acquisition camera troubleshooting help
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Acquisition Camera: Troubleshooting Help

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Acquisition Camera: Troubleshooting Help - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Acquisition Camera: Troubleshooting Help. Vern STAHLBERGER Institute for Astronomy August 21-2008. Comments and Purpose: Images not centered in Acquisition TV Camera (problems, especially with CSHELL Create this Document to help with the troubleshooting. Assembly Picture-1.

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acquisition camera troubleshooting help
Acquisition Camera: Troubleshooting Help


Institute for Astronomy

August 21-2008

  • Comments and Purpose:
  • Images not centered in Acquisition TV Camera (problems, especially with CSHELL
  • Create this Document to help with the troubleshooting
Assembly Picture-1

AO Spool AOK-301

Support Structure AOK-300

Top Plate Cover: AOK-317

George Mount AOK-400

(orange colored)

Assembly Picture-2

X-Y Stage

(yellow colored)

Assembly Picture-3

AO Spool

(partially transparent)

Assembly Picture-4 (Top View)

POM (Pick Off Mirror;

Movable via X-Y Stage

Covers for Acquisition Box removed!

Animatics for X-Y Stage

Collins CCD Camera & Focus Mechanism

Lens Cell AOK-271

Filter Wheel AOE-100

Fold Mount AOK-205 (Movable)

Fold Mount AOK-205 (Fixed)

Apogee CCD Camera & Focus Mechanism

Gimbal Mount Pickoff Mirror: AOK-100

AO Spool

Some parts partially transparent

POM Mechanism without Support Structure
  • Mechanism Description:
  • The Pickoff Mirror Support is a 2-Axis Gimbal Mount Mechanism whose axis are at right angles to each other and are co-planar to the front surface of the Mirror. The nominal angle of the POM is 45 degrees to the incoming beam
  • CCW and CW Rotation is limited to about 2 degrees (stops) in both axis
  • Compression Springs are used to preload Gimbal Frames onto Actuator ends (eliminating backlash)
  • Rotation is accomplished remotely using Newport Actuators (blue cylinders)
  • Note: This mechanism is difficult to service while installed inside the AO Spool. Remove everything up to, but not including X-Y Stage. (see next slides)
  • Checklist:
  • Do Actuator ends remain in contact with the Gimbal Frames at all times? Will require energizing the Actuators to verify
  • Are the Actuators themselves held firmly in place (check screws that hold Actuator Bodies)
  • Check Flex Pivots for breakage; check screws that secures Flex Pivots 8x)
  • Check Mirror Clips 3x (do they hold the POM firmly in place?)
  • For a parts list of Gimbal Mount Pickoff: AOK-100 go to…



Actuator a-axis

Actuator b-axis

Note: To access these screws disassembly is NOT required to what is shown in this picture!!

Optics Base Plate: AOK-312

Relevant Screws Qty=4

X-Y Stage

George Mount: AOK-400

There are 4x 10-32 Socket Head Cap Screws (SHCS) used to bolt the Optics Base Plate to the X-Y Stage

All of them are accessible by removing the Top Plate Cover AOK-317 (see next slides). Side walls do NOT

have to be removed!

Access to 1x 10-32 SHCS

May need to move motor if not visible