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Body arguments and Structure of Essays

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Body arguments and Structure of Essays - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Body arguments and Structure of Essays. Basic Structure. In general, an essay has an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. Body Paragraphs. Body paragraphs detail the arguments of the essay.

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basic structure
Basic Structure
  • In general, an essay has an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.
body paragraphs
Body Paragraphs
  • Body paragraphs detail the arguments of the essay.
  • Body paragraphs begin with an introductory sentence to indicate what the paragraph is about.
  • Body paragraphs then provide specific evidence to support the thesis.
body paragraphs con d
Body Paragraphs Con’d
  • Depending on the type of essay, evidence may come from primary sources (novel, short story, poem, etc.), from secondary sources (scholarly articles), or from the author’s own opinions.
  • Any evidence coming from either primary or secondary sources need to be cited.
  • Body paragraphs end with a conclusion sentence which should in some way indicate how the information in the paragraph connects to the thesis
  • NOTE: If you cannot think of a way to connect the paragraph to the thesis, it should not be in the essay!
body paragraphs con d1
Body Paragraphs Con’d
  • Body paragraphs should appear in the same order they are indicated in the introduction paragraph.
  • Depending on the complexity of the essay, there may be more than one body paragraph per argument.
body paragraph examples
Body Paragraph Examples
  • Obviously school uniforms remove opportunities to express individuality; however, they also produce a positive impression on others. Uniforms look more professional than regular clothing. Many students currently wear clothing such as ripped jeans, shirts with rude saying on them, and skimpy dresses. Professional clothing will help adults take students more seriously. School uniforms, with shirts, ties, slacks, and skirts help adults see students as more mature and responsible. In addition, first impressions are very important. Students dressed in school uniforms can’t be judged on what they wear, instead they are judged by their personality. People should be judged by who they are, not what they wear, and school uniforms help make this possible. Therefore, school uniforms provide students the opportunity to make a positive impression on others.
body paragraph examples1
Body Paragraph Examples

Furthermore, school uniforms create a safer environment. Uniforms create a place of uniformity. This means that anyone not wearing a uniform stands out. Should an outsider enter the school it is immediately apparent. Therefore, school uniforms make it obvious if someone dangerous enters the building. They also make it more difficult for drug dealers or students hiding weapons. Baggy pants and sweatshirts make it easier for students to smuggle drugs or guns onto school property, and school uniforms don’t allow these options. Keeping schools drug- and weapon-free is a safety issue, making school uniforms the safer choice.

body paragraph examples2
Body Paragraph Examples

Most importantly, school uniforms remove socio-economic pressures. Many parents cannot afford the brand name clothing that is so popular among school age children and teenagers. A simple pair of American Eagle jeans can cost over $60. This is too expensive, yet students are judged by their peers if they are not dressed according to style trends. School uniforms mean that all students are on an equal footing, no matter their economic status. To carry this argument further, some teenagers are bullied because they cannot wear fashionable clothing. Bullying has led to depression and even suicide. To protect students who cannot afford to fit in, school uniforms will allow everyone to belong despite socio-economic status.

conclusion paragraph
Conclusion Paragraph
  • A conclusion paragraph is like a triangle (opposite of introduction paragraph).
  • Thesis
  • Arguments
  • Wrap Up
conclusion paragraph con d
Conclusion Paragraph Con’d
  • Thesis: Thesis statement is restated in different words.
  • Arguments: Body paragraph arguments are concisely summarized.
  • Wrap Up: The essay should in some way provide a sense of closure; it should be consistent to the essay and conclusive.
conclusion paragraph example
Conclusion Paragraph Example

Despite the loss of individuality, all schools should have school uniforms. School uniforms actually protect young people and provide them with opportunities to belong and make good impressions. Teenagers need to learn the discipline of meeting clothing expectations before it is time for serious job interviews. Certain types of clothing is required in certain forums. As the saying goes, “Clothes maketh the man,” so let’s help students make themselves prepared for the future.