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Windows Azure: Present and Future

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Windows Azure: Present and Future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows Azure: Present and Future. Manuvir Das Director Microsoft Corporation. Agenda. Quick refresher Evolution Guided tour Q&A. Quick Refresher. The Windows Azure Platform. Windows Azure SQL Azure Windows Azure platform AppFabric Developer tools Microsoft Codename “Dallas”.

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Presentation Transcript
windows azure present and future

Windows Azure:Present and Future

Manuvir Das


Microsoft Corporation

  • Quick refresher
  • Evolution
  • Guided tour
  • Q&A
the windows azure platform
The Windows Azure Platform
  • Windows Azure
  • SQL Azure
  • Windows Azure platform AppFabric
  • Developer tools
  • Microsoft Codename “Dallas”
windows azure on one slide
Windows Azure, On One Slide
  • The “cloud” is
    • 1000s of geo-distributed servers & networking
  • Windows Azure is analogous to
    • An operating system for the cloud
  • The “operating system by analogy” provides
    • Application hosting
    • Automated service management
      • Upload your code and “service model”; press START
    • Durable storage at massive scale
windows azure in one picture
Windows Azure, In One Picture

Business Portal

Developer Portal


Service Management Service

User Code

Runtime API

Storage Cluster

VS Tools

Compute Cluster


VM Setup


MSFT Datacenters


Cloud VM

windows azure once upon a time
Windows Azure, Once Upon A Time
  • Application hosting
    • 2-role service architectures; queue-based communication; partial trust ASP.NET/.NET
  • Storage service
    • Blobs; tables; queues
  • Desktop SDK
    • Cloud simulation; Visual Studio integration
  • Service management portal
    • VIP swap upgrades; automatic OS servicing
windows azure bit by bit
Cloud infrastructure, built bottom upWindows Azure, Bit By Bit
  • Developer platform, designed top down

Developer Tools

Programming Model

Storage Abstractions: Blobs, Tables, …

Service Management

Load Balanced Partitions

Replicated Data Store

Service Model Processing; Service Health Model

VM Image Deployment; Network Programming; VM Allocation

Microsoft Global Datacenters

windows azure as an evolution
A credible introduction to the cloudWindows Azure, As An Evolution


  • Broader ISV & Enterprise scenarios


  • Ready for business-critical applications


windows azure in four bullets
Windows Azure, In Four Bullets
  • Programming model
    • “How do I write my applications in the cloud?”
  • Storage
    • “How do I store my data in the cloud?”
  • Service management
    • “How do I manage my assets in the cloud?”
  • Business
    • “How do I rely on the cloud?”
  • Create a familiar programming environment
  • Encourage best practices for the cloud
  • Net result: Lower TCO for customers
flexible service architectures
Flexible Service Architectures
  • A service consists of
    • An isolation boundary
    • A set of component roles, each with endpoints
    • Numbered, identical instances of each role
  • All of this is specified in a service model
flexible service architectures1
Flexible Service Architectures
  • A role instance is a set of code, configuration, and local data, deployed in a dedicated VM
    • Web Role: The role is hosted on IIS
    • Worker Role: The role is an executable (you can create your own web server, host a database, …)



Worker Role

Worker Role

flexible service architectures2
Flexible Service Architectures
  • A service is reachable externally via a single VIP for load-balanced traffic to multiple endpoints
  • Endpoints are reachable internally over TCP, HTTP
    • (New) Runtime API exposes & updates IP/Port values


sample inter role communication
Sample: Inter-role Communication
  • // Use WA runtime API to find IP/Port of target endpoint
  • IPEndPoint endpoint =
    • RoleEnvironment.Roles[“HelloFabric_WorkerRole"].
    • Instances[0].
    • InstanceEndpoints["DayTime"].
    • IPEndpoint;
  • // Write standard code using the endpoint returned by API, e.g.
  • var client = new TcpClient();
  • client.Connect(endpoint);
  • var rd = new StreamReader(client.GetStream());
  • var test = rd.ReadToEnd();
  • client.Close();
sample notification of new instances
Sample: Notification Of New Instances
  • // Handle new role instances in this callback
  • RoleEnvironment.Changed += (object sender,
  • RoleEnvironmentChangedEventArgs e)
  • {
  • // Iterate over the topology changes, if any
  • foreach (vartopoChange in
  • e.Changes.OfType<RoleEnvironmentTopologyChange>())
  • {
  • // Get the name of role whose instance count changed
  • string role = topoChange.RoleName;
  • // Get the new instances of the role
  • var instances = RoleEnvironment.Roles[role].Instances;

