priset f r frihet n.
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Priset för frihet

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Priset för frihet . Medeltidastraff under 2000-talet. Förtryck utfört av kvinnor mot kvinnor. Kvinnomisshandel på gatorna i Tehran. Blod och ilska mot mullorna. Stor fattigdom bland bykvinnnor. Färgad klädsel straffas utav sedlighetspolisen Tehran. Minderårig avrättades.

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maryam rajavi s views on women s rights
Maryam Rajavi’s Views on Women’s Rights

1. In the future Iran, all personal freedoms concerning women have to be recognized, including the freedom to choose one's clothing, freedom of opinion, religion, employment and travel.

2. We believe in complete gender equality in social, political, cultural and economic arenas.

3. Women must have equal share in the society's political leadership.

4. Women will be completely free to choose husbands and marry.

5. Women's equal rights to divorce will be recognized.

6. Polygamy is banned.

7. Physical, sexual and psychological violence against women in the work place, in educational centers, in the household and elsewhere would be considered a crime.

8. For women who are subjected to violence there would be judicial remedies.

9. Any sexual exploitation under whatever pretext are banned.

10. Civil laws will be drafted based on international conventions about the rights and freedoms of women and specifically the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and the declaration on the elimination of violence against women.