e pal project mrs ebert by cierra b sara w n.
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E-Pal Project Mrs. Ebert By:Cierra B & Sara W

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E-Pal Project Mrs. Ebert By:Cierra B & Sara W - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-Pal Project Mrs. Ebert By:Cierra B & Sara W. Geography : Crepy -En-Valois, France. Located about 10 miles North of the major city Paris

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geography crepy en valois france
Geography : Crepy-En-Valois, France
  • Located about 10 miles North of the major city Paris
  • Crépy-en-Valois was founded in the tenth century by the Count of Valois and served as the capital of the Valois county and duchy.. During the war against English in fourteenth century, the town was destroyed.
  • In 1828, Crépy-en-Valois annexed the commune of Boulliant. In 1861, a railway station was built and the city knew an economic growth and was restored.
climate in crepy en valois
Climate in Crepy-En Valois
  • Seasonal climate (hot summers & cold winters) France has beautiful land. It has lush green forests, sparkling rivers, and mountains. The highest point is on Mount Blanc, the mountain range that runs across the border of France and Italy. Mount Blanc rises 15,771 feet at its highest point in the French Alps.
geography virginia beach virginia
Geography: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is located on the ocean in the mid-Atlantic region in the southeastern corner of Virginia, with the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Chesapeake Bay on the North.

It is part of the area known as Hampton Roads. In the early 1600s the world's largest natural harbor provided easy access to the colony of Virginia.

Area: 248 square miles (2000)

Elevation: sea level to 12 feet above sea level

Average Temperatures: January, 40.1° F; July, 79.1° F; annual average, 59.6° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 45.74 inches

government crepy en valois france
Government: Crepy-En-Valois, France
  • The country of France has a bicameral legislature for their government, the prime minister and the president, and the present branches are legislative, judicial, and executive.  (like ours)
  •  Nicholas Sarcozy is the president of France and the prime minister is Binyamin Netanyahu.
  • Parliament comprises the National Assembly and the Senate. It passes statutes and votes on the budget; it controls the action of the executive through formal questioning on the floor of the houses of Parliament and by establishing commissions of enquiry.
government virginia beach virginia
Government: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Since we live in the United States of America, our government control is split up into 3 different branches; Legislative, Executive, & Judicial.

The President of our country is Barack Obama

The mayor of Virginia Beach is William D. Sessoms Jr.

The governor of our state Virginia is Bob McDonnell

schooling tristan
Schooling: Tristan
  • Tristan’s school is called Gérard de NervalCollège
  • (The locals just call it Nerval). He’s in 3ème (8th Grade) and will attend High School next year or as he calls it, Lycée .
  • His classes start at 8am and finish at 5pm.
  • Tristan enjoys Spanish, Math, and Biology.
  • Schooling in France is mandatory as of age 6, the first year of primary school. Many parents start sending their children earlier though, around age 3 as nursery classes are usually affiliated to a borough's primary school. (like preschool)
what tristan enjoys besides school
What Tristan enjoys besides school

“I play rugby in Crépy-en-Valois, and the violin, and if I don't play rugby, I play with my friends.”

“I love rock, the South Park and the film Gangs of New York.”

schooling sara
Schooling: Sara

I attend Floyd E. Kellam High School here in Virginia Beach.

I am currently a Sophomore.

A typical high school day starts at 7:25 am and ends at 2:00 pm

The classes I take are: A1) Honors English A2) Algebra 2/ Trigonometry A3)Study block A4) Art B1) AP Human Geography B2) Chorus B3) PE B4) Chemistry

schooling clemence
Schooling: Clemence

Clemence attends Gérard de NervalCollège.

At Gérard de NervalCollège, they have A and B weeks, just like our A and B days.

Clemence enjoys History and French class.

schooling cierra
Schooling: Cierra
  • I attend Floyd E. Kellam High School.
  • The classes I take are:
    • 1A: Honors English 10.
    • 2A: Latin I.
    • 3A: Geometry.
    • 4A: Parenting/ Child Development.
    • 1B: AP European History.
    • 2B: Health/ P.E
    • 3B: Lunch & Study Block.
    • 4B: Biology.
  • My classes go from 7:25 am to 2:00 pm.
customs traditions france
Customs & Traditions: France

There is Halloween, but not a lot of people celebrate it.

Christmas in France is called Noël, they have Christmas Eve, and gifts on Christmas, just like America.

Teenagers plan parties for New Years Eve, & if not families get together to celebrate.

On Pâques, Easter in French, “there is a lot of Chocolate.”

customs and traditions united states
Customs and Traditions: United States
  • Holidays we celebrate:
    • The New Year- We all generally celebrate with parties and watching the ball drop in Times Square.
    • Valentines Day- Show affection towards the ones you love, make valentines!
    • St. Patrick’s day- Filled with leprechauns and hoping you don’t forget to wear green.
    • Easter- Religious holiday, some families may attend church and have themselves a little Easter egg hunt. The kids enjoy their visit from the Easter bunny.
customs traditions united states cont
Customs & Traditions: United States (cont.)
    • Labor Day- Right before school starts again, generally celebrated with cook-outs and parades .
    • Halloween- The older kids are stuck passing out candy while the younger kids enjoy their youth and simply go around collecting candy in their desired costume.
    • Thanksgiving- Celebration that usually winds up leaving you with a satisfied football game and a full stomach.
  • Christmas- Religious holiday, season of giving!
e pal excerpts clemence
E-pal Excerpts : Clemence

“I like to dance. I practice Hip-Hop in a club.” –Clemence.

“I like to listen to music. I listen to all types of music.” –Clemence.

“On week-ends I like to be around friends. It is what I prefer doing.” –Clemence.

e pal excerpts tristan
E-pal Excerpts : Tristan

“Sara :):) I was born June 4th 1996 so I'm 14 years old. I haven't got a nickname =(     I'm 1m76 tall, I have got blond hair and a blue eyes. I love to go out with my friends and play computer. I'm talkative and humorous. I live in Crépy-en-Valois near Paris (45min). My school is called Gérard de Nerval and I'm in 3ème I will go to High School next year. Classes start at 8am and finish at 5pm. I like Spanish Maths and Biology. Tristan.”

another letter from tristan
Another letter from Tristan!

“Sara!!! I live in a house with a big garden. I live with my 2 big sisters : Eleonore is 16 years old and Marion is 18 years old. There are my parents too: Eric has got 52  years old, and Fabienne is 46 years old. I have got a  guinea pig called Timmy. In France, we celebrate Hallowen (but not a lot, it's not like in the USA) "Noël" (Christmas) , "Pâques"  (Easter) and "le nouvel an" (New Year). I play rugby in Crépy-en-Valois, and the violin, and if I don't play rugby, I play with my friends. I love rock, the South Park and the film Gangs of New York.                   GOOD BYE!!!!!!!! Tristan”