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Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency

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Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency. 1801-1809 Topic #7. The Election of 1800 – We want a recount!. Democratic-Republicans select Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr as VP. Federalists select John Adams and Charles Pinckney.

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the election of 1800 we want a recount
The Election of 1800 – We want a recount!
  • Democratic-Republicans select Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr as VP.
  • Federalists select John Adams and Charles Pinckney.
  • Brutal campaign, but no speeches and debates, just newspapers and letters being shared.
  • Jefferson won popular vote, but was tied at 73 electoral votes with Aaron Burr.
  • House of Representatives selected Jefferson as president.
  • Caused passage of the 12th Amendment.
thomas jefferson 1801 1809
Thomas Jefferson – 1801- 1809
  • Democratic-Republican
  • Wealthy plantation farmer from Virginia.
  • Inaugurated March 1801
    • Speech so quiet no one could hear it.
    • Very low key day – walked to the capitol; wanted to show he was available to all citizens.
  • Very well read and had diverse knowledge.
  • Wanted a small federal government.
  • Eliminated Alien and Sedition Acts, cut military spending, eliminated taxes when he could.
  • Jefferson Presidency
marbury vs madison
Marbury vs. Madison
  • First Supreme Court decision.
  • Established judicial review.
  • Adams appointed judges on his last night as president (one was Marbury)
  • Madison (the new Secretary of State) was told by Jefferson not to approve the appointment, so Marbury sued.
  • Supreme Court ruled against Marbury.
  • Gave supreme court much more power.
barbary pirates
Barbary Pirates
  • For years Americans had been paying North African pirates to not attack Yankee trading vessels.
  • 1801 Jefferson refuses to pay any more money, so the Barbary Pirates declared war on the USA.
  • The USS Constitution is sent.
  • American Navy blockades Tripoli and attacked the port city.
  • Also, American sailors were facing British impressments, so Jefferson tried an embargo, which only hurt the US tradersand damaged his popularity.
louisiana purchase
Louisiana Purchase
  • US Merchants were nervous to send goods down the Mississippi River because the French owned Louisiana again in 1802.
  • Americans wanted to purchase New Orleans for $10 million to increase trade routes, income and safety.
  • The slave uprising in Haiti made Napoleon Bonaparte want out of North America.
  • French offer ALL of Louisiana territory for $15 million.
  • Livingston and Monroe have to decide…
  • Doubled size of USA!
  • Not even sure of boundaries
  • Was Jefferson allowed to purchase Louisiana?
  • October 20, 1803 Congress Approved the purchase.
corp of discovery 1804 1806
Corp of Discovery 1804-1806
  • Jefferson needs to explore what he has purchased! He hires:
  • Merriwether Lewis –Virginia hunter/outdoorsman; raised with private tutors and college educated. Served in military and helped put down the Whiskey Rebellion; became Jefferson’s private secretary
  • William Clark – Kentucky and Virginia planter family; privately tutored but didn’t attend college. Joins military and retires from it by 26 – is 33 in 1803.
  • Goals –
    • chart/map out territory and route to Pacific Ocean.
    • Note any potential resources
    • Establish friendly trade with Natives