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Lauren Child. By Charlotte Hayhoe & Catherine Janson. Biography. Born in 1967 in Wiltshire Middle child of three sisters. Parents both teachers. Studies at Manchester Polytechnic and City and Guilds London Art School. Didn’t like either of them so she left after a year

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Lauren child

Lauren Child

By Charlotte Hayhoe & Catherine Janson


  • Born in 1967 in Wiltshire

  • Middle child of three sisters. Parents both teachers.

  • Studies at Manchester Polytechnic and City and Guilds London Art School.

  • Didn’t like either of them so she left after a year

  • Started own chandelier company making exotic lampshades

  • Business manager suggested she should start writing children’s books and design a product range around it – Clarice Bean in 1999

  • She illustrates her own books (29/4/09)

How she illustrates
How She Illustrates...

  • She enjoys using computers for her work

  • Draws figures in pencil

  • Scans drawings into the computer

  • Tidies up on computer and print on back cartridge paper

  • Finishes with paint or a collage and scans back into the computer

  • Inspired by her father because he ran an ‘amazing’ art department which made her want to draw.

  • Snoopy is her greatest source of inspiration for her drawings

How she writes
How she writes...

  • Eye-opener I'm not a naturally early riser but I get up at about 7.30. My daily routine depends on whether I'm writing or illustrating. Often I stay with friends in Wiltshire for a few days to write because there are fewer interruptions

  • Artist's materials I use any old pencil. The most important thing for me is the fabric I use in the books. I photocopy the patterns and reproduce them for my characters' clothes. In Charlie and Lola, the pyjamas Lola wears are made from the fabric of an old nightdress that my mother made for me when I was a baby.

  • Background music When I'm writing a novel, listening to music helps me set the scene. I listened to Brit Pop when I wrote the first Clarice Bean book because it seemed to suit the character. The mood of the music is optimistic and when I listened I felt energised.

  • Always have with me I try to carry a notebook so that I can write down ideas. More often I use it to write my shopping list.

  • Albiston, I (2007) The world of Lauren Child, children’s author Telegraph (30/04/2009)

Her inspiration
Her Inspiration...

  • Favourite books as a child were ‘Shrinking of Treehorn’ by Edward Gorey and the Betsy Byers books

  • Contemporary illustrators and authors she likes include Russell Ayto, Lydia Monks, Margaret Calver

  • She bases her characters on people she sees. She says that Lola was based on a Danish girl who she saw on a train. This girl was always asking lots of questions and so Lauren thought to base her character on this girl.

  • Story comes first but sometimes she might get a good visual idea first to set a story on

  • Her favourite book so far is ‘What planet are you from, Clarice Bean’

  • She thinks a successful story includes appealing to adults as well as children, and it shouldn’t be patronising. (29/4/09)

Clarice bean spells trouble
Clarice Bean Spells Trouble

A review by a child

‘I absolutely loved Clarice Bean spells trouble. I don’t really like reading but once I had read the first page of this I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted to read all of the Clarice Bean books so for my birthday I asked my Nan to buy me the other Clarice Bean books. I already had another one called Utterly Me Clarice Bean so I read that one in three days. Lauren Child’s, Clarice Bean Spells Trouble is really really funny. I loved the way she says it you can picture in your head.’ (29/4/09)

Utterly me clarice bean
Utterly Me Clarice Bean

A review by a parent

‘My seven year old daughter read this in an afternoon and utterly loved it. I read it too with a good deal of amusement and much admiration for the brilliant writing and illustration. Lauren Child presents the fun and frustrations of childhood with great wit and sympathy and a total lack of sentimentality. The first person narrative beautifully evokes the language of the primary school playground, while giving an inimitable, child's take on her own and the adult world.’ (2003)

What planet are you from clarice bean
What planet are you from, Clarice Bean?

A review by a parent

‘A perfect introduction to the wider world of older children for my five year old daughter. A great cast of a range of characters and an easy way into thinking about our effects on the world. We laugh at Grandad’s sandwich every time, even before we turn the page! My favourite bedtime book (I think she likes it too).’

Tv series charlie and lola
TV Series Charlie and Lola

On her TV series

  • Lauren's stories are about issues that affect children.

  • She says: For Charlie and Lola, I set myself quite strict rules in that I only ever do stories that are based on things, very tiny child issues about sleeping and eating.

  • "We've managed to think of a lot of those for the TV series. I think the best ones work when they're things about being envious, or not wanting to give someone a present because you want it, the really tiny subjects which actually apply to everybody.

Charlie lola i am really ever so not well
Charlie & Lola I am really ever so not well

The lauren child website
The Lauren Child Website

  • On the Lauren Child website you can find out about

  • the author

  • her books

  • the characters

  • TV series

  • and apply to receive the newsletter

  • …as well as viewing some of Lauren Child’s illustrations.

I want a pet
I want a pet

I really want a pet.

“Please Mum, can I have a pet?”

Mum says, “Well – perhaps something with not too much fur.”

Dad says, “Maybe something that lives outside.”

Granny says, “Nothing with a buzz.” It interferes with her hearing aid.

Grandad says, “Stuffed pets are very reliable.”

What planet are you from clarice bean1
What Planet are you from, Clarice Bean?

In school we are learning about the planet of Earth. Our planet earth is quite small compared to Jupiter or Saturn but compared to the sun Pluto is a peppercorn. It’s hard to think of ourselves living on a planet because it doesn’t feel like we are standing on something round. It’s amazing the sea doesn’t spill of at the edges, but that’s gravity for you!

I can do anything that s everything all on my own
I can do anything that’s everything ALL on my own

Lola says,

“I can button up my coat ALL on my own.

I can use the computer ALL on my own.

And I can DEFINATELY pour pink milk ALL on my own.”

I say, “Let me help, Lola.”

But she says, “NO. I can do anything that’s everything ALL on my own.”

Some more of her books
Some more of her books...

  • Beware of the Storybook Wolves

  • Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Book

  • The Pesky Rat

  • Pippi Longstocking

  • Clarice Bean That’s Me

  • I Will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato

  • I’m Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go To Bed

  • I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

  • Dan’s Angel