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SVC 16

Developing Advanced Applications with Windows Azure

Thursday 11:30am


principles revisited
Principles, Revisited
  • Create a familiar programming environment
    • Full trust: Support standard languages and APIs
    • (New) Secure certificate store in the cloud
    • ASP.NET providers
  • Encourage best practices for the cloud
    • (New) Logging and diagnostics system
    • Built-in service healing
sample logging
Sample: Logging
  • // Register a new Trace provider in your web.config
  • // (automatically generated in Visual Studio templates)
    • <system.diagnostics>
    • <trace autoflush="false" indentsize="4"><listeners>
    • <add name="AzureDiagnostics" type="Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics.DiagnosticMonitorTraceListener, Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" />
    • </listeners></trace></system.diagnostics>
  • // Use standard tracing API to generate logs that are
  • // collected and pushed to Windows Azure Storage
  • Trace.WriteLine("This is a CRITICAL log", "Critical");
  • Trace.WriteLine("This is an INFORMATION log", "Information");

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SVC 15

Windows Azure Monitoring and Logging APIs

Wednesday 1:30pm


coming soon
Coming Soon
  • Easier migration of existing applications
  • Greater control over cloud VMs
  • Solutions:
    • Administrator privileges on cloud VMs
    • User-driven construction and configuration, and platform deployment, of VM images
    • Remote terminal server access to cloud VMs
simple useful storage abstractions
Simple, Useful Storage Abstractions
  • Blobs
    • Small to very large files, random read, chunked
    • (New) Random writes
  • Tables
    • Partitioned, dynamic schema, entity sets
    • Batch transactions within a partition
  • Queues
  • (New) Drives
    • Use standard file system APIs to storage service
    • Available in February

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SVC 09

Windows Azure Tables and Queues Deep Dive

Thursday 3:00pm

Petree Hall C

designed for the cloud
Designed For The Cloud
  • For easy access, from anywhere
    • Language agnostic REST APIs
    • Client libraries for .NET, Java, PHP, …
  • For durability
    • All data is replicated 3 times within a cluster, and (February) across datacenters
  • For massive scale
    • Data is automatically partitioned and load balanced across servers
coming soon1
Coming Soon
  • Geo-replication
    • User-selectable geo-locations for replicas
  • Tables
    • Secondary indices

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SVC 14

Windows Azure Blobs and Drives Deep Dive

Wednesday 4:30pm


lights out service management
Lights-Out Service Management
  • Create services at the developer portal
  • Manage services programmatically using the (New) Service Management API
    • Use in combination with diagnostics API to build a feedback loop
full range of service upgrade models
Full Range Of Service Upgrade Models
  • (New) In-place rolling upgrade
    • Role instances are spread over update domains
    • Roles are updated one update domain at a time
    • Service remains available during upgrade
  • Real-time hot swap
    • Swap service endpoints of old/new version
    • Enables complex architectural changes
  • Planned downtime
    • Stop and replace service with new version

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SVC 25

Automating the Application Lifecycle with Windows Azure

Thursday 10:00am


sample handling changes by recycling
Sample: Handling Changes by Recycling
  • // Handle new role instances in this callback
  • // This callback is invoked one update domain at a time
  • // So you can avoid the complexity of updating data structures
  • // by just using the runtime API to recycle the role instance
  • // Note this should be done before the change
  • RoleEnvironment.Changing += (object sender,
  • RoleEnvironmentChangedEventArgs e)
  • {
  • e.Cancel = true;
  • }

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SVC 08

Patterns for Building Scalable and Reliable Applications with Windows Azure

Wednesday 11:00am


ready for business critical applications
Ready For Business-Critical Applications
  • Billing
    • Consumption-based and subscription offers
  • SLA
    • Three 9s or better on compute and storage
  • Support
    • 24/7 phone support; developer forums
  • Microsoft Pinpoint Marketplace
    • Listing & discovery of applications and services
  • Global availability
    • Datacenter options in USA, Europe, and Asia

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SVC 54

What You Should Know About Windows Azure Platform Pricing and SLAs

Wednesday 4:30pm


cce coolserve 2009
CCE CoolServe 2009

Service Communications

XML Gateway





Get Pricing

Get Articles

Enterprise Service Bus

Get Order Status

Submit Order




Kevin Flowers

Director of Enabling Technologies

"In a matter of weeks, we were able to see the fruits of our efforts very rapidly."

"Integrating to our existing applications, that is what we really wanted to prove out that we could do."

"We will definitely leverage the Azure Platform in the future, the reason is it gives us a broad development platform, that we can really customize."



Senior Vice President & CIO

"The resilience and reliability of this platform is some of the benefits that we are seeing."

"We are feeling very confident to deploy that into a large-scale base as our customers pulls this."

  • Windows Azure consists of
    • Application hosting
    • Lights-out service management
    • Storage at massive scale
  • Windows Azure is designed to
    • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Windows Azure is ready for
    • Business-critical applications
    • Complex application patterns
call to action
Call To Action
  • Sign up for the Windows Azure CTP
    • Go to
    • Redeem your CTP token
  • Visit the Windows Azure developer web site
    • Go to
  • Go to the Windows Azure lounge
    • Try out the Hands on Labs
    • Meet members of the Windows Azure team


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