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1. Mission - high standards of customer service, development of the agricultural spare parts' market by providing the assortment of quality goods of various manufacturers at reasonable prices.

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Mission - high standards of customer service, development of the agricultural spare parts' market by providingthe assortment of quality goods of various manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Company's objective - providing the full range of spare parts to agricultural producers within the context of development of the regional and national agroindustrial complex. This objective can be achieved due to several factors:

1. Stable growth of company's economicindicators;

2. Definite strategy for development the current lines of activity and creating new lines of activity;

3. Personnel policy aimed at professional improvement of the employees from all the divisions.

Strategy – creating the working environment different from the competitors‘ while developing the current projects and constant searching for new lines of activities.

For more information visit our website:

The main lines of activity


The main lines of activity

AgroAkhtuba sells original spare parts for agricultural machines developing the large commodity distribution network which meets all market needs and guarantees business transparency. Our company offers the spare parts for the following commodity groups:

  • v-belts for agricultural machines,

  • bearings,

  • hydraulics,

  • the spare parts for the "Belarus" tractor,

  • the spare parts for the "DT-75" tractor,

  • piston group,

  • cooling system,

  • electrical equipment,

  • spare parts for the "ChervonaZirka" sowing machines


V-belts for agricultural machines

The “AgroAkhtuba” trade house is an official Distributor of Japanese company "Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.“ in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. is the world leading manufacturer of power transmission belts.

The assortment of v-belts:

classical v-belts variable speed beltsmulti v-belts

Moreover, our company is expanding the range of goods by developing the line of industrial belts as well as belts for foreign agricultural machines. AgroAkhtuba also sells the belts for the leading Ukrainian belts manufacturer “Belaya Cerkov”.



In summer 2013 our company signed the contract with the company RHI&A GmbH & Co. KG for delivery of German HFH bearings where we act as an official distributor.

HFH is a major manufacturer of all kinds of bearings produced according to the German standards with the optimal "price-quality“ ratio.

The main competitors of this company are such well-known bearings manufacturers as FAG, SKF, NSK, KOYO. The products of RHI&A GmbH & Co. KG is supplied to the conveyors of the following plants:



AgroAkhtuba is an official dealer of ZAO "Hydrosila GROUP", which develops and produces hydraulic power machines and hydraulic components for tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machines, as well as for road-building machines, public works trucks and other mobile machines.

Hydrosila GROUP includes the following production associations whose goodsare sold by our company:

  • Hydrosila PAO (pumps);

  • Hydrosila APM (hydraulic transmissions);

  • Hydrosila MZTG (distributors);

  • Hydrosila TETIS (cylinders);

  • Hydrosila LEDA (high-pressure hoses).


The spare parts for

the "Belarus“ tractor

The spare parts for the "Belarus" tractor are strongly demanded on the market of spare parts for agricultural machines. This direction is one of the fastest growing in the company.

The "Belarus" tractor is the most available and adapted to the Russian conditions, that is why this tractor model is mostly exploited in the national farm business.

Our clients can always order a required spare part from the company's warehouse or please an order in advance.


The spare parts for

the "DT-75" tractor

The company provides a wide range of original spare parts for the "DT-75" tractor produced by OAO "Agromashholding"

We keep the optimal assortment of spare parts for the “DT-75” tractor in stock for total customer satisfaction.


Piston group

AgroAkhtuba is the official dealer of ZAO "Kostroma plant of automotive components". Our company provides a wide range of piston for the following engines: A41/01, MTZ, SMD, YAMZ, MAZ, KAMAZ.

The "Motordetal“ piston group a is high-tech for the customers who prefer to use spare parts manufactured according to strict engineering requirements and guarantee the best quality repair and maximum lifetime.

The "Motordetal“ piston groups are supplied to the conveyors of the largest motor plants in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and America. These spare parts are original for many types of automobile and agricultural machines


Cooling system

AgroAhtuba cooperates with OOO "Orenburgskiy radiator" as a distributor. OOO " Orenburgskiy radiator" produces radiators for tractors, agricultural machines, cars and commercial vans made in Russia.

