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Tourist destinations of the New Zealand

Jaroslav Veverka, C3B. Tourist destinations of the New Zealand. 1, Auckland 2,Puhoi 3, Tongariro 4, The lake Tauto 5, Urewera 6, Wellington. The N orth Island. 2. 1. 4. 3. 5. 6. The biggest city in the NZ (1,3 mil) The centre of finance The important port Sky Tower.

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Tourist destinations of the New Zealand

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  1. Jaroslav Veverka, C3B Touristdestinationsofthe New Zealand

  2. 1, Auckland 2,Puhoi 3,Tongariro 4,The lake Tauto 5,Urewera 6, Wellington The North Island 2 1 4 3 5 6

  3. Thebiggest city in the NZ (1,3 mil) The centre of finance Theimportant port SkyTower Auckland

  4. Auckland- the port

  5. Thevillageofczechimmigrants (1863) The Bohemian museum Puhoi

  6. Theoldestnational park in the NZ • Thevolcanic area • UNESCO • Volcanos: Ruapehu Ngauruhoe Tongariro

  7. The most activevolcano The last eruption (1996) Ruapehu

  8. Thebiggestlake in the NZ Theideal area forsports TheLakeTaupo

  9. ThelakeTauPo

  10. Theprotectednational park ThelakeWaikaremoana Urewera

  11. Themain city ofthe NZ (180 000) The centre ofgovernment Wellington

  12. Theseatofgovernment Wellington- Beehive

  13. The symbol of Wellington Thefunicular on thehill by Wellington Wellington- Cable Car

  14. 1, Abel Tasman National Park 2, Milford Sound 3, Mt. Cook 4, Kaikouka 5,Christchurch The South Island 1 4 2 3

  15. The most popular park in the NZ Thesmallestnat. park goldbeachs Abel Tasman National Park

  16. Thelongestbeach (1 km.) Abel TasmanNational Park- Totaranui

  17. Thehighesthillofthe NZ (3.754 m) Southern Alp mountainclimbing Mount Cook

  18. Theoneofthe most beautifulplace in the NZ Fiordland Milfort Sound

  19. MilfortSound

  20. Thebestplaceforobservationwhales Kaikoura

  21. Thebiggest city oftheSouth Island Theoldest city (1250) Finance andhistorical centre Christchurch

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