Horizon scanning the investment litmus test
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HORIZON SCANNING The Investment Litmus Test - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HORIZON SCANNING The Investment Litmus Test. Real E state Industries. An orderly method. Here we use the SATERPLIDE acronym to prompt the scan for future events and their consequences. The segments are: S ocial (See Maslows’s Hierarchy of Human Needs)

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Horizon scanning the investment litmus test

HORIZON SCANNINGThe Investment Litmus Test

Real Estate


An orderly method
An orderly method

Here we use the SATERPLIDE acronym to prompt the scan for future events and their consequences. The segments are:

  • Social (See Maslows’s Hierarchy of Human Needs)

  • Approach (First response to an issue)

  • Technology (Applying our innovation to reliable approaches)

  • Economic (The benefits in productivity from technology)

  • Resources (Human and Natural, required and consumed)

  • Political (Ownership rights of tribes to resources)

  • Legal (Administration of political resolutions)

  • International (Resolution of international differences)

  • Demographic (Population shift to better circumstances)

  • Environment (Built by Humans and by Nature, our impact)

An orderly method1
An orderly method

  • Note that there is a series of cause-and-effect relationships going around the circle.

  • This discovery technique ensures thorough scanning in our due diligence process.

Social segment
SOCIAL Segment

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

Problem Solving

What do you know?

Observing local customs

A roof over your head

If your life is at risk, you may compromise on the items above survival

Human Need:

Reliable access to high quality real estate services & products.

Approach segment

What to do if your human needs are being frustrated?

Develop ways of improving the availability of high quality real estate

Technology segment

How to make a successful approach re-useable & reliable?

How to make improved technology widely available? It seems urbanization is increasing globally on a rapid scale.

Economic segment

How do the improved real estateoperations improve the quality of life? - By providing high quality jobs.

Resources segment

What are the human and natural resources required to sustain the economic activity? – hydrocarbons and steeland to start with

Political segment

The real estateindustry supply chains have political intersections between the regulators and suppliers of the various resources.

The World Economic Forum assists with exchange of political views

Legal segment
LEGAL Segment

Real estate industry operating procedures require detailed regulation for their success.

International segment

How are differences between international systems resolved?

Demographic segment

What is the impact of economic success of the real estate industries on population mix and location?

In the case of China, the real estateindustries have supported further development activities of all kinds. These have resulted in migration towards the east coast.

Environment segment

What is the impact of economic success of real estate industries on the natural and the built infrastructure? The industries need concrete, which can be a major polluter.