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Project : Tank Wars

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Project : Tank Wars
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Project : Tank Wars

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  1. Project : Tank Wars Development Team Chase Killion Jordan Roller

  2. Sysnopsis Players will engage in real-time battles as commander or a grunt in Tank Wars. The game begins in "The Rim," a speckling of colonies on the outskirts of settled space. "The Rim," once the Mecca for free minds looking to escape the tyrannical rule of the "Mu Arae Entente," is now a crumbling ghost world looted by Space Vikings, and is largely uninhabited. This vast wasteland is where players will set down their virtual armies and go head to head in search for battlefield domination.

  3. Genre • Genre • Third-Person Perspective • Platform – Action /Adventure Setting The Rim," a speckling of colonies on the outskirts of settled space. "The Rim," once the Mecca for free minds looking to escape the tyrannical rule of the "Mu Arae Entente," is now a crumbling ghost world looted by Space Vikings, and is largely uninhabited.

  4. Influence for Level Design

  5. Goals • Goals • The whole basis of Tank Wars is your Drop ships land your fighting forces at selected locations in your combat zone. You complete the objectives according to your game type using all the forces at your disposal before  time runs out by collecting the most points. • In the objectives based missions you will have specific areas that are the defenders home base while the attackers need to take over and secure the objective area. • The capture the flag missions are your typical grab the flag and hold it while making your way back to your home base and its flag. • The territory game has both sides trying to take control of facilities placed on the combat field to gain points. The territory games can be an ongoing struggle to recapture the facilities you're fighting for as well as introducing certain problems. Only one vehicle type can secure the facility and you need to be careful of collateral damage or you can destroy the facility completely.

  6. Objectives of Project : Tank Wars • Objectives • The objective of the game is to score points for your team. Each scenario runs for a fixed length of real time (usually between 30 and 60 minutes.) When time runs out, the team with the most points wins. Points are scored by attaining objectives such as capturing the enemy team’s flag or defending/attacking specific objectives on the terrain. Other gameplay modes are "Ogre" mode where one side controls a single super-heavy unit and the other tries to use all assets available to stop it.

  7. Features • Features • Play in a universe complete with a rich back story and detailed history. • Realistic combat system that models projectile/armor penetration, various ammunition types, and interior vehicle damage in detail. • Deformable terrain with engineering vehicles digging out trenches in real time, and even trees toppling over under artillery fire. • Dynamic environmental effects include building destruction and vehicles exploding and flipping over. • Tank Wars includes 20 scenarios plus a 10 mission single player campaign.

  8. Atmosphere • Tank Wars models large playing areas ranging from 100 to 900 square kilometers: areas large enough to realistically simulate mobile armored combat. • Terrain is deformable, so explosions and engineering vehicles actually change the landscape dynamically during the game. • The physics engine perfectly models different types of terrain, so a nimble vehicle on asphalt roads might become slippery and hard to control when driving on frozen ice. • Since combat takes place on a broad variety of planets, you will have to adapt your tactics as you play; the maneuvers that worked well in an Earth-like environment might not work as well on a planets with no atmosphere. • Different atmospheric densities and planet gravities also have a drastic effect on the performance of your weapon systems.

  9. What Makes Tank Wars Fun? Tank Wars is unique in that it strikes a balance between realistic, tactical combat simulation and pure, accessible fun for the novice. It will be enjoyed both by hardcore gamers as well as by more casual gamers who are more interested in “run and gun” game play. Its complexity allows for a wide range of play styles and tactics, so a excited group of people/players is expected.

  10. Assigned Jobs & Duties • Chase Killion • Project Manager – Game schedule/monitors progress/status report • Lead Designer – Presentation/spec framework/oversees design spec. • Gameplay Designer - Writes gameplay portion of design spec. • Webmaster – Creates and maintains the Wiki Website. • Jordan Roller • Character Design – Designs and documents game characters and/or other game entities. • Look & Feel – Writes look, feel, and interface portions of design spec • Artist– Selects or creates graphics to be included in design spec.