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Bulgaria. Easy to remember, hard to forget. Project “Educational action plan about Millenium Development goals through school twinning between North and South” (ref. DCI-NSAED/2009/202-190). The Main Symbols of Bulgaria:. The National Flag The Coat of Arms. The National logo:

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Easy to remember, hard to forget

Project “Educational action plan about Millenium Development goals through school twinning between North and South” (ref. DCI-NSAED/2009/202-190)

The Main Symbols of Bulgaria:

  • The National Flag

  • The Coat of Arms

  • The National logo:

  • “Union makes strength”

Information about bulgaria
Information about Bulgaria

  • Bulgaria lays in South-East Europe

  • Area: about 111 000 km2

  • Population: 7 579 290people

  • Capital city: Sofia

  • Official Language: Bulgarian

  • Religion: Eastern Orthodox

  • Currency: Lev (BGL)

  • Boundaries:

  • North – Romania (boundary, defined by Danube river)

  • South – Greece and Turkey

  • West – Serbia and FYR Macedonia

  • East – the Black Sea

Bulgarian history
Bulgarian History

  • 681 – founding by Khan Asparuh

  • 855 – creation of the Cyrillic alphabet

  • 893-927 – “Golden Age” of Bulgarian literacy

  • 864 – the official religion in Bulgaria become Christianity

The republic of bulgaria
The Republic of Bulgaria

  • 1955 – becoming part of UN

  • 2004 - becoming part of NATO

  • 2007 - becoming part of EU

The bulgarian national treasures
The Bulgarian National Treasures

Information about Haskovo

  • Location: South-Central Bulgaria

  • Population: 100 000 inhabitants

  • Altitude: 196 m above the sea level


The symbol of the city
The Symbol of the City

The Monument of the St. Virgin Mary

  • Height: 32,8 meters

  • Weight: 80 tons

  • in the Guinness Record

The church st virgin mary
The Church “St. Virgin Mary”

Permanent Activities

of the Youth Center

  • Astronomy, Ethnography, Music, Children's choir, Folklore and Modern Dances, Theater, Arts, Sports etc.

  • Youth Program Policy

  • Leisure activities

  • Non-formal education

Youth Parliament

Summer Schools

Youth exchanges







International relations






P rojects

  • Partner with Municipality of Senigallia, Italy,on the project «Improve intercultural skills in dance and music folk teaching» (A.C.I.D.E), Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), SOCRATES Grundtvig, 2006-2008

  • Partner with the University Cà Foscari of Venice, Italy, on the project “Intercultural and environmental management of schools” (3EMI), Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), COMENIUS, 2008-2010

  • European Voluntary Service: Youth center Haskovo was hosting organization for volunteers from Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Holland etc.

  • Project "Prevention of violence in institutions closed by volunteers trained on the model of the "Big brother, big sister”


  • Partner on the project “To draw Europe“ of the Elementary school "Sandor Petofi" in Haskovo

  • Project "Start on 6“for social adaptation, integration and implementation of life of 30 abandoned children from the orphanages in Haskovo

  • Host of multilateral exchange "Old legends in the new Europe" on the Youth in Action Program

  • Inclusion in the European initiative "Football against Racism in Europe"

  • Eco project “Let it be green”, 2010-2011, on the Youth in ActionProgram.

  • Etc…

This presentation was established on the project“Plan for educational actions on the Millennium Development Goals through school twinning”Youth Center -Haskovo, Bulgariawww.yc-haskovo.orge-mail: [email protected]: 41 Bulgaria blvd.6300 Haskovo, BULGARIA