a very quick intro to the 1920s n.
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A (very quick) intro to the 1920s

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A (very quick) intro to the 1920s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A (very quick) intro to the 1920s. English 10. The Roaring 20s and the Lost Generation. Lost Generation Those who grew up between World War I (ended in 1918) and the stock market crash/Great D epression (1929) Production was high and money was more accessible

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the roaring 20s and the lost generation
The Roaring 20s and the Lost Generation
  • Lost Generation
    • Those who grew up between World War I (ended in 1918) and the stock market crash/Great Depression (1929)
  • Production was high and money was more accessible
    • People could buy on credit… did not need the money right then
  • A push toward high-class culture
  • Wanting to achieve the American Dream
the american dream
The American dream
  • The belief that upward mobility can be achieved through hard work
  • In the 1920s, achieving the American Dream was demonstrated by what you owned/possessed
  • According to the American Dream, you can achieve anything you want as long as you work hard
    • What problems get in the way?
    • Who is the American Dream attainable for?
    • Who has a far less likely chance of achieve it?
moving to the city
Moving to the City
  • Cities were the central hotspot of the economy, as well as social life
  • Cities like New York (especially Harlem), Chicago, and Paris boomed with a cultural renaissance
  • Renaissance: a time of great revival in culture, art, and literature
  • This was a time to buy buy buy!
  • Money felt easy to come by
  • Products were more affordable because of great strides in production
  • You could borrow money and pay it back later, so people spent what they did not have, often on things they did not need
women s movement s
Women’s movement(s)
  • The right to vote: 1920
  • Flapper fashion
    • A new breed of women in America
    • Short skirts, bobbed hair, etc.
    • Listened to jazz, smoked, drank, swore, casual sex, etc.
    • Whatever was considered “acceptable behavior” to the older generation was met with disdain
the downside of ambition
The Downside of Ambition
  • With a rapid push toward the American Dream and wanting financial success…
  • Corruption was on the rise
  • Illegal trades of alcohol and other substances
  • Gambling
  • Gangsters
    • Al Capone and Prohibition
the lost generation writers
The Lost Generation - Writers
  • A group of writers who viewed America’s obsession with material wealth as dangerous
  • Life was viewed as superficial
    • Material wealth over personal substance
    • People were “selling their souls” for a chance at financial gain
  • This idea is a theme of our novel, The Great Gatsby