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Using PowerPoint in Your Lessons . A sample for a lesson on the Great Depression By Fred Fisher and Art Fortin. Aim: How Did the Great Depression Affect Americans During the 1930’s?. The Great Depression of the 1930’s. Have you ever been. Depressed ?. How did you feel?.

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Using powerpoint in your lessons l.jpg

Using PowerPoint in Your Lessons

A sample for a lesson on the Great Depression


Fred Fisher and Art Fortin

Have you ever been l.jpg
Have you ever been the 1930’s?


How did you feel?

What is depression l.jpg
What Is Depression? the 1930’s?

  • Is it just sadness?

  • Is it an illness?

  • Is it common?

What causes depression in people l.jpg
What Causes Depression in People? the 1930’s?

  • Loss of Friends

  • Death

  • Illness

  • Loss of income- job

  • Missed opportunities

  • A feeling of a loss of control over one’s future

Which of these do you think is the most important?

A definition of depression l.jpg
A Definition of Depression the 1930’s?

Write your own definition of the word “depression”

The great depression of the 1930 s8 l.jpg
The Great Depression of the 1930’s the 1930’s?


  • de·pres·sionn.

    • The act of depressing.

    • The condition of being depressed.

  • An area that is sunk below its surroundings; a hollow.

  • The condition of feeling sad or despondent.

Depression l.jpg
Depression the 1930’s?

  • Psychology. A psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, anaerobia, feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, and thoughts of death. Also called clinical depression.

    • A reduction in activity or force.

    • A reduction in physiological vigor or activity: a depression in respiration.

    • A lowering in amount, degree, or position.

  • Economics. A period of drastic decline in a national or international economy, characterized by decreasing business activity, falling prices, and unemployment.

  • Meteorology. A region of low barometric pressure.

  • The angular distance below the horizontal plane through the point of observation.

  • Astronomy. The angular distance of a celestial body below the horizon.

Depression10 l.jpg
Depression the 1930’s?

How does this definition compare to you definition of “depression?”

Why are there many definitions of this word?

Slide12 l.jpg

WEST VIRGINIA 1934 photographs




Slide13 l.jpg





Slide14 l.jpg

OKLAHOMA 1936 photographs



Slide16 l.jpg

ROUTE 66 TO CALIFORNIA photographs



Slide17 l.jpg




Slide18 l.jpg

ARKANSAS 1936 photographs



Slide19 l.jpg

Soup Kitchen 1935 photographs



Slide21 l.jpg

Let’s sing along: 1938

“Brother Can You Spare A Dime”

List Evidence for the The Great Depression in songs



Slide22 l.jpg

An Oral History of the Great Depression 1938

Gather Evidence for the PROBLEMS in the GREAT DEPRESSION from this website

Slide23 l.jpg

Look at Images of the Great Depression”on the Hyperlink 1938

Click on “words”and gather evidence of the the era

Slide24 l.jpg

GATHERING THE EVIDENCE Of Causes Of The Great Depression 1938

Search Through The Images On The Website Below.

Write down evidence that you glean from the images shown

Slide25 l.jpg


We will now go to the website below and

1: Identify a social problem

2: Choose a THEME

3: Delineate a time period

Slide26 l.jpg

Instructions: 1938

From the websites below, determine additional causes for the Great Depression:

To sum up l.jpg
To Sum Up 1938

  • How were the causes of depression we discussed like those of the Great Depression?

  • What causes of the Great Depression have we been able to find? [ Let’s make a class list]

  • Were some of these causes more important than others? [Let’s rank the causes- Be sure to be able to give reasons for your choices]

From this list we can now consider public policy solutions

Your homework l.jpg
Your Homework 1938

  • Your task is to develop a Public Policyusing the TIPS website that the government could follow to reduce effects of the depression on Americans.

    • Be sure to address the causes of the depression we have discussed.

    • Consider how realistic your policies are- could they be put into practice in the U.S. of the 1930’s?

Follow up lesson l.jpg
Follow-up Lesson 1938


  • Class debate on policies developed by students

  • Students debate the order of importance for causes of the Depression

  • PowerPoint of New Deal programs and policies- students make comparisons to their policies

  • Use AHPPA to evaluate the New Deal Programs