bringing the no kill equation to stockton n.
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Bringing the No Kill Equation+ to Stockton PowerPoint Presentation
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Bringing the No Kill Equation+ to Stockton

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Bringing the No Kill Equation+ to Stockton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bringing the No Kill Equation+ to Stockton. Central C alifornia P ets A live. Meeting Agenda. Outline the current situation and relevant laws; Outline advocacy goals and activities and No Kill Equation Plus; Show the types of volunteer jobs and activities needed;

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Bringing the No Kill Equation+ to Stockton

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bringing the no kill equation to stockton

Bringing the No Kill Equation+ to Stockton

Central California Pets Alive

meeting agenda
Meeting Agenda
  • Outline the current situation and relevant laws;
  • Outline advocacy goals and activities and No Kill Equation Plus;
  • Show the types of volunteer jobs and activities needed;
  • Form committees to lead our development and to plan outreach/volunteer recruitment and one big kickoff event;
  • End in ONE HOUR.
goals of today s meeting
Goals of today’s meeting*
  • Everyone present will understand the current situation, No Kill Equation Plus, and sign on to a basic plan;
  • Everyone will see the initial ideas about what volunteer jobs need to be filled and know how to find out more and sign up;
  • We will have people to take the lead on outreach/recruiting and planning a major open meeting. We will set up a process for identifying leaders to create CCPA as a 501(c)3 organization.

*We met these goals. See the last slide for details!

current stats
Current stats
  • Stockton intake is about 12,000-13,000/year. Stockton kills about 65-70% of animals. We don’t know exactly how many because they don’t release the statistics and the records they release often contain errors or omissions.
  • Of the animals killed, about 40% are killed on intake and another 35% are killed in error before the end of their hold period.
  • 80% of those killed on intake are turned in over-the-counter.
relevant laws
Relevant laws
  • State law and Stockton Municipal Code both mandate a hold period for every animal, except:
    • Animals that are irremediably suffering (i.e., suffering with no hope of improvement)
    • Animals in need of maternal care that are impounded without their mother
    • Vicious dogs—with “viciousness” already adjudicated and established before impound.
  • Stockton Municipal Code is modeled on the Hayden Law, so longer holding periods remain in effect in Stockton even though they are suspended at the state level. Stockton violates its own laws.
  • Holding periods are a matter of Food & Agricultural Code at the state level, but the requirement to provide emergency veterinary care to injured animals is part of the Penal Code. It is criminal animal cruelty to withhold care.
  • Withholding necessary veterinary care violates Food and Agricultural Code, unless the animal is ultimately killed. That’s why it is crucial that rescues formally place holds on animals in need of care.
advocacy for shelter reform is a top priority
Advocacy for shelter reform is a top priority
  • Public education and advocacy—spread the word, in person, in letters to the editor of the Stockton Record, and through social media: Central California Pets Alive is on Facebook, a Wordpress blog, and its own website.
  • Political advocacy—speak up through calls and letters to city and county officials and regular attendance at City Council meetings, County Board of Supervisor meetings, and political candidate campaign events.
outreach and education
Outreach and Education
  • Events to reach more people, let them know what’s going on and recruit volunteers for all jobs from Petfinder admin to fostering and everything in between.
  • Hosting our own outreach, education, fundraising and adoption events;
  • Where? Pacific, ACT Spay and Neuter Clinic, Delta College, Rotary Club, VFW, Senior Center, churches, pet stores, other ideas?
immediate lifesaving action
Immediate lifesaving action
  • The No Kill Equation includes programs to reduce intake, increase placement, and build capacity. We say No Kill Equation+ because we add fundraising and organizational development to the No Kill Equation.
  • We can’t wait for Stockton to reform Animal Services and hire a good director. We need to get more organized to save every possible animal now.
volunteers needed for these jobs
Volunteers needed for these jobs
  • Management level: Non-profit development, fundraising, grantwriting, creating a foster network, setting up new rescues, outreach to OurPack, Chako, and BadRap to build a pit bull-specific rescue and behavior help network.
  • Clerical/technology jobs: Administering Petfinder, PetHelp group, setting up a Stockton area rescue network online and real life
  • Arts: promotional materials, photos of animals, helping with fun events (art show, band performances with adoptable animals, etc)
  • Animal related: behavior and veterinary knowledge for a PetHelp group, behavior classes, consultations with fosters, adopters, and owners considering relinquishing their pets
  • For the social butterflies: Outreach and recruiting of volunteers, educating the public, outreach to political candidates and office holders—making friends for CCPA, plus networking in the Central Valley region, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and nationally.
today we need
Today we need
  • Leaders for outreach, recruitment, and planning one big kickoff meeting.

(Rupa, Hannah, Danielle, Troy)

  • To create a process for identifying people with successful management experience, commitment to the No Kill Equation, and demonstrated ethics and persistence to form a non-profit.

(Eileen, Amanda, Sue)

central california pets alive
Central California Pets Alive
  • (Check the “notes” for rescue hold template, contact info for city leaders and lots of other info.
  • Coming soon to Petfinder.
action items
Action Items
  • All continue recruiting—goal to reach 700 “likes” on Facebook by Sunday, 1000 by Oct. 1.
  • Face-to-face—Hannah and Rupa will lead.
  • Organizational development—Eileen will write mission statement. Eileen and Amanda will begin recruiting board members. Sue will advise. Sue suggested a temporary board for first year, then longer-term Board of Directors.
  • Send a message on Facebook or to for more info or to volunteer.