Brookline 2010 a community climate challenge
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Brookline 2010: A Community Climate Challenge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brookline 2010: A Community Climate Challenge. How we can meet the Climate Crisis working together. The Challenge How to Get There The Project The Goals The Benefits. Why Are We Here?. The Challenge. Carbon Dioxide Variations. The Challenge: Americans’ CO 2 Responsibility.

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Brookline 2010 a community climate challenge
Brookline 2010: A Community Climate Challenge

How we can meet the Climate Crisis working together

Brookline 2010 a community climate challenge

  • The Challenge

  • How to Get There

  • The Project

  • The Goals

  • The Benefits

Why Are

We Here?

The challenge
The Challenge

Carbon Dioxide Variations

The challenge americans co 2 responsibility
The Challenge: Americans’ CO2 Responsibility

If the bad news is that individual Americans are a major part of the problem, the good news is that we can be a major part of the solution.

The challenge1
The Challenge

“If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late. What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future.This is the defining moment.”

–Rajendra K. Pachauri,

Accepting the 2007 Nobel Price on behalf of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


The challenge2
The Challenge

Brookline emits about 540,000 Tons of CO2 per year

Brookline Carbon Footprint by Sector

The challenge3
The Challenge

The energy culprits in Brookline’s residences

How to get there


Success ultimately up to us

We can act more quickly than governmental agencies

How to Get There

What should we do?

  • Wait for technology to become more efficient and affordable ?

  • Wait for government to achieve its goals in 2020 or 2050?

  • Blame it on China and India?

The initiative
The Initiative

  • Brookline 2010: A Community Climate Challenge

    • A grassroots conservation strategy for rapid, broad and deep action

  • Participants:

    • Brookline’s Board of Selectmen Climate Action Committee

    • CCAB

    • MCAN - leading a group of Massachusetts communities in the Cool MASS (Eco-Team) effort

    • 9 other MA communities including Newton and Winchester

The initiative brookline 2010
The Initiative: Brookline 2010

  • First Step

    • All organizations in Brookline are asked to do at least one thing in 2010 to reduce carbon emissions and green their events

  • Next Step

    • Leadership organizations have the opportunity to spur climate reduction by participating in our EcoTeam effort

The initiative1
The Initiative

Eco-Team Process

  • Pull together Eco-Teams of 6 to 8 households from your organization’s members

  • Hold 3-4 team meetings following an easy, thoughtful, and tested workbook

  • Make simple home improvements & lifestyle changes to reduce household carbon footprints while saving money

The initiative2

Eco-Teams Help Members Take Action in their Homes

Behavior changes (shorter showers, lower thermostat)

Efficiency measures (more CFLs)

High impact investments (air-seal, add insulation)

Renewable energy sources (NSTAR Green)

The Initiative

The initiative3

Eco-Teams Help Members Take Action with Transportation

Drive less



Take the T

Don’t idle

New car time? Improve mileage

The Initiative

The initiative4
The Initiative

  • Team members:

    • Calculate their household’s carbon footprint

    • Record actions they have taken or intend to take

    • If each member takes action to reduce their carbon by 5,000 pounds, that’s 35,000 pounds for a 7-member team – it can add up quickly

The goals
The Goals

If we reach our goal for 2010, we will cut 1.4M pounds (700 tons) of carbon!

  • Goals:

    • Reach 85% of the 23,000-25,000 households in Brookline and achieve an average GHG reduction of 25%

    • Three year program beginning January 2010

    • First year:

      • Reach 1,000 households – that’s 150 Eco-Teams with an average of 7 members each

        • We estimate needing 30 partners to achieve this goal

      • Conduct Eco-Teams in at least of one condo complex and one apartment complex with >50 units

The goals are attainable working with partner organizations

The goals1
The Goals

Generating Eco-Teams


Brookline Eco-Team Initiative



Town Meeting Members

Art Center

Music Groups

School Green Teams

Potential forScalability

The benefits
The Benefits

Benefits of the Project:

  • Produce immediate results without large expenditures

  • Households save money on an ongoing basis

  • Showcase Brookline and your organization as carbon reduction leaders in MA and the US

  • Build community by bringing neighbors together into Eco-Team

  • Positive changes that leave a healthier planet for future generations

Participating in an EcoTeam makes you

richer, healthier, happier and more attractive!!

The benefits1
The Benefits

Benefits to Partners:

  • Bring new members into your organization

  • Engage existing members in a new program

  • Engage a different demographic within your membership

  • Support your mission

  • Raise your profile in the community

  • Build relationships with other partner organizations

What s next
What’s Next?

  • Plan a strategy to create Eco-Teams within your organization

    • Discuss the project with your organization

    • Incorporate climate change in your mission

  • Become an active partner

    • Sign up for 2010

    • Conduct Eco-Teams

For 2010, we need 30 partner organizations each conducting 5 Eco-Teams

How ccab can support you
How CCAB Can Support You

  • Provide introductory presentations and speakers:

    To describe the project goals and strategy

  • Provide Eco-Team training and coaching:

    To help potential members start a team

    To support team leaders

  • Provide Web Sites:

    To calculate your initial carbon footprint

    To record EcoTeam data and progress

    To provide ongoing resources

    To provide a link to other green organizations and events

  • Promote your Organization:

    In our literature, at our events & on our web site

Thank you
Thank You

“We sometimes emphasize the danger in a crisis without focusing on the opportunities that are there. We should feel a great sense of urgency because it is the most dangerous crisis we have ever faced, by far. But it also provides us with opportunities to do a lot of things we ought to be doing for other reasons anyway. And to solve this crisis we can develop a shared sense of moral purpose.”

Al Gore

“All of us can do something to make the world better and each of us should try.”

Ted Kennedy