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designing a concept for a smartwatch n.
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Designing a Concept for a Smartwatch PowerPoint Presentation
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Designing a Concept for a Smartwatch

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Designing a Concept for a Smartwatch
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Designing a Concept for a Smartwatch

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Designing a Concept for a Smartwatch Lawrence Najjar

  2. Agenda Purpose Disclaimer Design limits Process Smartwatch attributes Lawrence’s concept Lessons learned

  3. Purpose Explore a new user experience platform Be creative in a practical way Have fun!

  4. Disclaimer Designers should do a needs analysis to discover whether users need a smartwatch Tonight, we have a solution (smartwatch) looking for a problem (user need)

  5. Design Limits Possiblesmartwatch Wrist-mounted Connects to user’s smartphone Near-term future (year or two from now) Realistic Practical Marketable

  6. Process Form small groups For the listed attributes of a smartwatch (next slide), figure out what you want Each group shares their results and design rationale Lawrence presents hissuggestions Discuss lessons learned

  7. Smartwatch Attributes Strengths of wrist-mounted device Weaknesses of wrist-mounted device User input techniques Watch output techniques Applications Cost Other attributes

  8. Lawrence’s Concept Strengths of wrist-mounted device Convenient access Easy to see & touch Weaknesses of wrist-mounted device Small display size Small touch targets Poor sound User input techniques Touch (taps, swipes, and pinches) Button press (button on side to power display off & on) Watch output techniques Display Vibration Note: No audio

  9. Lawrence’s Concept Applications App store (show downloaded apps forphone/watch, get more apps) Battery power Calculator Compass Flashlight Games (touch such as Tetris; arm motion such virtual lightsaber fighting, dice rolls) Notifications (appointments, e-mails, Facebook page comments, incoming calls, sports scores, texts, tweets, weather alerts) Pedometer Settings Watch displays (digital, analog, colors, mood watch (using skin temp)) Watch display icons (e.g., battery power, Bluetooth connection status)

  10. Lawrence’s Concept Cost $99 Other attributes Most processing done on Bluetooth-connectedphone Tethered to user’s phone via Bluetooth Display is low power, high contrast (E Ink Triton Color), water resistant, fingerprint resistant, scratch resistant, break resistant Power via tiny connector (e.g., Apple lightning connector, mini USB) Passcode(code or swipe pattern) Auto-off without detected movement (so usually on) Fashionable (great hardware design, personal custom watch displays as jewelry or temporary tattoo (tap to show time)) Wristband size is commercial-off-the-shelf Accessories include wristbands, display protectors, display frames

  11. Lessons Learned Start with user needs rather than technology Making design decisions without user data is hard Are a wide variety of solutions to same design challenge Design is fun!

  12. What is a Smartwatch? Which? 60 Second Guide to Smartwatches: Wall Street Journal “What is a Smartwatch Good For?: CNN The Future of Smartwatches: