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  1. Giraffes By: Neli Perez

  2. Table of Contents Introduction………….. 1 Physical…………………. 2 Habitat………………….. 3 Diet……………………….. 4 Life cycle…………….. 5 Danger………………….. 6 Fast facts…………….. 7 Glossary………………… 8 Acrostic poem………. 9 Work cited…………… 10

  3. Giraffes are the tallest animal in the world. 1

  4. Physical description All giraffes have patches on them. In all different ways some can be lined up strait and some are uneven. All of their patches are brown. Their neck is 18 feet and (5.4meters)long. They all have small horns right on top of their heads .The males use them to fight with each other. Full grown giraffes are about 19 feet tall. They all weigh 600 pounds when they are full grown. They all have little hairs on their bodies. Their hairs are ten times thicker than ours. All giraffes have hairy tongues. They are all mammals. They all have sharp eye sight so they can see far away in the savannahs. 2

  5. Habitat The only place they only live in the entire world is Africa. They are all scattered around Africa. They live mostly in theis parts in Africa, Kenya, south Africa,camroon,rawandoy , seneglal,molwia,mountain,mali, guinea,olgi,jwizailand,zambabwa,somaliaiq,ug and zainia.Africain savanas,grassland and deserts where its nice and hot. 3

  6. Diet Giraffes are all herbivores. That means they only eat plants. They mostly eat thorny leaves of an African tree. Some twigs and fruit. They do not have to eat every day. They always keep the moisture of the plants that they eat. The thorny leaves actually are really thorny. 4

  7. Life cycle The most in portent thing of the life cycle is being born. When baby Giraffes areborn they just fall out. You might think it damages the babes but it doesn't hurt the baby at all. The babes fall out aproxsimently six feet tall. They can only have 1-2 babes a year. The mothers only stay 15 mouths pregnant with the baybes.All babies weigh 150 pounds and 68 kilograms. When they have a baby they always have to perteckt the baby from its predators. 5

  8. Dangers These are all of there predators .Liones,leopards,hyenas,wild dogs,coogars and crocodiles. Lions are huge animals with big mane. They always attack them at the water whole so they have to be careful.Leperds have thick stripes they always chase them until they cant run no longer. Hyenas are similar to a dog they have black spots on them. They do the same thing that lepers do. 6

  9. Fast facts Giraffes are the tallest land animal. They tong can be at less 21 inches 53 cenemeters. A male can weigh as much as a pick up truck. They sleep standing up. 4 stomachs. Hooves the size of a dinner plate. 7

  10. glossary Pg.4 herbivores means that they only eat plants. Pg.2 mammals are animals that can birth out of water. pg.2 pounds are things that you use to weigh things. Pg.2 savanna is a place right in Africa where lots of animals live. 8

  11. Giraffes so tall up above the trees I danger can not see Run as fast as you can After a snack is a grate surprise Far into the African savanna Falling, tripping, sliding Eagerly fitting the horrible pain Spotted so clear run 9

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