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Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) Office of GSA Policy, Integrity, and Workforce PowerPoint Presentation
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Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) Office of GSA Policy, Integrity, and Workforce

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Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) Office of GSA Policy, Integrity, and Workforce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The GSA Acquisition Workforce Blueprint for Success. Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) Office of GSA Policy, Integrity, and Workforce. Virginia A. Huth S. April Ratliff Brown. Topics. Who We Are and What We Do

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Presentation Transcript

The GSA Acquisition Workforce Blueprint for Success

Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP)

Office of GSA Policy, Integrity, and Workforce

Virginia A. Huth

S. April Ratliff Brown


Who We Are and What We Do

Challenges for Today’s Workforce & Vision for Acquisition Excellence

ACM Responsibilities

FAC-COR Program



What do we do? Everything. (Well, not quite.)

But everything we do supports the Acquisition Workforce.

Acquisition Workforce Development

Findings provide opportunities for acquisition workforce training

S&D actions protect acquisition workforce as well as customers

Training on significant PMR findings



Acquisition Alerts, Acquisition Letters, Acquisition Library


Procurement Management Reviews


Policy Trends

OMB directives

FAR changes

Suspension & Debarment

General Services Acquisition Policy

by the way who is gsa s acquisition workforce
By the way, who is GSA’s Acquisition Workforce?

“The acquisition workforce includes individuals who perform various acquisition-related functions to support the accomplishment of an agency’s mission. Acquisition related functions include: defining, determining and managing requirements; acquisition planning and strategy; solicitation, evaluation and award of acquisitions; contract administration; managing the process

Typically, we think of:

  • GS—1102 (Contract Specialist/Officer)
  • Contracting Officers regardless of series
  • GS-1105 (Purchasing Agent)
  • GS-1106 (Procurement Clerk/Technician)
  • GS-1170 (Realty Specialist) performing acquisition related work
  • Contracting Officers’ Representatives
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Component Acquisition Career Managers

after business arrangements have been made to ensure Government’s needs are met; and management of those individuals involved in the activities listed above.” -- OMB Policy Letter 05-01

  • We may also include policy analysts, small business analysts, and others.


today s acquisition workforce faces many challenges
Today’s acquisition workforce faces many challenges
  • Goal is a highly skilled, agile acquisition workforce that is #1 in government =
  • Good for GSA & Good for the employee
  • Workload & complexity
  • Continuous changes to law and policy
  • Retirements + younger workforce = skill & experience gap

Through the Acquisition Steering Committee – comprised of executive acquisition representatives from across the agency – we are proposing 4 pillars for a Vision of Acquisition Excellence


  • Significant PMR findings, new Administration initiatives are transformed into Just-in-Time training
  • More robust use of new media channels
  • Experience
  • Qualifications program for 1102 series
  • Consider such for other series later
  • Enhanced opportunities for mentoring and coaching
  • Enhanced opportunities for rotations and shadowing.

Leadership Development

  • Better leverage of existing leadership development programs
  • Focus on the needs of first-line supervisors
  • Promote opportunities for leadership with junior staff through special projects

Culture & Values

  • While GSA employees generally have strong values, a defined set of acquisition values would benefit the agency by addressing generation gap issues, establishing a common language for communicating across the agency, and reinforcing the best qualities about GSA.

Complementing this strategic vision are a number of near-term initiatives to advance the acquisition workforce

gsa acquisition career manager acm responsibilities
GSA Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) Responsibilities

Administer Federal Acquisition Certification and Contracting Officer warrants programs.

Identify training requirements and opportunities as well as workforce development strategies.

Develop and manage acquisition workforce policies and procedures that are consistent with policies established by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP).

Ensure accurate and consistent acquisition career management data.


federal certification programs what s new
Federal Certification Programs – What’s New

Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer’s

(FAC-COR) Program

  • Now a 3-Tiered Certification Program
  • GSA’s Office of Acquisition Policy, issued a revised memorandum , GSA Acquisition Letter MV-06-06 Supplement 4, to comply with the revised federal standards established by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP).
  • The term “COTR” was changed to “COR.”
  • “COR” aligns with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and refers to positions designated as those who assist Contracting Officers (COs) in managing their contracts.


if i was certified before what do i need to do
If I was certified before, what do I need to do?
  • Everyone who was certified under the old system is grandfathered in at Level II. However, you must still apply in FAITAS.
  • If you were already certified at the P/PM level, or if you can demonstrate that you have 60 hours of initial training completed, then you may apply for a Level III through FAITAS.
faitas federal acquisition institute training application system
FAITAS (Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application System)
  • FAITAS is a Workforce Management Tool available government-wide to assist civilian acquisition personnel and agencies with managing their acquisition workforce training, certification, warranting, and other requirements.
  • Creates a standard acquisition record that is transferable across government.
  • Allows electronic applications for online and classroom training.


faitas and the gsa certification process
FAITAS and the GSA Certification Process


Submits Certification Request

Recommends Approval

Recommends Disapproval

Returns to Employee


Recommends Approval

Saves Remarks


Returns to Employee

Regional / Bureau Certification Manager

Recommends Approval

Saves Remarks


Returns to Employee

Agency / Bureau Certification Manager


Saves Remarks


Returns to Employee

Agency Certification Manager


using faitas more than just a training application system
Using FAITAS -More than just a Training Application System

Transfers Acquisition


Workforce Management Tool

Manages Certifications

Coming Soon:

Warrant Tracking and Management

Coming Soon: Automated on-line course survey’s

Develops IDPs


Career Path Management

Makes the process for managing your career

simpler, quicker, and intuitive.

fai is your first choice for training www fai gov
FAI is your first choice for

But many other opportunities exist:

  • Online University
  • FAS and PBS classes
  • GSA EXPO, Acquisition Excellence, etc.
  • Industry led training
if you have more questions please contact the following acquisition workforce staff members
If you have more questions, please contact the following Acquisition Workforce staff members:
  • Ellis Osiname
  • (202) 501-0049
  • April Ratliff Brown
  • (202) 208-4052