Product life cycle
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Product Life Cycle. There are four stages to the Life Cycle. Introduction. Growth. Maturity. Decline.

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Product life cycle
Product Life Cycle

  • There are four stages to the Life Cycle




  • Decline

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Graph of a Product Life Cycle

Product life cycle1
Product Life Cycle

What is a Sales Curve

Is the up and down sale of units throughout a products Life Cycle

Product life cycle2
Product Life Cycle

  • Introduction Stage

Sales are generally low and somewhat slow to take off

Production costs are high because of significant scale economies

Marketing costs for costumer awareness, interest and trial are high

Profits are low, because to low sales

Competitors tend to be few in number

Product life cycle3
Product Life Cycle

  • Growth

    • Sales increase rapidly

      • Positive word of mouth

      • Increasing number of competitors

      • Promotion effect

Product life cycle4
Product Life Cycle

  • Growth (continued)

    • Costs are declining because of longer production runs due to increased sales

    • Profits are increasing significantly

    • Customers are the early adopters (the word of mouth people)

    • Competition continues to grow throughout this stage

Product life cycle5
Product Life Cycle

  • Maturity

    • Sales continues to grow in the early stages of maturity

    • Costs continue to rise

    • The only remaining customers to enter the market are the Late majority and the laggards (Those most hesitant to adopt new products)

    • Competition is the most intense

Product life cycle6
Product Life Cycle

  • Decline

    • Sales continue to deteriorate through decline

    • Profits continue to erode during this stage

    • Customers are primary laggards

    • Generally are a significant number of competitors still in the industry at the beginning of the decline stage

Product life cycle7
Product Life Cycle

Examples of products in various stages of the product life cycle

Standards to be covered
Standards to be covered:

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