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NCEXTEND2 Assessments

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NCEXTEND2 Assessments. Mike Gallagher, NCDPI Nadine McBride, NCDPI Sheila Garner Brown, TOPS. NCEXTEND2 EOG 2008-2009. Operational tests administered in Reading Grades 3-8 Mathematics 3-8 Science Grades 5 and 8 Field tests administered in Reading Grades 3-8.

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ncextend2 assessments

NCEXTEND2 Assessments

Mike Gallagher, NCDPI

Nadine McBride, NCDPI

Sheila Garner Brown, TOPS

ncextend2 eog 2008 2009
NCEXTEND2 EOG 2008-2009
  • Operational tests administered in
    • Reading Grades 3-8
    • Mathematics 3-8
    • Science Grades 5 and 8
  • Field tests administered in
    • Reading Grades 3-8
ncextend2 eog background information
NCEXTEND2 EOGBackground Information
  • Federal regulations allow states to create an assessment based on modified achievement standards
  • Only for students with disabilities
  • Multiple-choice alternate assessment based on grade-level content
  • Modified format
format of ncextend2 eog multiple choice tests
Format of NCEXTEND2 EOG Multiple-Choice Tests
  • Simplified language in test items
  • Shorter reading selections (mostly one page)
  • Fewer items on each test
format of ncextend2 eog multiple choice tests1
Format of NCEXTEND2 EOG Multiple-Choice Tests
  • Uses 3 answer choices (foils)
  • All state approved accommodations allowed
  • Covers the range of thinking skills
  • Items written by trained North Carolina teachers
eligibility criteria
Eligibility Criteria
  • The student must have an IEP
  • The student’s progress in response to high-quality instruction is such that the student is not likely to achieve grade-level proficiency within the school year covered by the IEP
  • The student’s disability has precluded the student from achieving grade level proficiency, as demonstrated by objective evidence
eligibility criteria cont d
Eligibility Criteria (cont’d)
  • The student’s IEP must include goals that are based on grade-level content standards and provide for monitoring of the student’s progress in achieving those goals
  • The nature of the student’s disability may require assessments that are different in design.
eligibility criteria what the data show
Eligibility Criteria What the data show…
  • Highest frequency eligibility areas reported for students administered the NCEXTEND2for SY 06-07 was SLD and EMD
  • However, all disability categories are eligible and typically represented in the data
important points
Important Points
  • Participation decisions are made on an individual, student-by-student basis
  • Blanket decisions for groups of students are NOT appropriate
  • Same accommodations are available as standard test (e.g., EOG)
  • Test Administrator Reads Test Aloud accommodation IS NOT a valid accommodation for the NCEXTEND2EOG in reading
achievement standards
Achievement Standards
  • Modified Academic Achievement Standards
  • Achievement Level Ranges
    • Reading, Mathematics, and Science
    • Ranges and descriptors may be found in State Board of Education policy manual—HSP-C-026
state and federal reporting of scores
State and Federal Reporting of Scores
  • Included in ABCs
    • Performance composite
  • Included in AYP
    • Participation
    • Proficiency (limit of 2% of the LEA’s tested population can be reported as proficient with this assessment)
occupational course of study ncextend2 for 2008 09
Occupational Course of Study NCEXTEND2 for 2008-09
  • Operational tests administered in
    • Occupational English I
    • Occupational Mathematics I
    • Life Skills Science I & II
      • One assessment given at the end of the second course
testing options chart
Testing Options Chart
ncextend2 writing grades 4 7 for 2008
NCEXTEND2 Writing—Grades 4 & 7 for 2008
  • Writing Assessment System piloted for 2008-09
  • NCEXTEND2assessment IS available for those students
  • GRADE-LEVEL, modified assessment
  • The rubrics and the composing features of the Grade 4 and Grade 7 NCEXTEND2 Writing Assessments DONOT differ from the General Assessment.
ncextend2 writing grades 4 7 on demand assessment
NCEXTEND2—WritingGrades 4 & 7On-Demand Assessment
  • On-demand assessment: same prompt as for general
  • Different application of rubrics
  • Approved accommodations allowed
  • Grade 7 must be completed using keyboarding
ncextend2 writing grades 4 7 content specific assessment
NCEXTEND2—WritingGrades 4 & 7Content Specific Assessment
  • Content specific prompts: may be the same or may be modified (simplified language)
  • Bank of prompts are available
  • Teachers may choose the prompt for a student or may create their own.
  • Sample prompt: Write a report about animal rights and protecting endangered animals.
ncextend2 writing grades 4 7 writing assessment system pilot
NCEXTEND2—WritingGrades 4 & 7Writing Assessment System Pilot
  • Information regarding the WAS Pilot is available at


  • Frequently Asked Questions


sample item information for multiple choice ncextend2
Sample Item Information for Multiple-Choice NCEXTEND2
  • Sample items for all content areas available on NCDPI website at


examples of sample items
Examples of Sample Items
  • Some items were modified from general test items.
  • Item on general test read as:

What conclusion can be drawn from the information on the circle graph?

A. Drew spends more time asleep than awake

    • Drew spends more time doing homework than he does

watching television

C. Drew spends more time at school than he does participating in sports, eating, or doing homework

D. Drew spends the same amount of time eating as he spends watching television

examples of sample items1
Examples of Sample Items
  • Modified to…

What takes up most time in Andy’s schedule?

A. Sports

B. School

C. Sleeping

examples of sample items2
Examples of Sample Items
  • NCEXTEND2 Science Gr. 5

When will clouds most likely form?

A. when air becomes dry

B. when condensation occurs

C. when runoff causes flooding

examples of sample items3
Examples of Sample Items
  • NCEXTEND2 Mathematics Grade 5

Which type of angle can be in a right


A. obtuse

B. acute

C. straight

examples of sample items4
Examples of Sample Items
  • NCEXTEND2 Reading Grade 4

Why was Bear angry?

A. He did not get what he wanted.

B. He would no longer be able to hunt.

C. He wanted daylight all the time.

ncextend2 special study
NCEXTEND2 Special Study
  • Comparability between NCEXTEND2 EOG and general administration EOG
  • Conducted as part of an external grant
  • EOG 3-8 Participants
      • Half of the sample administered NCEXTEND2
      • Half of the sample administered general administration EOG
      • Performance of the two groups compared
ncextend2 special study1
NCEXTEND2 Special Study
  • Sample of students across the state
  • For the grades currently analyzed, results show the study population approximates the state
ncextend2 special study results
NCEXTEND2 Special Study Results
  • Preliminary findings are that the NCEXTEND2 is less difficult than the General Ed test
  • Students were classified by achievement level similarly on the two assessments
current status of ncextend2 tests
Current Status of NCEXTEND2 Tests
  • Essential Standards requires review of the OCS standards
  • North Carolina’s 2% assessments (NCEXTEND2 EOG and NCEXTEND2 OCS) have not received final approval from the federal government
  • Undergoing peer review at this time
us department of education
US Department of Education

2% Final Regulations (April 2007)



Guidance (Q&A) (July 2007)

helpful websites
Helpful Websites
  • Testing Students with




  • Writing Assessment information

contact information
  • Mike Gallagher, Ph.D.

Test and Measurement Specialist

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

  • Nadine McBride, Ph.D.


North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

  • Sheila Brown

Performance and Alternate Assessments Manager

Technical Outreach for Public Schools