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eXiT research group. University of Girona. Research line on agent-based distributed planning and scheduling. eXiT Institutional Framework. Teachers and students belong to the Departament d'Electrònica Informàtica i Automàtica ( ISA +ATC) IT Doctoral program ( Dept. EIA / IGSOC )

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Exit research group

eXiT research group

University of Girona

Research line on agent-based distributed planning and scheduling

Exit institutional framework
eXiT Institutional Framework

  • Teachers and students belong to the Departament d'Electrònica Informàtica i Automàtica (ISA+ATC)

    • IT Doctoral program (Dept. EIA / IGSOC)

  • Research activity is developed in the Institut d'Informàtica i Aplicacions

  • Innovation: EASY Center (CIDEM/X-IT network)

Scope and research lines
Scope and research lines

eXiT group develops an active research in the field of process supervision with emphasis in the integration of methods and techniques to assess process behaviour from measurements and experience reuse based on the following main points:

  • Case Based Diagnosis

  • Multivariate statistical process control

  • Qualitative representation of trends

  • Knowledge discovering in data bases for situation assessment

  • Agent-based distributed planning and scheduling

  • Remote and virtual laboratories.


  • Chemical and petrochemical process (European project)

  • Waste water treatment plants (MEC projects)

  • Electric Distribution System (Power Quality) (Innovation)

  • Electronic Circuits

  • Road transportation: passenger, ambulances.

  • Pilot plant webCam


  • PhD:

    • Joan Colomer

    • Joaquim Meléndez

    • Carles Pous

    • Beatriz López

    • Sergi Herraiz

    • Dídac Busquest (Ramón y Cajal, from April 1st, 2006)

  • PhD students wiht MsCThesis (DEA):

    • Juan José Mora

    • David Llanos

    • Magda L. Ruiz O

    • Bianca Innocenti

    • Francisco I. Gamero

    • Daniel A. Macaya

  • PhD students:

    • Montse Rubio

    • Pere Urra

    • Víctor Muñoz

  • Other university staff:

    • Josep Xargayó

    • Orlando Contreras


Silvia Suárez

Dept. IMA

Josep M. Humet

Miquel Bofill

Mateu Villaret


Miquel Muntaner

Agent based distributed planning and scheduling
Agent-based distributed planning and scheduling

Motivation (history):

  • Resource allocation in rescue environments

  • Resource allocation in industries

  • Research on robot architectures and distributed control


  • Rescue environment (MEC project, UPV, URV)

  • Animal food productions (Innovation ?)

  • Cutting (Innovation)

  • Road transportation:

    • Passenger (Innovation, MEC project, UPV)

    • Ambulance coordination (J.Trueta Hospital)

  • Seat allocation in massive events (Innovation)

  • Surveillance (MEC project)

Exit research group

Task and resource allocation in distributed environments



  • Re-scheduling

  • Biding policies

  • MAGNET (John Collins,USA)

  • Robocup Rescue

PhD Student: Silvia Suárez

Supervisor: Beatriz López, Josep Lluis de la Rosa

Exit research group

Distributed scheduling based on multi-agent systems




PhD Student: Pere Urra


Beatriz López

PhD Student: Víctor Muñoz


[Beatriz López],

Didac Busquets

Exit research group

Multi-Agent Deliberative System Applied to Control a Single Robot

  • Multi-Agent Systems

  • Planning merge

  • Task Planning

  • Distributed Robot Control

PhD Student: Bianca Innocenti

Supervisor: Beatriz López, Joaquim Salvi

Thank you

Thank you ! Robot

University of Girona