"Orenburgskiyradiator" is a reliable supplier of radiators for Russian, CIS and foreign plants which produce tractors, harvesters and automobiles, including the following plants: P/A "Minsk Tractor Works", P/A "Gomselmash", OOO "Harvester Plant "Rostselmash", OAO "Promtractor", OAO "Volgogradsky Tractor Plant", ZAO "Peterburg tractor plant", OAO "GAZ", etc.


Electrical equipment

AgroAchtuba is a dealer of the "Electrom" Cheboksary generator plant, which supplies theproduct to the conveyors of such motors and automobile manufacturers as KAMAZ, VMTZ, XTZ, ChTZ-URALTRAC, YaMZ-Autodiesel, TMZ, Likino Bus Plant , Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, Volzhanin, Gomselmash.

The strategic objectives of Electrom are introduction of advanced technologies into the production process, creation of modern production facilities. Electrom is actively implementing innovative programs, carrying out the production modernization, constantly creating and developing new kinds of products.


Spare parts for the "ChervonaZirka" sowing machines

The "Chervona Zirka“ sowing machines form a large part of the park of the Russian agricultural seeding equipment.

That is why in 2013 our company started to sell the spare parts for these machines as a dealer of PAO "Chervona Zirka" in Russia. The total number of spare parts in the assortment for mthe sowing machines is more than 1,000 items.


Share of item groups

in total sales


Sales geography

The Sales geography of AgroAkhtuba is extensive and covers most of the regions of Russia, including the Komi Republic, the Altai Territory and the Far East as well as the CIS countries. The managers of the company are constantly working on marketing development and increasing the customer base.

Number of our customers is growing year by year: +28% in 2013 in comparison with 2012.


The number of large customers from the main Russian regions

  • TheAltai Territory – 17

  • TheRepublic of Tatarstan – 12

  • TheTambov Region – 11

  • The Tyumen Region – 10

  • The Omsk Region – 8

  • The Lipetsk Region – 8

  • The Novosibirsk Region – 8

  • The Tula Region – 8

  • The Kursk Region – 7

  • The Belgorod Region – 7

  • The Kemerovo Region – 6

  • The Kurgan Region – 3

The Volgograd Region – 184

The Rostov Region – 85

The Saratov Region – 49

The Krasnodar Territory – 37

The Republic of Bashkortostan – 26

The Samara Region – 25

The Voronezh Region – 21

The Stavropol Territory – 19

The Orenburg Region – 18

The Chelyabinsk Region – 17

The Krasnoyarsk Territory – 17

The Perm Territory – 17


Geography of suppliers

AgroAkhtuba constantly works on searching for spare part offers all around the world with the optimal «price-quality» ratio. So we formed the partnership with such global brands as Mitsuboshi, HFH.


Company resources

AgroAkhtuba has all the necessary resources for the successful operation:

  • the team-oriented professionals providing prompt and effective service;

  • the sufficient area of ​​office and warehouse premises for the workflow;

  • the qualified service center.


The team-oriented professionals

The AgroAkhtuba staff work according to the Corporate Code, which contains the main regulations for creating the company’s corporate culture.

The total number of employees is 80 people, a half of them are the sales managers, the aim of their work is to meet all the requirements of the clients.


Office premises

The office of AgroAkhtuba is a 2-storey building with the total area of 800 m2. We create comfortable conditions and provide well-equipped workplaces to our employees for their efficient work.


Warehouse premises

The total area of ​​the company is 30,000 m2.

The warehouse area is 6,000 m2 including heated and cold stores and a new warehouse with a railway line purchased in 2013 to maintain the maximum volume of inventory.



Our company has a service centre for maintenance of the existing vehicle fleet and for warranty service of sold agricultural machines.

Besides, AgroAkhtuba is a service centre for warranty service of "Hydrosila Group " with the right to determine the causes of damages and a guilty person.

Thank you for your attention! Object 4ZH, Industrialny proezd 2, Volzhsky, Volgogradskaya oblast, 404130, Russia phone./fax: (8443) 38-28-22, +7