2009 2010 sfa training series
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2009-2010 SFA Training Series

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2009-2010 SFA Training Series - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2009-2010 SFA Training Series. Work Study. OFFICE OF SCHOLARSHIPS & FINANCIAL AID. Agenda. Awarding Before Hiring Hiring Process Maintaining CWS You should know 09/10 changes. Awarding. SFA makes the award. CWS can be Federal or Texas funded. WS award typically $4,000.

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2009 2010 sfa training series

2009-2010 SFA Training Series

Work Study


  • Awarding
  • Before Hiring
  • Hiring Process
  • Maintaining CWS
  • You should know
  • 09/10 changes
  • SFA makes the award.
  • CWS can be Federal or Texas funded.
  • WS award typically $4,000.
  • Award can be adjusted down (ex. Scholarship).
  • Students have 6 weeks to gain employment.
  • Some awards can be increased (based on student aid package).
before hiring
Before Hiring
  • Check with your Business Administrator.
  • Setup a Texas and a Federal position. Place student in either according to Work Authorization form.
  • Determine the responsible employment personnel responsible for processing and maintaining.
  • Determine positions needed, hourly pay, and how many hours per week, etc.
hiring process
Hiring Process
  • Steps to hire covered by Jazel Borja.
  • Once hiring paperwork has been completed, attach forms to initiating EPar and submit to workflow.
  • Official 1st day is August 17th.
  • An end date is needed of June 17, 2010 on EPar.
  • Utilize correct position number (Federal or Texas)
maintaining cws
Maintaining CWS
  • It is the department’s responsibility to keep a running balance on student’s earnings.
  • If the student goes over their award, the department is responsible for 100% of the overage.
  • SFA will send out notices once student reaches $500.00 threshold.
  • Notify SFA if student is below half-time and cease employment.
you should know
You Should Know
  • Students are eligible for pay raises after 4 months of employment up to 10%.
  • Students can work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session and up to 40 when outside of the academic session. Students are only allowed to work a maximum of 8 hours per day and must take a 30 minute break if they work more than 6 consecutive hours.
  • Only 1 position allowed at a time.*
  • Cannot replace full time staff.
  • CWS positions are not benefits eligible.
  • Layout expectations on day 1.
  • Students are allowed to transfer or self terminate.
09 10 changes
09/10 Changes
  • Texas & Federal College Work Study will cover 100% of student’s earnings within their award.
  • Every student must have a performance evaluation and termination notice on file with SFA at the end of their employment. Attn: Chris West (2010)
college work study workshop



Walk-In Hours: Monday-Thursday 9-11a, 2-4p

Regular Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8a-5p

106 Student Service Ctr. 1 (Bldg 524) Mail Code: 3040

713-743-5100 office 713-743-5111 fax

how to hire a work study student
  • www.career.uh.edu
  • Username/password
  • Complete your account profile
  • Post a CWS position
  • View the applicants
  • Hire a Student
please keep in mind
Please keep in mind
  • Take note of your Job ID number
  • Your posting is NOT live until approved
  • Pay rate (minimum wage $7.25*)
  • Offer flexible schedule if possible
  • Preview the job to see what the

students’ view

  • Check your privacy options
to re hire
To Re-Hire
  • For Re-Hiring a prior student, please

re-post the job and have the student apply online.

  • To re-post an existing posting, click view/edit posting, Job ID, Re-Post this Job
hire confirmation form
Hire Confirmation Form
  • Form is printed by Employer
  • Employer and Student sign this form
  • The student will bring this form to UCS
  • UCS keeps this form
the authorization form
The Authorization Form
  • Form is printed by the employer
  • Employer signs and gives the form to the student
  • Student brings the form to UCS (along with the Hire Confirmation Form) to authorize work and to calculate the hours based on award
  • UCS and student sign the form
  • Student returns The Authorization Form to the employer
  • Employers attaches The Authorization Form to an E-Par along with a Personal Data Form
  • Those forms are sent to your

Department Business Administrator  Scholarships and Financial Aid  Human Resources

  • Student can begin work on the date appearing on the Authorization Form signed by UCS