Priced to Encourage Membership
    • But, Not to Lose Sales if Person Doesn’t Join
  • Expand Your Service Offering So You Can Offer “Something for Everybody”
    • Beginning Investor Use Education
    • Experienced Investors Use Property Posting Service
    • Everybody Benefits for Conference & Expo
  • Education Program Feeds Content for Conference
revenue breakdown
Revenue Breakdown
  • Membership Dues 17%
  • Education Program 17%
  • Speaker Product Sales 30%
  • Vendor Program 6% (Not Including Conference or Advertising)
  • Property & Investment Postings 3%
  • Speaker Gate Receipts 3%
  • Advertising 3%
  • Conference & Expo 21%
  • Other 1%
measurement system
Measurement System
  • Make it Simple
  • Make it Meaningful
  • Make it Trackable
  • Revenue per Member
  • Profitability of Each Revenue Source