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Harrisville Central School. “ Teachers are Human” Grades 3-5 ELA. Unit Plan Summary:.

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Harrisville central school

Harrisville Central School

“Teachers are Human”Grades 3-5 ELA

Unit plan summary

Unit Plan Summary:

New students and some returning students are not familiar with the staff and room locations of teachers in grades K-5. My class will create a booklet for other students to familiarize them with the school and the staff.  Students will generate interview questions, complete the interview, and create a page for the booklet. Hopefully they will then create a video of these interviews as read by the student.

Essential question

Essential Question

How are we all different?

Unit questions

Unit Questions

Content Questions

  • How do good writers proofread their writing for spelling?

  • How do writers make sure their writing is in good sentences?

  • How do I use the computer to write my interview?

Benefits of using project approaches ongoing assessment and cfqs in my unit
Benefits of Using Project Approaches, Ongoing Assessment, and CFQs in My Unit

  • Students use their writing skills to write about something important to them—their school.

  • Their writing has a real audience—new students to the school.

  • Students collaborate with peers to collect information about the school.

  • They learn writing and thinking skills while they are working on the project.

  • Throughout the project they give and receive feedback on their work.

By using project approaches ongoing assessment and cfqs
By Using Project Approaches, Ongoing Assessment, and CFQs and CFQs in My Unit

My Students Will:

  • Experience writing for a real audience and use technology to enhance their learning

  • Gain self-assessment and self-direction skills that they will use and build on all year long

Gauging student needs assessment
Gauging Student Needs Assessment and CFQs in My Unit

  • I will use my Essential and Unit Questions to:

  • Find out what students think about what good writing is and how good writers work

  • Gather information on higher-order thinking and 21st century skills:

    • By answering how good writers write, students will show their metacognitive awareness of writing strategies

    • By taking on different perspectives and predicting their needs, students will anticipate what people want to know about the school

Gauging student needs assessment1
Gauging Student Needs Assessment and CFQs in My Unit

  • What I will learn from the assessment

    • What my students think good writing is so I know what to teach them

    • What writing process my students use

  • What my students will gain from the assessment

    • An articulation of their thoughts about good writing

    • A chance to set writing goals for the unit

My goals
My Goals and CFQs in My Unit

  • Learn about different kinds of technology that will motivate my students

  • Find ways to get my students to do more higher-order thinking

  • Learn some strategies for helping students do projects from other teachers

Let s have a great year
Let’s Have a Great Year! and CFQs in My Unit